After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Cornelius Hamelberg
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Yumkellah’s NGC: Windshield Wiper Politicians and Social Media Vigilantes By Chernoh Alpha M. Bah

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I wonder what happened to his socialist party. Does anyone know if they are still around

This man certainly understands dialectic materialism, the language of marxists. 
Spectator 007
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The message above is mine. Space to type one’s handle is at the bottom below verification box.
Cornelius Hamelberg
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The democratic US which hosts some of the best universities and political science/ economics departments in the world produced Donald Trump who battled with some sixteen other  members of the Republican Party to win the nomination and then the presidency.

Keeping it short:

Chernoh Alpha M. Bah attributes the rise of Yumkella and the NGC  to “ambitious elites who decided to form a new party only after they failed to garner positions within either the APC or the SLPP.”  This brings into question the fairness and transparency in the selection/ election process of both the APC and the SLPP - in the case of the SLPP the complaint about that process goes as far back as 2005  at that event which John Ernest Leigh earmarked as  the Makeni Conbention and  in 2011 culminating in his letter of resignation from that party.

In the case of the APC, Lord Ernest ( the king of the APC ) appointed his crown prince Samura Wilson Kamara. No doubt, there must  have been some whimpering...

Chernoh Alpha M. Bah does  “ not believe the NGC can offer this response, simply because they do not have progressive policies to offer” Fact is that anyone ( almost anyone)  can write a glorious manifesto. I believe that Yumkella could do very well in debates

From this distance there does not seem to be anything “militant” about Kandeh Yumkella’s

ongoing campaign to be elected Sierra Leone's next president, nor has he said, in so many words what Zubairu Wai would like his readers to attribute to Yumkella that he is doing the country a favor by running for president.”  or that having served in some capacity at  the UN “makes him the only person qualified to be president beyond scrutiny.

Yumkella  is obviously as qualified as the APC and SLPP candidates , even if he and some of his fans may believe that he is more qualified than they are, more qualified  to “save” the country from more mudslides, Ebola,  perennial corruption, massive youth unemployment, the need for better education and a better health programme plus all the other ills that still beset the nation 57 years after attaining to Independence..

When someone like Yumkella is serious about serving his country,  it’s disheartening to read this kind of discouragement addressed to the Sierra Leone electorate: “His connection to the global power elites, and his subscription to the neoliberal ideologies of governance means that he is a far more danger to Sierra Leone than Maada Bio or Samura Kamara,”

Are we to suppose that if Kofi Annan had committed himself to vying for the presidency of Ghana he would have been similarly deemed dangerous to the Black Star nation? If anything the only problem that people have observed about Kofi Annan is that after so many years at the UN , he has probably lost the rough art of jungle survival and would therefore be too soft  for the tough job of President of Ghana. Yumkella seems to still be a tough nut, travelling in all kinds of weather and all kinds of terrain to hold his rallies, commune with his people.

About the danger/s - well, the IMF/ World Bank ritually demand submission to structural adjustment programs  - devaluation, taking away subsidies  - in the case of Jerry Rawlings subsidies to education.

I posted this yesterday under “ “unregistered” : The media not least of all this Bintumani  is haywire with Yumkella/NGC campaign propaganda  - he occupies much more media space than any of the other candidates  - but -. on the ground, mass crowds turn up for every candidate at rallys  - so, how reliable are any opinion polls?

Spectator 007
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Comrade Bah is not a factor in these elections.

This socialist intellectual would be more at home in Bintumani. Could flex his muscles here and gain some respect.
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Well, NGC unu ansa Mr. Bah een query nor?

Waytin mek unu different from unu original parties; the SLPP and the APC beside the sour grape mentality?

Please elaborate on the ideology of the NGC.

Is there a new "Messiah" in the NGC beside the UN connection?

Leh we know nor.

Unu prove unu point nor.
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Waytin mek unu different from unu original parties; the SLPP and the APC beside the sour grape mentality?

Please elaborate on the ideology of the NGC.

Is there a new "Messiah" in the NGC beside the UN connection?

Leh we know nor.

Sengbe, you seem to be missing the point here. You need open ears and an open mind to fully understand the realities of this movement and then, only then, will stop considering the NGC as a traditional political party. 

There are no sour grapes here! People are mad as hell with the APC and SLPP for what those two political parties have done, and have not done, for that country. This is a movement to send a message to the APC, SLPP, and even the NGC, that WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! 
This is bigger than YKK and the people around him regardless of the party they hailed from. This is a trial period for the NGC and if they follow the very steps of the two rotten parties, something else will come after them. They say insanity is "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". So consider this as the APC and the SLPP lost their usefulness and their diehard supporters will do anything now because something fearful is gaining on them.

Ideology??? Pleeeeez!!! The people of Salone, just as those of Donald Trumpt, care less about ideology at this point. The only ideology is to GET THE BUMS OUT! People are tired of the divisiveness of tribal and regional politics that does nothing more than to fill the pockets of the very politicians they vote for. 

Finally, there is no "Messiah" in the NGC but nice try! There is KKY, a man who is not being shoved down the throats of the people by the very rotten political parties they want out. 

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This is what I found on Facebook just after my response. This could happen to anyone in Salone today.


A towering figure in the fight for the right of the landless people of Ferengbeya in Tonkolili District, Fatima Sesay has just died. It happened literally minutes before I arrived to see her. As women’s leader of her community, she advocated for her people after they had been relocated by African Minerals iron ore mining company from their ancestral land. The last time I spoke to her she broke down saying they’d been “forcibly” dispossessed of their land and “dumped” in the middle of nowhere without adequate land to farm - a byword for left without a source of livelihood - let alone adequate compensation. Almost everybody in Ferengbeya is in tears.

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KL, your insincerity and daftness is incorrigible.  Are we surprised? No. You nar true APC pikin. Sadly for you, using the NGC as an alibi is not going to improve your IQ. you were born to be dumb.

Equating APC and SLPP is a poor pretext you and most disgruntled APC gang members have always used to excuse the assured poor governance that the APC is notorious for.  For folks like in the APC, stealing and robing the nation blind is now a trademark.

Let me show you some startling differences between the last SLPP admin and the outgoing APC gang of thieves. Tejan Kabba's government left a stable Leone, a debt free nation with a reserve of over Le 500 Billion. The reserve was squandered in less than 3 months by your korthors and our poor nation is today $2 billion + in debt. The Leone also progressively deteriorated right through EBK's tenure. But an animal like you will not see this difference. Your primitive tribalism will ensure this basic fact is ignored.

Institutions like the NEC, NASSIT, ACC, NRA, SLP as force for good, were all set up by SLPP after the war. Schools were rebuilt and access to education progressively increased right through the Kabba tenure. Public exams - NPSE, BECE & WASCCE were free for all and teachers were paid on time. I am sure you know what these animals we call APC have done to the educational system. But are you decent enough to accept these unsavory crimes of your korthors?

Arm robbery was down to zero in Freetown during Kabba's tenure until  EBK took over in 2007 when it spontaneously shot up to 50 per month in Freetown alone. Who let the dogs out, dare I ask? Or bluntly put, who brought the thieves to town?  IG Acha famously answered this on national radio in 2008 when he stated that the armed robbers were friends of EBK and pleaded with them to stop embarrassing the pa.

Worst still who gave the nation's traditional ayampis keys to our treasury? Ebola funds were pillaged by these nasty gang. Even pilgrims to the Holy land of Mecca were not been spared by EBK and his gang. Today the  3 top  Ekutay criminals - EBK, John Sisay and Samura are wealthier than the entire nation and her unborn generations to come. You my friend KL, were applauding most of the time when this looting was taking place because in your peanut head, they are your tribesmen.  And now, u dae opin u ra$$ say APC and SLPP are the same.

The good professor is right. sour grapes and bloated egos of a few elites gave birth to NGC. Petty criminal-loving a-holes like you are just hiding out in the NGC to alibi yourself for wrecking our nation again. What happened to the boisterous APC Loggy, cheerleader-in-chief in the last decade? You korthor dem peppeh u backsie?

You are a shameless piece of meat, KL.  NGC you ra$$!

You  have been a notorious cheerleader for bad governance by your kith and korthors for 10 good years - alongside a-holes like Eddy Grant, dat fitta boy from Sweden and the nauseous AFK, a senior ayampi pikin.  You defended the state-orchestrated cocaine trafficking mess in 2007. You applauded the death threat on Bishop Aruna because he was Mende. You gave cheap excuses when Ebola funds were being siphoned and you even mocked S/Easterners in the early days of the epidemic. KL, if it looks and acts like an animal. it must be one.   

My dear orthaim brother, you are just fooling  yourselves. Temporarily hiding out at the NGC that is going nowhere may massage your guilty conscience for a bit, but we all know who you really are. Primitive and unpatriotic tribal bigots. I am sure you will run back to your APC umbilical cord during second rounds. Primitive animals like you do not change.  What a waste of space!

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I know you seek my attention. Unfortunately I am not going to give you that opportunity so don't waste your time responding to me. Have a lousy day and start behaving yourself.
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I still have my doubts about KKY.


You see character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. The real thing (the tree)/; KKY himself is charismatic, eloquent and may be appealing to voters. But what I am afraid of is the shadow.

1. His role in NPRC

2. His connection with Tejan Kabba

3 .Over 10 years representing Sierra Leone in the UN, How did it benefit Sierra Leone? 

4. Family feud    ………. Should be kept out of poly-tricks


Blind support for the tree (the real thing) is dangerous.


We have to scrutinize the shadow. We know that Knowledge will give you power, and good character respect.  Character/Reputation/Attitude is always very important in Poly-tricks.

Bad Character/Reputation/Attitude leads to a shady shadow which turn produces a bad tree, no matter how flamboyant it is.


I will say it again.

Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.

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