After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Two broda den fet na di Bintu forum, in personal disagreement about political leanings, a month or so ago. Den cuss each other bad-bad wan, by pulling dem secrets na doe. Den keep malice by abandoning the Bintu. Nobody na yah nor say nartin for bring peace between di broda dem. Na the Saro way da wan day?

Unu all know say me don lef Saro for quite a long time, but ar nor forget we culture - NEVER. So ar decide say Sengbe for say sometin to den broda yah so by burying the hatchet so that we go bring peace between dem. We want we broda dem for cam back ehn join we na the Bintu.

Ormoss pipul na ya gree with me in dis plea?

Please type YES if u gree with me?

If all man ehn woman na di Bintu gree with me, is it please possible for the two protagonists to listen to we plea ehn cam back with dem erudite selves, ehn shake hands through positive dialogue on the Bintumani?

Based on this plea in peacekeeping and peacemaking I salute unu two by saying:
 Hello Bra Specky 007!
 Hello Bra E!

Unu cam back!!
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Yes bo! Our beloved Bintuland is already not as robust as it should be, we can not afford to lose members.
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That is the brotherly spirit, Saloneman. Way to go!

Anyone else?
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ah u no say den nor be day post?
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Do you mean to state:"how ar know say den nor bin day post"?

Ar nor know becus den nor use their regular monikers way we know dem for. When den start for use their regular monikers we all go know say dem don cam back na the forum.

Busybody! how you know say dem bin day post? Gee we the evidence.
Fen Plaba!
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Teacher, teacher, two fighting!
Specky say d tem when e see Bra E, e go roas am slap nar ihn jarbone for d fityai. Hehe.

Bra E say e go pam specky protoe kick nar ihn bottom belleh. Ar ko die O.

Result? Mutually assured panicking. Bo oonu nor frade. Arrayday don boss nar doe. Oodat geh mind, leh e say finnh bah.
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The Soko debul don cormot na doe tiday for setfire between Bra E ehn ee broda Bra Specky.

Way to go, FP!

FP! You lef Chemistry for Literature?

Ormoss fictional books you don write between 2016 ehn dis year so far?

Dem Bondo Musu den day wait for you na Bo Town, ehn Makeni - enti na you day pull den secrets na doe, as if yousef join Bondo. Nor marrah oh!

Ar guess say OBBA go corbba you if ting cam pan ting, so nor worry.
Spectator 007
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Hello Prof

Just been extremely busy.

Got no problem with Bra E. Just forum rumble.

I have been reading posts and will soon jump back in.
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Orlangba Fen Plaba, Jack Sengbe sabe write Krio pass u oh. What's up wit dat?
Fen Plaba!
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@KL, me nor dout Sengbe O. Da man dae nar me Bo School Kortho pan orl tin. Krio O, Chemistry O, orl tin nar fitting gbett, as we kin say nar Lunsar.

Kortho, man dae with d dilletante pursuits in Literature fors. Ar still hold d Chemistry tite, though. Da wan dae nar ihn dae make d pot dae boil nar me igballeh. Hehe. 
To me Olorun, ar dae frade for go upline now after Captain President. Den say ar don commit afojidi pan Bondo. One digba don tretin me say e go make sure me tone die becos ar don labo about den society. KL, duya show me u dokta for da Tiger Bone Viagra. kwik kwik. No bondo sweh go touch me. Lol. Besides, OBBA get me back.

A.G. Tarfaiykor
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For solve dis problem truth be told, Bra E too fityaiye. Ee for bayg ihm big wan Specky for way ee fityaiye am.

The apology should be unconditional!
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Thanks for showing up, Bra Specky. Hopefully, you'd be less busy soon, so that you can participate on the Bintu like you did in the past. Let bygones be with Bra E. Hopefully, he'd show up on the Bintu as well to heed this amicable call to "duty".

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