After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Peeper Rhonda
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I used to be very much against Bintumani's Grammar Police as I considered their behavior an intrusion into the freedom of others to freely express themselves.  Not anymore. 

The Grammar Police are doing an excellent job in Bintumani.  Among other things, they are discouraging Bintumani from becoming a sub-standard forum that does not care about the quality of comments made here.  Additionally, the Grammar Police are ensuring that trolls do not chase out forumites that enhance the quality of the forum.

When the grammar of poorly educated forumites is corrected, it discourages them from hijacking debates in future.  We have seen how frequent offenders like King Loggy and Eddie Grant have become less aggressive these days.  They hate the intrusion of the grammar police. 

Bintumani must be led by Sage, Sengbe, Bra Enviable, Knice and Spectator 007 and not the likes of King Loggy, Eddie Grant and Olu.

Long live the Grammar Police!!! Long live Bintumani!!!

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Hehehehe! The Mende boys are beginning to absorb the pain for being the most arrogant and illogical forumites ever at Bintumani.  Krio man say when kakroach want for alaki, e dae go inside palmai bottle.  KL en Eddie Grant na una pepeh en palmai bottle.  Hehehehe!
Krio Boy
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Bo true say talk me, nar KL ehn Eddie Grant you dae send pan debate?  Hehehehe.  Nar dat make Mende boy den nor respect Themne man.  Themne man den too tupit.  Den nor sabi write.  Hehehehe.  Ar lek Grammar Police.
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Krio Boy my foot! Another fakai impostor at it again.  
Pa Douglas
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Dorti Olu,

Why di warm hart, me man?  Bra drink cole wata nor.  Ow unu Themne dem lek gbose gbose so?  Ow, u wan broke bottle now for fet?  

Nar dat mek dem Mende boy ya dae beat unu with unu bad Grammar.  LOL!!!
Eddie Grant
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I believe some people here enjoys being beaten. They so craved for the attention of the Great King, myself and Olu that they tend to open a Pandora so box of punches.
However, I wish they're not basing their tirade on tribe. The last I mentioned the word Mende, I was unfairly termed a tribalist. Now my accusers have 'okayed ' themselves for abusing the Thamnes I'm hoping that it stays as a sense of humour.
Now those on the greenhouse, listen up if you enjoy yourself being ass-kicked by me, The King and Great Olu, all you need doing is as for it. Even though I stated earlier that I'm preparing to go and represent my people I'll still be of service to you.
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