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Father Krismass
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Guma Managing Director Replaced.
By: Mohamed Kamara.

Reports reaching the Global Times indicate that the erstwhile Managing Director of Guma Valley Water Company, Bankole Mansaray has been replaced following an official correspondence from State House late last Friday.

Mr. Mansaray was recruited at the Guma Valley Water Company some twelve years ago during the SLPP government of President Kabba and Berewa. But since the coming to power of the APC government, Mr. Mansaray jumped into the APC fray as one of the leading powerful senior members of the party. He has on several occasions lambasted perceived SLPP supporters at Guma to the extent of even embarrassing them at official Management meetings. He is a blue blooded APC fellow who in the last APC Convention at Makeni was seen publicly twisting his buttocks which jolted grotesquely to the rhythm of the APC National Anthem of ``there is victory for us…..’’

Mansaray is on record also to have been at logger heads with the former Minister of Water Resources, Momodu Eloigima Maligie , which later culminated into an open confrontation requiring the intervention of the former President, Ernest Koroma who summoned a meeting of the two heavyweight APC officials at State House to resolve the seemingly disastrous situation engulfing the water sector in the Freetown Municipality. Following the resolution of the conflict, Ernest Koroma, himself a limba supported his tribesman, Bankole Mansaray by separating Guma Valley Water Company from the supervision of the Ministry of Water Resources and placed it under the direct supervision of the National Commission for Privatization (NCP) where it has been to this date.

During the previous regime, mllions of donor funds have been pumped into Guma with the view to improving the water sector in the city. We can vividly recall the millions of dollars the Exim Bank of India pumped into the Freetown Water Supply sector which has not impacted on the daily lives of the people of Freetown in terms of solving the water needs of residents. As of today, 80,000 metric tons of water per day for a city population is nothing to write home about for a growing city like Freetown. An optimum supply for this city could be 180,000 – 200,000 metric tons per day of water supply, given its rapid increase in population. It is hoped that the signing of the Rokel River Project by the new Minister would go a long way in bringing this acute water supply dearth to a halt. The MCC of the U.S.A also is currently giving a helping hand in both the Electricity and Water sectors which we hope would make a remarkable difference to these sectors.
Meanwhile at Guma, the former Deputy General Manager, Maada Kpenge, an Engineer with both international and national repute has been appointed to as the Acting Managing Director of Guma. He is a member of the Institute of Engineers of Sierra Leone.




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