After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Torkpoi Tolongbo
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This brat is all over the place talking about a spent force called Maada Bio and an archaic entity which doubles as the SLPP. The combo Bio and SLPP is not ónly sinister but a presentiment for doom in Salone. We don't want to go back to the bad old torpkoi days when corruption was nakedly overt, tribalism was made overtly explicit and regionalism covertly implicit. Torkpoi bartoliners like old Sengbe and alaki Bra Enviable (.pseudonym Momoh Banklaneh) who are bent on nothing except the excogitation of a doomed Salone are white elephants who are instrumental in leading the SLPP to a chasm of extinction. Pa o pa die hard should be ashamed of sharing the same podium with a flotsam and jetsam. If there is anything I am praying for then it is using a pair of old military boots I borrowed from Bio to give repeated free kicks to Paopa die hard's slim shady butt with the resultant impact of sending him sprawling on the piles at Kissy Bomeh.
Paopa diehard
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Who u talking to Mr Torkpoi Tolongbo? U dfare to talk about my General brigadeer Presdent for life and God's own chosen leader and d hero of sarralone from kailahun to kenema and Tikonko and bonthe like that?!!!!???? HOLY GHOST FIRE!!!!!!! You are shaitani!!!! You will be hammered by all paopas. For yur information, Mada is d best and popular poliicsian in africa, did u know dat??? No of course you dont know dat. Gats why u are here insulting amnd supoersulting god's gift to sarralone. I am so angry that i will not eat lunch today and i will not talk to my wife!!!!!! I wish i know where u live so that we will go to fityie corner and fight. That is when i will teach u that we paopas will never encourage fityie, oposition and insulting misbehavior against our leader and demovcraticaly elected flagbearer emperor, General Brigadear Julius Mada woni Bio. When he capture power, we will never let Slpp never to ever smell power again in Sarralone. It is our time now and we the majority in the south and east will never but never allow Bombalili and port loko to sniff power again. 10 years is enough!!!!
Let other districts enjoy now bo!!!!
Let us enjoy npow!!!
PS: leaser pull your mouth from my honorable paopa colonels abroad. His honor Dr Sengbeh and His honorable Bra Enviable. These are fine folks from d southeast who believe that our people should be given d chance to suck d bone marrow now for d next 50 years!!!!
Long live Bra Enviable!
Long live Docta Sengbe!!!!
Long live Paopa!!!!
Longest Live forever and ever the Retired abd Unretired General Julius Mada Woni Bio!!!
Prwsident for life!
If u dont like it, hop inside d River Sewa!!!!
Emperor for life!
Paopa diehard
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Correction: We will never alow slpp shud read
We will never allow Apc......
Cornelius Hamelberg
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Since participants in this forum are free to take cover under any pseudonym they choose, even disguise their points of view, these dialogues, monologues, soliloquies have their own dramatic or theatrical effects which those in peeperdom can lean back and enjoy.

“...and sometimes celebrations lose their charm...

It so happens that we live in a pluralistic society out here in cyberspace and in this tiny kingdom of Bintumani this means that sometimes Mr. A doesn’t know the Mr. B that he’s talking to - or imagines Mr. B ( the Mr. B of his imagination) just as rightly or wrongly Mr. B  may imagine Mr. A to be just like him because they were perhaps both born in Shierra Leone  - and that means having a lot in common - although it doesn’t necessarily mean that either.  

This is obvious when we start discussing identities in terms of gender, language, race and tribe, cultural , educational, social and financial backgrounds ( his/herm brain, car, house, bank account, insurance policy, sophistication, family tree  etc is greater than yours etc, Creole, Kuranko, Fullah,Gissi, Loko, Mende, Suso, Temne, Jollof rice  etc, can be quite a mishmash, SLPP- APC, Johnny-just-come- lately-parties,  North-South - South-East-West polarisation politics, corruption, cannibalism, religion, even broad-based human values, living in or coming from this and that village, town, city in Shierra Leone , in Africa, in Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East,  Caribbean. London, New York,, North and South America.

There’s  humour ( and lack of it)  austere professorial sheriousness ( the occasional demand that we mere mortals explain the theory of relativity or some formulae  which only superior beings understand ) hyperbole, understatement, irony, sarcasm, innuendo, double-speak, rank malice, masked conceit, concealed or overt disdain , tribal animosities, even false pretences is all in the mix

Those who take their own importance/ prestige/ points of view too seriously  - or think that their own points of view should be the only points of view in cyberspace  - or cannot tolerate other people feeling entitled to any other points of view that differ from theirs , must be playing the role of dictator, solipsist , what have you but somehow the forum has survived years after year; the conversations continue  and we are all still here. Some of the discussions  and debates will be getting more heated up  as we approach D-day  i.e. Bio, Kamara and Yumkella’s date with fate . By that time you may wonder to what degree  Paopa diehard Cunnilingus sucking mouth and tongue will be doing overtime foaming and he himself boiling over for Biocracy and be saying  and saying up to and what he will be saying after the results are announced and how we will celebrate da victory...

Only you

Somebody please say, “ Alhamdulillah!”

Torkpoi Tolongbo
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This is the Bio bootlicker called PaOPa diehard. This video by Tekno Miles describes the situation under the SLPP from 1996 to 2007. Is that what you want us to return to? No way! Bio my dog's foot. Tolongbo all the way.

Cornelius Hamelberg
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The same kind of problems as narrated by Chop Money

Everyone: brother, sister, brethren, sistren,

Messrs Bio, Kamara , Yumkella , Father Kinsella , indigenous and non-indigenous, all of those who are going to be buried abroad and the true sons of the soil who are going to be finally interred and fully integrated into the Mother Earth of their beloved Sierra Leone ,

Re - going back to long before 2013  and this  Freetown is a ticking time bomb

This is very serious. True, we may have come a long ways since Lulu Wright the wife of

music maestro and teacher Mr. Logie Wright wrote, “ Most Wretched Country

But it’s still urgent : What do the ogas who want to be president say they are going to do about the mess that is still their capital city?

( Btw, I talked with Fofi ( Hon. Fofana) who has just returned from Sierra Leone and is optimistically telling me about the new roads and how so much more developed the country is, that I just wouldn’t believe my eyes. Fact is that I don’t believe him , not a single word that he says. Singapore that was at the same level of development as Sierra Leone circa 1958, yes, but Sierra Leone ,  for starters, I know that FBC has gone down the drain ( God forbid ) unlikely to resurrect  under the present dispensation which has done nothing to improve that institution in the TEN YEARS that they have been in power.

For love of country, I wish that we could hear from people like  Lord Knice, Sam Zoker,  Andrew Keili , Ron Campbell about what is to be done and what can be DONE!

Paopa diehard
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Mr. Tolongbo torkpoi, u have no sense of ashameness for insisting on saying vile unrespectful things against d father of our great country, the president in waiting and the General of all generaldom, the Right honourable and excelency, Julius mada Woni bio, who has been excelently blessed by god and country. Oh <ada! May u shine pass the sun as u come down from heaven on chariots of horses to take control of sarralone and pull us out of hell and put us again in heaven.
Mr T. tolongbo, u r not a human beeing becos human mortal men have brain and memuna oblongata to think with sense. But of course all tolongbo Apc and NGC (National gay-happy conferens) are beasts of no nation and corrupters of all!!!
When we take over power, we will never give it up like tupit tejan kaba did. How dare him? Kaba Tejan had d power to just say no to Christina Top and give d power to Berewa. But Tejan Kaba wants to impress america and london with democracy and gave all d fat bones and sweet bone marrow to that halaki sofali ernest tolongbo bombalili! See what dat has done to our country!!!!!!
I am so angrified that i will not go to work for one week to protest against Tjan Kaba. 
But god is with us.
Mada Bio d general president brigadieer is coming soon.
he will save us from captivity in egypt and nebukandazer!
he will take us to promise land of milk and honey and fine roads and good job and lolipos and beautiful bridge where all man has a motorcar and okada. D NGC traitors will be given jobs under there leader Kande Phd yumkela will be foreman to clean d streets. It will be beautiful and APc will sit in a corner and cham dry bone and cry.
There is a specially special place for u in Mafanta Tolongbo torkpoi , and gess what? i will be d prison director!
Mada Bio, ur my hero and savior and my depity god.
When u becomes presdent we will practice d democracy of respect!
If anyone fityies u, wheder they are in sarralone or zimbabwe rhodesia, we will deag them by d nutta nuttas and show dem peppeh. You know, just to reeducate them to be good democracy and respectful citizeens.
Tolongbo, go tp libya if u dont like our paupa god!!!
Mada Bio Oyea!!
Paopa diehard
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Mr Cornelius, why dont u join us as a honorory member of paopa so dat we will teach u our plans for sarralone. Only good plans if u r one of us. If not, no sweet bone for u, and we will force u to marry ugly tolongbo women lek ernest's pikin which got marrade yesterday for 2 million dollar. Laila muhamadu rasulilie! These are d reckers of d nation dat we want to weed off like jamba out of d cassava farm. Join us and i will see dat u get a good job in our PR dept. Why? Why not! Becos u have a nice pen that writes teligently!!!!
Most of my fello paopas are not as sweet writers like u. we have quite a fer of us from d bush but we will win for Papa General President Mada Julius Woni Bio to better sarralone. Join us sir.
We have power and colonels and conilingus!!!
APC gas ugliws and no vision!!!
Vote Paopa!!!
Vote SLPP!!!
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