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How To Deal With Ernest Koroma.

By Sankara Kamara

The effects of illiteracy and tribalism on our national mentality are so visible that most of the people who cheerfully greeted Ernest Koroma's return from Guinea, looked underfed and poor. Illiterate and invigorated by tribal dogmas, poor people in Port Loko and elsewhere rushed to greet Ernest Koroma, the same political criminal who robbed and reduced them to hungry citizens. A shameless criminal, Ernest Koroma is comparable to a Pandora's box containing all the evils that have buffeted Sierra Leone. National plunder, abuse of power, tribalism, lack of nationalism and the audacity to be proud of being a political criminal, are the vices in Ernest Koroma's record.

As Sierra Leone awaits a Commission of Inquiry into one of the boldest criminal enterprises in our national history, preemptive steps should be taken to stop Ernest Koroma from obstructing justice. Enlivened by millions of stolen dollars, tribal supporters and the confederates he bribed while in power, Ernest Koroma can obstruct justice by tampering with evidence, disguising his foreign bank accounts via money-laundering, and colluding with other APC criminals to outwit the wheels of justice.

How can government stop Ernest Koroma from tampering with evidence and outmaneuvering the Commission of Inquiry? Here is the answer. Before the commission issues its first summons, government can charge Ernest Koroma with one or two felonies, thereby establishing a legal basis for his detention and seizure of the passport in his possession. Government should charge Ernest Koroma with at least one criminal offense and detain him, before a Commission of Inquiry is empaneled. Legal precepts in law-abiding societies are quite clear on this matter. American jurisprudence, for example, makes it exceedingly difficult to grant bail to certain suspects. While the possibility exists, it remains very difficult for the American judicial system to grant bail to a defendant who stands accused of committing a detestable crime against society. Those who offend society through treason, pedophilia or willful murder, for example, cannot be easily granted bail in the United States.

Ernest Koroma is a dangerous criminal, who is clearly guilty of plundering and punishing a nation of millions of citizens. The trial of Ernest Koroma is merely going to serve as a formality to satisfy the principle of "due process." For the sake of justice, Ernest Koroma should be charged with one criminal offense, at least for now, so that he can be justifiably detained until a Commission of Inquiry commences a probe into his multifaceted crimes. If Ernest Koroma and his looters get away with the cruelties they have committed, young Sierra Leoneans could erroneously believe that it is acceptable to abuse power and betray a nation of millions of citizens. Charge the lowlife with at least one provable crime and lock him up. After all, pretrial detention is the best way to stop Ernest Koroma from obstructing justice. 
Written By Sankara Kamara


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