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Yes I was initiated by a 20-year-old at the age of 12[smile]. At 14, a 30-year-old with a big purse snatched me from her. So now, Teacher Lambert, since you know so much about others,  bring your skeletons out of the closet. I heard that you spend big on call girls. True/false?
George the Peeper
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Bra nor bring u alaki pan Teacher Lambert.  Teacher Lambert nar good good guy wae marraid ehn wae nor ever mix pan foolish even wae e bin young ehn single.
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Ar just talk to Teacher Lambert en e tell me say e nor sabie u. 
Spectator 007
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Teacher Lambert,
Me nar bin total buff man pan ooman bizness back then. Bin lek play too moss.

I was interested in track and field- intersecondary school and national sports. Followed it very closely.

Recollections from my first year in Sec school-

At the first intersecondary school sports I attended, main boys rivalry was between AA and grammar school. In the senior division, the main event was the 100 yd track showdown between Abdulai Conteh of AA and Paul Nicol aka VC 10 of grammar school. Abdulai was 1/10th of a second of the national record when he destroyed VC 10.

That year the AA senior relay beat all western area teams including private clubs like Achilles Track Team.

In those days, the best senior boys team from the western area would square off with the best senior boys team from the provinces. This event was referred to as the national sports

So that year, it came down to the indomitable AA vs mighty Bo school.

The Bo school guys stayed at the AA boarding home and I got to meet Abdulai Wurie aka Wurie of Bo school who was the younger brother of Yayah Wurie another star athlete from POW. Yayah was on the same relay squad as Moses Stronge; the squad that beat the powerful team led by Jabbie a few years earlier. I also met Soloku Bockarie.

The stage was set for AA vs Bo school. Schools traded leads. In the 220 yards, Wurie surged past Abdulai Conteh, with about 10 yards to go and won. Academiciahs were dejected. In the 100 yards, Abdulai led from start to finish; a remarkable feat, considering Wurie had tied the national record held by Moses Stronge.

The last event that would decide the meet was the 4x100 yd relay. Academy led after the first leg,

Our regular sprinter for the second leg, James Omiah had been replaced. So how would his replacement fare?

Bo school easily caught up with us and took a huge lead after the second leg. Think the Bo school sprinters name was Brima.

On the third leg, Alusine Kamara could not close the gap sufficiently as Soluku Bockarie held his own.

On the anchor leg, Wiurie received the baton with an insurmountable lead. Abdulai significantly cut into the lead. Another 10 yards and he could have run Wurie down, but it was not to be. Bo school emerged champions

Academicians swore, cursed, and wailed that day

@Sengbe: Did you know the guys on that impressive Bo school squad.

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Specky,  forget Teacher Lambert the man is an agitator.  His intentions are to extract information from you. Let's talk about now not about yesterday.  You are at the age now where the young ones serves you well. So tell us more about the soul sisters. 
Teacher Lambert
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Spectator 007,

Thanks for the very interesting analysis.  I attended Bo School but at a much later time than the time you are describing.  However, I knew the late Soluku Bockarie who at one time was an official of the Real Republicans Football Club in Freetown.  Of course Abdulai Conteh is a household name.

@ Loggy, what I am going to do with the information that I get from Spectator 007?  Man, stop being thin-skinned and overly sensitive.  I don't know Specky and I live in a totally different continent.  BTW I thought Bintumani was a debate forum.
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Teacher Lambert, bo tell we about u sef dis nor get natin for do wit thin skin. KL don tell u about KL so tell we about Teacher Lambert. Chai!
Teacher Lambert
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Teacher Lambert nar school teacher nar London.  Nar good good married man.  E go Bo School ehn married to ihn high school girlfriend.

 Nar only one woman Teacher Lambert ever know nar ihm life ehn nar di woman e married to.

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Thanks for de response, Teacher Lambert, but some thing tell me say u get a side b!tch. Typical Salone man! We know we see, bo.
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So Teacher Lambert wan tell wi say een nar bin buff man way bin dae get reference pan baby dem? Ee look lek den school borboh dem way bin dae gee all den lunch money to den titi but den nor ever geh mind for 'mole' or 'squeeze' dem sef. Teacher Lambert nor for dae tok oosai bra dem lek wi en Kl dem dae tok.
Reply with quote  #41 
Thanks, Bimbola! If na KL bin say so, TL for accuse me as being thin skinned.  Teacher Lambert na de kine man dem way been dae sen love letter dem. "Roses are red, your lips are red and I will give you my lunch money if u answer me".  If not dat, e go sen order wan savisman for go yan baby foram.
Reply with quote  #42 
 Teacher Lambert na de kine man dem way been dae sen love letter dem. "Roses are red, your lips are red and I will give you my lunch money if u answer me".  If not dat, e go sen order wan savisman for go yan baby foram.

Lol KL you have made my day and my weekend!

Nar true Teacher Lambert nar dem mot-mot borboh dem way ee bi say as den see ooman so den don fraid.
Teacher Lambert
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KL and Bimbola,

Teacher Lambert nor to bin buff man nar school.  But Lambert nor bin bambote lek KL ehn Bimbola.  

Teacher Lambert comot nar good ose.  Ihn daddy nar bin reverend.  Nar dat make teacher Lambert only sabi one ooman.  Nar dae ooman e married to.  Una get problem wit dat?
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Yes, Teacher Lambert, we get problem wit dat. Me sef commot na good hose en me daddy na bin alpha. But besides, ar nor know u daddy but reverend en reverend pekin dem sef nor clean nowadays.  Me en u know say Salone man bambote lek dog en u nor be de exception.  Astafulai sef. So cam out clean,  Teacher, make we rest dis case.

Teacher Lambert
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Bo KL lef for play pan me psychology.  If u wan cam bambote nar London,  tell me.  Ar get me borbor dem wae go be more than willing for help u.  Ar know say u want try di London gyarl dem.  Me man u more than welcome.  But enti u know say me nar reverend pikin?  Ar nor go put hand dae but me borbor dem go hook u up.   So, me man, tork ehn make we rest di case.
Reply with quote  #46 
Teacher Lambert busted!
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