After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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It is with the greatest pleasure that I submit some information in this piece for the general global readership in hailing one of the most profound/prolific academics that I know, and recognize from our motherland in S/Leone. His name is Professor Abdul Karim Bangura.

On perusing the internet for information about Cognella Publishing Co. - a publishing firm that has recently sought and invited me to become one of their book reviewers - I came across his name relative to his achievements as a very prolific writer.

I pray that he does not mind me touting his horn by globally publicizing his vast scholarly achievements on the Bintumani Forum. This brother is the recipient of five (5) PhDs in diverse fields of study. I jokingly refer to him as a "professional student" based on such a high standard of academic achievement. I would now like to share some of his achievements as obtained from the Cognella website, and here goes:

Abdul Karim Bangura holds Ph.D.s in political science, development economics, linguistics, computer science, and mathematics. Dr. Bangura is a professor of research methodology and political science at Howard University, and a researcher-in-residence at the Center for Global Peace in the School of International Service at American University. The author of 75 books and over 600 scholarly articles, Dr. Bangura won the prestigious 2012 Cecil B. Curry Book Award for African Mathematics: From Bones to Computers.
Other Cognella titles by Abdul Karim Bangura:
  Ebonics Is Good
  Keyboard Jihad: Attempts to Rectify Misperceptions and Misrepresentations of Islam
  Perceptions of Peace in Washington, DC
  Islam and Political Economic Systems
  Islamic Civilization, Amity, Equanimity and Tranquility: Analyzing and Inventing Peace Paradigms, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding Strategies
  Law, Politics, and African Americans in Washington, DC
  Social-Economic Trends in Washington, DC
  Gender and Ethnicity in Washington, DC
  United States Congress Versus Apartheid
  Fettered -tions and -isms
  African-Centered Research Methodologies: From Ancient Times to the Present
  Fractal Complexity in the Works of Major Black Thinkers: Volume One
  Fractal Complexity in the Works of Major Black Thinkers
  Fractal Complexity in the Works of Major Black Thinkers: Volume Three

Bra AKB nor vex pan me oh, but ar wan leh all man, all pipul na dis dunia, know say norto Davidson Nicol normor Saro able produce. U nar one giant way any sober-minded academic wan for emulate. Please continue for mek we proud as kontri man dem. Ar hope say u nor mind. Tenki, Bra!
Spectator 007
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Hello Prof,

Did you ever have the desire to go for another terminal degree in a different discipline? I’m sure you could take on political science for starters. It’s not too late.
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Not really, Spectator 007, because my field of professional endeavor is very vast; a Physical Chemist (Photochemistry) by training; a Chemical Physicist, and Physicist, research-wise. Combining Chemistry and Physics in a profession that has spanned for 35 years is quite a lot of undertaking, so I am satisfied with what I am, and do. On retirement, I will settle for abstract painting. I have about 350 in my collection presently.

How about you? Might you go for a PE?
Spectator 007
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Although I have come across a few individuals who have done so, I could not possibly imagine doing another PE in a different discipline.

I have encouraged many young people, including our own compatriots to get it ASAP because the longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes.
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Forgive me sir, Spectator 007, PE. I forgot that you already have a PE. My bad! I know for sure that it is in civil engineering. Am I correct?

More power to you, me broda.
Spectator 007
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You got the field right.
Grear memory Prof.

Interestingly, many people in the U.S. think the designation P.E. stands for “Physical Education”. In fact a lady once accused me of faking my credentials. “Why do you want to give the impression that you are a physical education instructor, when in reality you are an engineer? Here’s what you need to do. Just go to the gym to develop the right physique and you won’t need that fake designation on your card.”

In Canada the abbreviation is P.Eng and it’s clear to most people the “Eng” means engineer.
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