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Fen Plaba!
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As per headline, this is what's going down in Freetown. I thought there was going to be a runoff, but apparently not. It's President Bio.
Fen Pabla and Cialis
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Why would Bio sign such an agreement?  Bo lef we ya.
Spectator 007
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@Fen Pabla and Cialis, if that is the price to pay for becoming President many Salone politicians will sign such an agreement
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What would you tell your followers after signing the agreement?
Spectator 007
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The Great Dramani,

If I were an opposition candidate presented with that option, I’d tell my supporters that if we didn’t accept the deal we won’t gain power and continue to suffer the consequences of being bone-headed

Didn’t Mandela cut such a deal with the arpatheid National Party of SA?

Back to reality. I still see a runoff.
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Who is going to win the runoff?
Spectator 007
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@Kamabai, I really do not know. I’d think of the top of my head, that Samura will have to perform around 2-3 percent of the remaining (not total) vote better than Bio to overtake him.
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I am talking about a runoff.  In the event that there is a runoff, who do you think NGC and C4C will endorse?  Will those endorsements make a difference?
Spectator 007
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@Kamabai, I posed the very same question you’re asking me.

I have no clue and that is why I posed the question.

1. Will KKY and Sam endorse or stay neutral?

2. If they stay neutral how will their supporters vote?

3. If they endorse, will their supporters mostly go along?

C4C’s position is easier to predict than NGC’s.

Both candidates will have to lobby these two parties.

I can’t vouch for what decision KKY and Sam will make or whether their supporters will go along.

In 1996 wheb Thaimu Bangura’s PDP northern parties endorsed Tejan Kabbah a lot of their supporters supported Tejan but the vast majority supported Karefa. Similarly when PMDC endorsed EBK in 2007, a slight majority switched back to SLPP and the rest backed EBK. But those endorsements ended the political lives of those parties. That history may be on the minds of KKY and Sam.

Sam’s situation is less complex than KKY’s. E go memba ow APC make E lay (runway) go hide enh eat cookry.
Salone Baby
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It seems Fen Plaba was right. The recounts have given this election to Maada Bio. This will be the last time SLPP wins an election except of course if they are seen to be less tribalistic in future elections.
Cry Baby
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Salone Baby you are terribly wrong....maybe a victim of misinformation? As I am typing now 15 boxes belonging to APC strongholds were discovered yesterday and it is believed N'fa Alie had deliberately isolated them so as to prevent a first round APC victory. The counting is going on right now and the APC is now in a commanding lead and there should be no surprises if they win in the first round. And to add salt to green wounds, a thorough and careful recounting will be carried out on Kailahun, Kenema, Bo etc. where there were suspicions of massive ballot-stuffing. According to NEC's law any of these places found guilty of the alleged practice will be electorally nullified. I am not praying for that but if that happens it will spell doom for the SLPP. Right now a lot NEC officials are having their integrities on the line and foreign observers are not happy at all.

At the moment it is not about winning for the APC but to avoid a second round which they see as a waste of time because they want to start implementing their new development plans for a new and better Salone.
Cornelius Hamelberg
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Bra Mayima ,


Re - “ Maada Bio and his cohorts were celebrating by dancing and singing after the juju man brought in from the Gambia by his wife's parents assured him of becoming the next prezo.” (“Breaking News”)


This is the kind of bad mouthing that I hate , although it's probably not without any foundation; after all talking about the same personalities Herr John Ernest Leigh did state the following in his letter of resignation from the SLPP :


someone with my background, experience and upbringing cannot belong to a political party fronted by ex-junta personalities and under the sordid influence of those I personally know as nation-wreckers, money-grubbing lying rogues, false pretenders for money and such-like characters; not to mention the widespread acceptance in secret and off-camera of voodoo juju-swear ceremonies as part and parcel of the party’s unofficial ’democratic’ process in selecting its leadership.”


Re- ”Reliable sources state that the remaining votes total 650,000. SLPP only needs 78,000 of these remaining votes to get the required 12% to win.” Keep on dreaming. No harm in being disappointed once more in the year 2018, when the reality of the rising sun dawns on you and yours.


Bra Mayima, SLPPers should be careful about misusing words and deliberately miscalculating when doing the simple arithmetic , just to feel good or to mislead the general public. That is how they were hooting and tooting, howling and swearing to heaven and dancing the bugaboo that their man Alhaji Yumkella was going to be in the runoff against Dr. Samura Kamara. That too is part of the corruption malady. Your ”reliable” sources had better get their math right.


Mark my words. He who laughs last, laughs best and there's nothing that you or worworlior are going to be able to do about it. *Nuff said.


Gahinteh is right : “The Brigadier needs to finish Tolongbo in this round otherwise he looses” according to the simple arithmetic. Sam Sumana throwing his weight behind the Brigadier is not going to translate into all the people that voted for him automatically transfer their allegiance or loyalty to the Brigadier - in that case they would have voted for the Brigadier in the first place. Ditto, it's not all the people who voted for Mansaray that are going to automatically transfer their allegiance to the SLPP - maybe at best about half of them could do so. At the end of the day, when push comes to shove, even with the over-voting etc and even if 30% of that gets through the filters when the ballot is finally counted it will be announced that the Brigadier garnered less than 50% of the votes cast and can therefore not be the next prescient – no matter what the jujuman from the Gambia told him.


Of course , if I am wrong about this, I will have to eat my hat.


Nyboma & Pepe Kalle



Cornelius Hamelberg
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He who laughs last laughs best.
As a result of massive overvoting reported in APC strongholds in the North , the votes from all of those strong holds up the
have been cancelled as required by the Sierra Leone constitution ; pressure mounting on the APC to concede defeat...
Cornelius Hamelberg
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He who laughs last laughs best.
As a result of massive overvoting reported in APC strongholds in the North , the votes from all of those strong holds up the
have been cancelled as required by the Sierra Leone constitution ; pressure mounting on the APC to concede defeat...
Salone Baby
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Cornelius you are wrong. NEC itself has said that no votes in any polling stations have been cancelled. Of course there are those votes who were invalidated for one reason or another but not whole polling stations. Everything don done. They are simply cross checking and inputting data. You can see all the data for every polling station on NEC's website.
Spectator 007
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The indomitable Salone Baby,

At troway big big salute for you.

Of the 152 or so Station’s that we’re subjected to recounting, was there any significant changes from earlier results?

N’fa Allie Conteh dae make man dem hart(heart) cut big time!!!

In the meantime there is a competition between logic and emotion consuming many people.
Cry Baby
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No results should be expected today.Eleven boxes have been discovered in Kambia which are still yet to be counted.
Spectator 007
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“No results should be expected today.Eleven boxes have been discovered in Kambia which are still yet to be counted.” - Cry Baby

@Cry Baby, has this been reported in the news, by NEC, or any credible organization?

Salone Baby
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Well Cry Baby was wrong then. SLPP why on earth did you pick Maada Bio? Anyone else could have won against the incumbent. Now I hear the country is rethinking its voting as people are upset that the Mendes seem very tribalistic.
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The SLPP could have pulled this victory off without a run-off, but for their decision to have their own tribesman be the flagbearer, a hurstler who has not held a single job like you and I his entire life.

Is Maada Bio, US persona non-grata, human-rights violator the kind of dude Sierra Leoneans far and wide would like represent them overseas?
Cornelius Hamelberg
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Salone Baby,

(Male and female created He them, and one does not know with any certainty to which gender you belong) but this time I'm glad ( ah gladi bad bad) that I am wrong and the information that I received is neither final nor reliable , especially for fans of the RISNG SUN who chant APC – Now or Never ! APC forward ever ! APC Forever !

Good things might come to those who wait
Not for those who wait too late
We gotta go for all we know” ( Just the two of us - the presidential candidate and hisrunning  mate) Smile..,


Admit : the tension is killing us. Any unexpected news could result in a heart attack., especially for those who take themselves too seriously.

In this era of fake news, nah udat for believe? Perhaps only what's released from the horse's mouth ( the NEC) and nobody else. Einstein himself once observed (not that some of the Sierra Leone Diaspora's chief besserwisser Yumkella can be remotely compared to him): "A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?"

As Holmes would his mate ask Watson, what does the endless back and forth, the many twists and turns, ups and downs, reports of ballot-stuffing and over-voting tell you about the Sierra Leone electorate? The SLPP? The NGC? The APC? The NEC? About the NEC, it tells us that they have integrity and tenacity and are in no hurry to be coerced by any kind of pressure into releasing uncertified final election results prematurely or into making any concessions to criminality.

Fortunately there is nothing that worworlior can do about it. 

We will all have to wait patiently (like waiting for the Messiah) even if we have to wait for an eternity or two. Keep this in mind : the patient dog eats the juicy bone.

Senor Sengbe once prayed. “ May the best man win” and so be it.

I will now treat myself to a second glass of Mulderbosch Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé – a decent South African wine

Soon some people may be celebrating, dancing to the music Hustler is back

For me it's Koumbela


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Salone Baby,
If you are joining the anti-Mende tribalists on this forum to bash Mendes, don't be surprised to lose your respect as you come under heavy attack. A word for the wise...
Salone Baby
Reply with quote  #23 
I don't see how reporting what is being said in and out of Sierra Leone is Mende-bashing. I'm not in any position to bash a tribe. I could possibly be the UN of Sierra Leone. I have Mende, Temne, Krio and Shebro blood in me and more I don't even know.
By the way, I don't do back and forths with people I deem a fool and anyone who sinks to name calling or abuse will not get a response from me. I don't have time for fools and idiots. I have better things to do with my time.
Spectator 007
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“ I have Mende, Temne, Krio and Shebro blood in me and more I don't even know” -Salone Baby

Very typical ethnic mixture these days even though a lot of folks would just pick one for convenience and or their cultural upbringing.

I know a Themne-Mende guy who could speak both languages. When SLPP is in power, he is a proud Mende man...beating his chest heavier than a purer mendeman. When APC takes over he wants nothing to do with Mendes and boasts of his Themne roots.
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Salone Baby,

Who is more idle and idiotic than you? You tribalist.
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Salone B, what's your point? Bio is Mende, and Samura is Temne, n'est pas? What is this obsession about tribe? It is a winning strategy. I don't want belong to a party that promotes tribalism.

Lets talk about issues this time round, and not about personalities. Only policy differences are going to win votes.    
Head Boy
Reply with quote  #27 

To accept one other as Sierra Leoneans first, the crucial first step to any progressive change in the country...and I want to assure our band of impish detractors that Brigadier Julius Maada Bio will become the President for every Sierra Leonean because he sincerely believes that it is impossible to love your country and hate your countrymen.
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These elections are very much reminiscent of what Pa Kabbah did to the SLPP before handing over to the opposition APC. With lay-belleh dregman psychophants like revo-devo, telling him his fart smelled sweeter than the air they breathed, PDP former strongman  Ernest Koroma became full of his own very sh*8t and too arrogant for the good of the very party he hijacked to satisfy the needs of his presidential ambitions. 

On the way to the pinnacle of his tenure, like Pa Kabbah to Charles Margai, Ernest Koroma headbuts Sam Sumana, the guy on whose shoulders he climbed to get to the top, and the one who could have pulled this off without a run-off of any kind, right down the towers of power, sending him to run for cover in the catacumbs and underground ossuaries of a foreign emabassy.

As if that wasn't enough, much to the chagrin of party fans worldwide, he sparked terror amongst the elites of the APC by expelling founding members like Kayinday Bangura, Sam Sumana and others from the party without any valid reason, before bringing in vouchergate convict Victor Foh as number two man of the country. 

The year is 2018. Yet even after 11 good years of life in the wilderness, the SLPP still continues to of spite its face by cutting off its nose. Long time non-fullblood mende assets of the SLPP are seen as threats who end up being given severe beatings by Bio-thugs, harrassed, humuliated, and rooted out of the party to make way for those considered fullblooded ones. 

Many of you may recall the public humiliation of members like John Benjamin, Usman Boye, John Leigh et al. Before forming the NGC, which I honestly believe he should have done five years ago, Kandeh Kumkella was also insulted and spat on before being locked out of the party office.

Only lately one Karpen guy, who was secretary of the SLPP had to bolt his way out of the SLPP convention on an okarda right in the middle of the night to save his bacon. 

Now that the run-off I predicted a week or so ago is now the reality we now see, I see the SLPP going back to the wilderness.

However, I choose will wait for a future date to expain the analaysis of that diagnostics.

Until then, Lonta again.   

Spectator 007
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“Lets talk about issues this time round, and not about personalities. Only policy differences are going to win votes.” - Mostafii

What types of policy initiatives will move the approximately 14% of those who did not support either of the candidates going to the runoff?

Will the same message work for the people in Kono, Western Area, and parts of the north?

If you are advising The Brigadier what will you tell him? Ditto for The Doctor.
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