After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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You must start educating the Africans that supports him.

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He dismantled the Bush and Clinton machines on his way to the White House. And now he is being referred to as insane, unstable and not fit for the job. Is this guy seriously a genius or a ready lunatic?
 " KL

So KL, what are you saying this time round? Last week your were in support of Trump and now you are confusing yourself. Or'man Nte
Same Toyou
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We can ask you the same question, KL, but that would be a bloody waste of time.
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Santigie, are you alright? Are you sure you cannot distinguish the differences of the two? Oh Lord help Santigie.
Donald S*ithead
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Click on pic and enjoy this.
Trump Advocate
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Fellow forumites do not blame Trump for his obnoxious statement. If people like Sengbe, KL, Bra Enviable, Zakmal, MKK could go to the west and prefer to stay there doing odd or respectable jobs rather than return to help build their country, why should we be pissed off by such statement? It is time for soul searching.
Free Lawyer
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Trump Advocate with due respect, this is not even the proverbial chicken and egg dilemma. The brethren you listed and hundreds of thousands more - if not miilions are actually victims of non-existent or wretched African leadership - Salone being a quintessential  example.  Most of these fine brethren you listed would have long since died from common ailment had they still been in Salone. Remember our current life expectancy in hovering around 43.

Let me be more specific. Take EBK for example. He came into office 10 years ago. He was just an average Joe with one 4 bedroom bungalow in Goderich and barely $10 grand to his name. Fast forward to today, after robbing the nation blind with gang members like Alpha Khan and Logus, EBK has properties all over Salone and abroad. He is a multimillion dollar man today as his nation starves. He even has the temerity to impose a successor to continue the looting. In the meantime, we have cheerleaders like KL and fat Kabs who applaud the raping of the nation from oberyander.

TA would you rather die at 43 after struggling to even feed your family or would you find a better option of staying alive in improving your lot?

Trump should target the looters of our continent who stash money and amass property in his America whilst their citizens die from common malaria and child birth. He should arrest them and return the loot if he was a decent man. but his problem is just race. Pure and simple. I do not blame him though. I blame sh*thole leaders like EBK who rob their nation blind and unapologetically with a dumb grin on their faces.  
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Free Lawyer, stop making dumb excuses as Trump Advocate is on point. Please ask yourself why are foreigners creating jobs and getting richer in Salone and not dying at 43? Have you tried quitting your free practice and open shop in Salone like Pastor Ajisafe and other Nigerian bankers are doing? It takes more than EBK to destroy Salone; it takes me and you, with knowledge and a even bank account with average savings to return home and help. So please stop making the Sengbe excuse for not going home or at least invest.
New Expression
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KL is one reputable guy when it comes to creativity. Going down memory lane KL is on record for an act of neogism when he created the 'greengo' word to describe the notorious SLPP tribalists. Today KL has taken it to another level by creating a new expression he calls the 'Sengbe excuse' used to describe someone who makes flimsy and unrealistic excuses after having failed in his or her mission to seek greener pastures in the west. Such people are old, haggard and deeply stuck in the west waiting for face-saving formulae to return home either through politics or otherwise.
Peeper Jackson
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"Sengbe excuse". Hehehe very funny. This is why the SLPP guys are always going after him and calling him a tribalist. Unfortunately they are stuck with him because he is their in law. Hehehe.
The KL Excuse
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"...So please stop making the Sengbe excuse for not going home or at least invest..."

Is this the Sengbe Excuse?

I, Sengbe Konouwah, may have come from a "sh--hole" as a country of origin, but I have trained many, many Americans who are now serving as medical doctors, dentists, pharmacists, engineers, teachers, professors, scientists, politicians, and in many other professions of value to the general American public in my professional career serving my adopted homeland, the USA.

And BTW he earns a six-figure salary at it. Is that possible in SL? Are these opportunities readily available to him in SL?

So what is the KL Excuse?

Staying in the DMV, USA, and selling hard drugs - cocaine, heroin, etc.-, for over 25 years whilst his better half makes a clean living by working as a nurse?

Well, who can blame him? The DMV, USA, is where the serious mullah is, and one readily make some good change by adopting such a lifestyle while trying to bring good people down through photo-shopping their heads on another person's body.

Question For KL
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KL, Why are you not living in Sierra Leone?
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Question for KL, there is so much money to make in my drug dealing trade and I have trained many, many Americans, who are now training drug dealers and pharmacists in Saro and are making seven figure salaries. Don't you see why Sengbe is jealous of me? 

Alaki Sengbe
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The seventy-year-old geriatric is at it again. So thin-skinned he cannot afford to walk away from the simplest provocation a man with confidence in himself can walk away from. Or at least find a nice way to respond to.
But low and behold KL is so much aware of this deficiency that he capitalized on it with so much ease you can tell from his response. Someone once said, maturity starts when you start laughing at yourself before anyone can. Not Sengbe! So tired of his six figure salary defense I am beginning to doubt him. Six figure salary for a professor at a small rural North Carolina university? Dis pa nor dae woke, e dae lie, period!
The Sengbe Excuse
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The Sengbe excuse. Hehehe
"And BTW he earns a six-figure salary at it. Is that possible in SL? Are these opportunities readily available to him in SL?"
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