After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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A billion here and a billion there, and soon we are talking real money.
I don’t want to be the skunk at the garden party, but a broke ass country like ours can’t keep on being profligate without the Leone soon turning into the Zimbabwean dollar (1 US$ = 1 trillion Z$).
I understand the president’s inclination to do good, but he cannot afford to ignore that we are an economically bloodied and battered banana republic. Before even creating one nonpolitical job in the economy, the government has cancelled admission fees for university applicants, given an across-the-board 10% raise in salaries to civil seevants, free education for possibly two million primary and secondary school pupils, promised free college tuition for kids of long-term educators, and dedicating 20% of the national budget to education alone, etc etc. I am truly worried that the president has bitten way more than it can chew. I pray that those who have the man’s ear would whisper a word of caution. Even the United States hardly has free education anymore. Graduates currently owe about 1,5 trillion dollars in students’ loans. Saful o, Mr. President. Let’s first build factories and create jobs, Mr. President, before giving out all these tantalizing Christmas goodies.

Boto bata
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Stupid conversation.  Salone man fool.
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I think this is a great conversation. My party made a lot of expensive promises and of course we are determined to stand by those promises but we do run the risk of hyperinflation. My one consolation is that there are a number of brilliant economists working for and with the government who know far more about these things than I do. I'm sure they are on the case.
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Chances are if Bio delivers, a future president might just claim the credit for his success. The lack of a middle class, the economic machine that potentially propels the economy, forces the administration to play the role of a job creator. Can this be done in 5 years or ten? It remains to be seen but there is a greater challenge ahead.  
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I think that KL is right on point. Thank God for some people like KL.
How long can we continue relying on handouts from the international community? The Bio government needs to study what the APC was doing in various sectors especially agriculture, and fisheries, that hold promises for the future in employment. Rather than reinvent the wheel, the SLPP can improve on them. But if the SLPP takes office with malice for the past government, it is starting on a bad foot. Like KL says, we have to get our priorities straight. Income generation and actions to create jobs are what we should be engaged in first and foremost.

Here was my earlier warning to the Bio led government:

Is Bio looking at the comprehensive picture when allocating moneys for individual projects? Budgeting is  a complex undertaking that require serious statistical analysis to get a true picture of all the variables involved and there amounts. Budgeting should also take into account current inflationary situation and it must factor in elections promises in such things as the free education program and other priority programs.     
Budgeting should not simply be about gut feelings but about real scientific calculations that ensures balanced equations. We should be able to spend what we can afford.    
So far the government has made commitments on free secondary education, the provision of 100 new buses for transporting students to schools, raises in salaries for civil servants, reimbursement for university application fees, and the Chief Minister made promises to change Kenema. 
My advise to the government is for it not to test the water with both feet in. If it does, it might drown. 
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AFK, this is one of your most objective posts. Keep it up. I know you disagree with Bio on many fronts, but we can always try to be objective.

President Bio does not need Yes men and women, but he needs all the help he can get. People should continue to hold this govt accountable every day. We might just get it right one day in the future.
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