After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Free education? who pays for it? The tax payers? Borrowed money? Corporate taxes? So far, regardless of what our SLPP in-house,loudmouth economists, are spewing, the results are not sinking in. This is not because free education, generally, is bad, but usually the devil is in the details and this is what the administration and voters are trying to figure out now. Patient, however, is running low among the voters and this includes SLPP voters. Well, to give credit where it belongs, a cabinet reshuffle was in the news which, hopefully, will bring in better minds for better ideas. To you SLPP diehards, take note and stop abusing those of us who are tired of both major parties and the rotten tribal politics that has brought misery into our country. 
Abrakata PAOPA
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It is really difficult to decipher what the hell you are spewing.  Are you drunk?  You keep jumping all over the place like a goat having serious abdominal problems.

Now, answer this:  Do you understand what economic growth is?  Do you understand the contribution of educational expenditure to economic growth?

You complain about the two older parties, which is your darn prerogative.  But how well did your rotten third party perform in the last elections?   With all the folks that have since ran for the exit door of the useless NGC, will that party survive the electoral humiliation that awaits it in 2023?
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U hart don warm, right? You cannot even accept the fact that the SLPP is reshuffling it's  cabinet because of poor judgments. But before you start asking me dumb questions, first respond to the video above. 
The chicken r coming home
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Loggy, Guama is in Kenema and SLPP fools like Abrakata PAOPA are not happy with you for posting this video. The chicken are coming home to roost.
Abrakata PAOPA
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" first respond to the video above."  KL

Why do you want me to respond to the video?  Did I post it?  Bo go sidom yanda sarful.

What did all the useless videos that you posted before the elections do for you?  Did they help the APC or NGC to win?  Man, try to learn from the past.
Fan of PAOPA
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Mr. PAOPA the problem here is that trouble is brewing in the SLPP stronghold and you have nothing to say about it? Hehehe. Seems like the much talked about free education is on life support. 
Abrakata PAOPA
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"Mr. PAOPA the problem here is that trouble is brewing in the SLPP stronghold and you have nothing to say about it?"  Fan of PAOPA

Fan of PAOPA,

It was told over and over again that Maada Bio was not allowed to step foot in the United States.  Haha.  We have heard and seen these things before. 

The SLPP stronghold will never allow a party that is not SLPP to win on its territory.  SLPP members are more loyal to their party than other party members are to their parties.  Check your history.  E lek nar Babu wear green we go vote for am.

There will be no second round of presidential voting in 2023.  Maada Bio will win the Southeast and the Western Area hands down.  Keep dreaming about the free education being on life support when students are even attending universities free of tuition.
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"The SLPP stronghold will never allow a party that is
not SLPP to win on its territory.  SLPP members are
more loyal to their party than other party members
are to their parties." 

So what has the SLPP done for it's members lately? Win an election to make the Mende people proud of themselves just as the Northern tribes did for EBK? You probably need to start talking for yourself.
Abrakata PAOPA
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This is the problem with you, jerkass.  You inject tribalism into every discourse because you lack the intellectual capacity to articulate issues.  What has my point got to do with tribes?  Aren't there blue states and red states in the United States?  Why would the SLPP allow another party to win in its stronghold?  Do you know what the term stronghold means?
BTW I was born and raised in Freetown of Northern and Southeastern parents if that is what interests you.   I have relatives on both sides of the political divide but I identify myself with the SLPP because that is the only decent party in Salone.  I don't hang around rarray boys, Gbose Gbose promoters and idiots.  I am sure you get what I am up to.
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Wise up, brother, wise up! Acusing me of injecting tribalism into every discourse does not excludes you from the company of forum deplorables. The only people you may convince that tribalism is not real in Salone politics are people that thinks just like you. The  SLPP is Mende dominated just as the APC is dominated.  Voting paterns are there as evidenced.   Ernest Koroma was accused of tribalism just as Bio is now. Tribally bases government hirings and firings is in the news now. You can bury all your senses in the sand pretenting that almost everything about Salone polics is not based on trubalism.  

Meanwhile, I will enjoy leaving you alone wirh your misguided belief that "red state" and "blue state" politics are the same withing two different cultures and traditions.  

My intellectual capacity? Hehe! I have come to know many of you on this forum and you are no more real than a three dollar bill. You talk the intellectual thing but you cannot think critically. The people you elected are acting the same as well by blowing up a national holiday. Now people in Kenema are complaining that they had electricity during the Ernest government and now nothing.  
Abrakata PAOPA
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First, I am not your brother as I don't even know what you look like.  Second, I would have responded well but I am sorry I have no time for intellectual midgets.  If you are going to debate effectively on a public forum, please make sure that you can write grammatically correct English and that you do not make an idiot of yourself by misspelling very simple English words. 

Let's put it this way, you are a man of inferior intellect  not fit to be given a platform where big brains operate.   So, I will leave you to wallow in your unbridled stupidity and ignorance.  Like a virus, stupidity and ignorance are infectious.  Let me stay away, perpetual doffer and nincompoop.
E Finisham
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Wow!!!!  Nar dis den kin say e finisham.  Ay King Loggy  borbor pain, ar sorry for u oo.  Den bookman kin unload pan KL lek truck wae dae unload nar dock.  KL, osh ya.  Nar for bear me man.
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Whenever a greego gets his kontri a$$ kicked, he lose focus and gets personal with multiple monikers. Mofo you can't even get it in your head that tribalism rules in Salone politics.  You really are a dummy masquerading as a knowledgeable person. What a waste of time with you.
APC Grammar
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"he lose focus and gets personal with multiple monikers."  KL 

Spectator 007
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How much emphasis is placed on vocational training in FQE?
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Sorry bro I know how painful it is for me to post a video that depicts SLPP shortcomings in Kenema, of all places. But you are not doing enough to keep me quiet. Just accept the fact that Bio is a dumb a$$ and the evidence is catching up with him in one of his strongholds.  No food, no water, no free education and "de gron dry" na Kenema. You don't want to hear that, greengo boy, don't you?
Loggy's Brother
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The problem with you is that due to your poor education and low intellectual capacity, you lack basic debating skills.  Someone once lamented the absence of heavy hitting APC debaters on this forum and that King Loggy was responsible for those guys fleeing the forum.  It is true.

There is a way to pursue an intellectual discourse and it definitely does not warrant the pursuit of propaganda to score a cheap political point.  And even those that use propaganda, like the Reverened Kabs Kanu, they ensure that their superior writing skills are put into use in presenting very cogent arguments.  Unfortunately, that is not the case with you Loggy.   Due to your profound stupidity and mental laziness, you do not give your opponent the appetite to pursue an intellectual discourse with you.   

Loggy, an interminable and sempiternal dumbbell of your ilk would have benefited from president Julius Bio's free quality education program.  Instead you are using the same asininity and dorkiness that Bio is trying to eradicate to criticize him.  Too bad sorry ass fella.
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The police are abusing a principal and his elementary school students in Kenema. The people of Kenema are complaining that electricity was accessible during the Koroma administration but not now. The youths in the Southeast are are either gun totting criminals or okada drivers. De gron dry na de SE and there is no food and clean water. Independence Day was a day to exposed a government made up of fools who cannor even run a fakai. The economy is going down to the dogs and the exchange rate stinks. My God and these greengo charlatans are here exposing their shortcomings.  
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This is Kenema, an SLPP stronghold. Ay bo, SLPP, una too fool!  
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They dubbed it "free education" but what is really going on in Salone is that people are hiring private teachers to educate their children. And these losers are here making fools of themselves. God please help our people in the SE to see the light. 
Loggy's Brother
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This is the same thing that I have been talking over and over again.  Unfortunately, your skull is so thick that nothing that makes sense could permeate it.  What have I told you about your propaganda rubbish, you incorrigible Themne wretch?  What do you know about the free quality education program?

I think it makes sense to start questioning your maturity and emotional intelligence because if you are not parading yourself as a comic figure on this forum you are resorting to blatant lies to satisfy your useless ego.  But let me tell you this, I am the one that will have the last word because I will not be tired of bloodying your ugly face each time you post here, you recidivous APC dolt.

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Loggy's Brother
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If only you were not the inveterate dunce and lunkhead that you are, you would have known that the video that you posted was neither Kenema nor was it any other town in Sierra Leone. 

What language is being spoken in that viseo?  But let's assume for the sake of argument that that was Kenema.  When was that video shot?  In the days of the repressive Ernest Koroma?

You are an adulterated and misbegotten idiot that is not fit to exist in any decent community.  For you to spend all your time as the idler that you are wishing evil on your country out of sheer bigotry tells me that you are a suppositious mongrel  whose rightful place is a jungle where the most dangerous of mammals reside.

I have told you that any time you show up on this forum, you will be on the receiving end of a barrage that you cannot handle, you defiled son of a wretch.
Ahmed Cole
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I wonder how King Loggy is going to enjoy his Memorial Day holiday with this kind of beating that he is getting from his brother. And Loggy is not even fighting back?   Oya!!! Loggy osh ya.  I hope the situation does not worsen to the extent that Loggy would have to call an ambulance.
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All of my SLPP branlaws are now APC supporters because the SLPP is doing so bad on free education 4
Loggy's Brother
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"All of my SLPP branlaws are now APC supporters because the SLPP is doing so bad on free education 4"  KL

There you go again with your protusive  subterfuge.  Do you have any relationship with your SLPP brothers-in-law?  What would an SLPP supporter gain from joining the APC?  To be in the company of savages, with you being the number one savage?

Are you doing the primeval APC a favor by being a propagadist for that moribund and perishing party on Bintumani, you perdurable muttonhead?

How many more videos do you have to post?  Have you ran out of them, you unrepentant parrot brain?
Deja Vu
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Loggy's Brother,

Parley vou Francais?
Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Apart from the Queen's Language, have you ever penned down an essay in any other language? Some of us who have, will never be so scathing and condescending to others who are making genuine efforts to put their views across in a public forum.

For God''s sake, KL is not submitting a thesis to be subjected to such intense scrutiny and assessment.

Send some posts here in German or French, i promise you, i will concentrate on the message and not your poor writing skills in a foreign and non-African language.
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The problem with Loggy's Brother is not about KL but Loggy's Brother himself though he pretends to believe otherwise.  He can't stand the truth even when the truth shall save his life and his country.  His attepts at deflecting from a video that depicts blatant abuse of citizens in Kenema by the police tells all. For him, party politics is more important than the wellbeing of the people of Kenema.  I bet my life if the posted videos were about police brutality during an APC administration his behavior would have been different. He refuse himself the fact that I am not doing what I did because if politucs. But don't waste your time trying to reason with him.  Tribal politics is like a religion in Salone and there is nothing you and I can do to change his mind. But I promise myself to speak the truth about the abuses of innocent people and there are more pics and videos to come and a story that must shock the life out of every decent Salonean.
Enjoyment Man
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KL we are still waiting for the pics and video you promised to post. Loggy's Brother you promised to have the last laugh so where are you? Please don't run away I spent my hard earned money for my ticket to this event.
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