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Kabs Kanu
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FREETOWN BOY : "Like the idle and unemployed Kabs Kanu," 

Oh ho ho , so Freetown Boy did not read my widely-acclaimed testimony at Facebook ? Go, read it, son , and see how wrong you are. My God is a big God and I can't remain unemployed . I am back on the receiving end and it gets better each time  . The barns of the child of God will never be empty for long.  

Thank me too. I breathed life back into your forum with the posts on the empty stadium, using different monikers for once. 

I have the potential to revive this forum and make it very, very interesting again, but I can't stand the insults and profanities. So I will peep in when I have time , because my new job is even busier , or contribute once on a while, if time is available.  
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By Kabs Kanu

Words will never convey how my heart was cruelly disappointed last year when as soon as he was inaugurated after becoming Head of State , President Bio dropped this clanger that sent jitters through all Sierra Leone's diplomats serving the country abroad. FIRED WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT.

It was not the firing that bothered many of us. It was the crude, undiplomatic, uncivilized, vindictive , uncharacteristic and shameful manner it was done. Political appointees know that when governments change, they have to go, but there are protocols in relieving diplomats , who have done no wrong, off their jobs. They are given time to get themselves together and it is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which appointed the diplomats that does the job of firing or recalling and it is done respectfully and with dignity .

But President Bio just issued a decree in one day : "All political appointees in Sierra Leone’s diplomatic missions overseas including Ambassadors/High Commissioners and all Attachés are hereby relieved of their duty effective April 30th, 2018."

The dismissal was bloody and vindictive . We never expected that we would have lost the elections and we did not lose it. . We were so confident of winning . Everything was like a bad dream. But we were diplomats. We should have been dismissed according to normal diplomatic protocols .

Ambassadors and diplomats are not supposed to face hard times when they are relieved off their jobs. Their salary and benefit structures are such that if they are paid everything, they are able to live well thereafter. They receive their repatriation and severance benefits (   --one month pay for each year served ( If you served for 10 years, you get 10 months severance salary and of course you have your NASSIT benefits which are hefty. We paid 25% of our salaries monthly into NASSIT and the government paid 10% for us. A diplomat can live comfortably on his NASSIT benefits for the rest of his life ). So diplomats are not supposed to catch any hard times when they leave, if the government lives up to its commitments  . But diplomats have not received any of these benefits yet since they were fired, which is a violation of the Vienna Convention . In my case, I also taught in America for 12 years. When I apply for and begin getting those benefits, it will be good. So, firing some of us did not mean the end of the world. It was the way it was done ---in violation of Foreign Service protocols and the Vienna Convention. 

At times, we feel like the government wanted to punish us for being APC  appointees. 

But these politicians fail to realize that they are not God. People might hail them like gods, but they are not God. WHAT THEY PROPOSE, GOD DISPOSES. 

TODAY, one year after our painful and abrupt dismissal, God has demonstrated to me that there is only one God called JEHOVAH and if you trust in him, he will manifest his goodness to you. Some of us have escaped the disgrace the government thought it had brought to us . TODAY, I am the happiest man because God has given me an international job with about the same emoluments and with insurance benefits that are far better than the previous one . My insurance is so good that when I visit doctors now, I do not pay a dime. If I ever get admitted to hospital again, I will not pay a dime for anything. Everything is covered by my insurance. Also, because it is an international job,  I do not have to wait for my pay. It comes on time , every 30th of the month . God proved to me that man is not god--That there is only one God and his name is Jehovah. I do not have to be in the good books of any worldly overlord to have pay. I do not have to live in fear anymore of oncoming elections or possible coups that might interrupt my earnings. I do not have to be falsely accused and antagonized by rude Sierra Leoneans to get my pay. When you serve an African government, you live with these fears. But today, God has put me in a position where I no longer have these fears. Imagine, in just one year after Bio thought he had disgraced us . NOW, ME HEART COLD LEK BASMA FRIDGE.

So, you tell me, if I do not praise God loudly in public, who will ? If I do not thank God in public, don't you know that God will be angry with me ? Some people want me to keep it secret and not testify about it publicly. I cannot, folks. I have to give testimony in public so that even those who laughed at us would be put to shame and realize that with God above, the child of God will never be put to shame. I have to testify about it in public so that people will learn from it and never be discouraged but trust God when windows are closed in their lives.





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 Wilfred Kanu Jr. Congrats 
Wilfred Leeroy Kabs-kanu Thank you all for rejoicing with me. I had to thank God in public to make him know that I am grateful to him
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@Kabs Kanu,

Welcome back to Bintu. I for one am glad you are around even though we are on opposite sides of our political divide.

Congratulations on your new appointment. I'm sure you will do a great job and continue to make our country proud.

On the topic of the way diplomats were relieved of their/your duties, while I agree with you that it should have been done through proper channels, would you agree that the wholesale removal of diplomats and civil servants from their posts did not start with this Bio government? One of the persistent cries I heard over and again during the APC regime was from SLPP supporters who felt they and their colleagues were being driven out of key posts. Many of them had spent their whole working lives getting to those positions only to be unceremoniously removed. I personally wish this government was able to rise above that and break the cycle but they would have been attacked by their own side had they failed to act.

The initial set of appointments by the Bio government including ministerial, diplomatic and civil service appointments has mostly been based on true believers. i.e. those that have been in the PaOPa camp from day 1. That is only right to some extent but I hope as we move forward other capable citizens from all regions and tribes will be called upon to make their contribution to national development.

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Thank you for welcoming me , though I am too busy with my new assignment and my participation will be limited for now. 

I will give a more detailed response to your views but I am enthused that there are people like across partisan lines who believe that it is time for inclusive governance . President Koroma did some commendable work in appointing many South-Easterners in government. 

When I am done with this concept note I am trying to finish , I will give a more detailed response.  Thanks once again for welcoming me. 
Spectator 007
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Welcome back Mendaykunda and congratulations on your appointment.

By the way, where is your former sparring partner Toegondoe Sagbah these days?
APC Orwaii
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"President Koroma did some commendable work in appointing many South-Easterners in government."  Kabs Kanu

Hehehehe.  The above statement can really be adjusted to read:  President Koroma did some commendable job for the APC in dismissing many South-Easterners in government.

The problem with the Reverend is that he is allergic to the truth.  In that way, he has no respect for the ten commandments in the christian scriptures that he was taught by Father Lambe at CKC. 

Indeed, Ernest Koroma did very well for the Reverend and it is understandable why the Reverend is now the principal agent for the useless former president in the vain task of dividing Sierra Leone along tribal and regional lines.  Leh we dae go nomor.
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I am agent for nobody . I am a free man and I do not work for any government anymore. I am now an international diplomat and I am no longer a government or party mouthpiece , so correct your insane allegation. Please let us be courteous. We have driven many hard-hitting forumites from here with our belligerent and discourteous attitudes. We can still make an impact with intelligent, cogent, evidence-based arguments. 

I worked in the government and saw the appointments. There were South Easterners spread throughout the government --ministers, ambassadors etc. Here are just a few of the names that come to mind --- Maya Kai- Kai, J.B. Dauda, Moijueh Kai-Kai , Osmond Hanciles, Foday Sawi, Musa Tarawally, Vandy Minah, Charles Rogers, Dr. Kapu, Momodu Maligie, Dr. Lansana Nyalley, M.B. Atilla, William Juana  Smith, .Arrow Bockarie, Victor Foh, Diana Konomanyi, Karamoh Kabba, Ishmael Sengu Koroma, Momoh Vandi, Tamba Opel Sam-Sumana, Hindolo Trye, Musu Kandeh, Andrew Gbaybay-Bangali, Soulay Daramy, Ambassador Yambasu, etc. etc. I will think of more. 

However, if you think that what I am saying is not true, so be it. No fuss. I do not have the stomach to engage in deadend arguments. Give yourself victory. You win, boss-man.  I have not fully returned to your forum and I don't want to be caught in any argument . 
APC Orwaii
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Kabs Kanu,

I laughed at the list of Southeasterners that you included in your posting.  Lets be frank, how much say did any of those folks have in the APC of Ernest Bai Koroma?  Those appointments were token appointments made by a core tribalist and regionalist to pacify those who were concerned with the regional hegemony that he (Koroma) had established in Sierra Leone.

With all due respect, Reverend, you allowed yourself to be used by a wicked man whose sole objective was to divide Sierra Leone along regional and tribal lines while at the same time shamelessly pilfering public funds for himself and his family. 

I have always wondered why a good CKC man of your ilk, a man who has always been on the good side of history, would allow himself to be used by a moron and a con artist who only perceives Sierra Leone through the lens of tribalism and regionalism.

Reverend, I implore you to break out of your tribal, regional and partisan cocoon to join the growing ranks of progressive Sierra Leoneans in creating a new Sierra Leone, a Sierra Leone that will once again guarantee the right to self-determination and prosperity of all its citizens.
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For me, the central charge against the EBK regime is not so much one of tribalism, though you could argue about the relative proportion of all the tribes in his administration. The accusation is one of wholesale removal of non party affiliates from key positions.

Siaka Stevens, for all his faults, and he had far too many to enumerate, was able to make balanced appointments. I know I benefited from him appointing my old man to a key position. President Kabbah also made key appointments across the political divide. President Koroma seems to me to have thrown that out. Now SLPP supporters are expecting their government to do the same.

Kabs Kanu
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I am planning to hand over my newspaper to somebody I trust and assume the back seat and write books on my experience in politics and the political metamorphosis of Sierra Leone and Liberia. As I said earlier, I am no longer spokesman for anybody or any party. There are young people and I trust them to take over from us. It is time to take a break from the dog-eat - dog world of politics and just relax and enjoy one's life. How long can a human being continue this very hazardous and draining life of bitterness, enmity, backstabbing, false accusations and acrimony ? The time has come for some of us to take the backstage. Thankfully, I have an international job which I plan to do until March next year and officially retire from everything and just stay home, enjoy my family and grandchildren and write books.

I have played my role. I was invited to serve the government. I thank God I did well what I was appointed to do ---To help rebrand my country and also serve as Minister Plenipotentiary and Coordinator of the African Union Committee of 10 on the UN Security Council Negotiations. Most people only see my role as promoter of the Ernest Koroma Government but I did a lot more work in the UN Security Council Negotiations and written records exist to authenticate it. I helped to canvass and promote the African Common Position which is encapsulated in the Elzuwini Consensus and the Sirte Declaration. We fought to advance the African demands for seats in the Permanent Category of the UN Security Council and additional seats in the Non-Permanent Category, and importantly , access to and use of the Veto , with all its privileges and prerogatives.

We canvassed the permanent 5 and other interest groups and we obtained consensus of very important groups that are now backing the African Common Position. That did not only involve attending long and tedious meetings but writing concept papers and various kindsof reports for the usual twice- yearly African Union Heads of States . I was one if the experts who produced the reports that were endorsed by African heads of states. When the Security Council is eventually reformec, the part we played will always be recounted in history.

People erroneously thought I was beinG paid for promoting President Koroma in the media . That was just a side job. I had greater responsibilities . I was also the focal point between New York and State House and reported in writing all meetings and negotiations in the UN Security Council Reform Process. I had to keep the President up to date on the negotiations because he was the Chairman of C10 and needed to be current on information so that if any African or world head of state visited him and asked him about the status of the negotiations, he must be accurate in what he told them. Mind you, these countries too have their teams in the reform negotiations who briefed them too and so the Chairman had to be au fait with all the nityy- gritty details.

Thank God for technology today, the UN Library has archives of our reports , participation, audios and videos. It was on account of my participation in the UN Security Council Negotiations that I got my present job. So, as you can see, I was not paid just for promoting the President and government but for an even greater international assignment. I hope my critics will note this.

At this stage, I can no longer engage in mudslinging or political brinksmanship. Let the younger ones take over.
Spectator 007
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“At this stage, I can no longer engage in mudslinging or political brinksmanship. Let the younger ones take over. ” Rev Kabs

Does that mean we should expect more posts from you on soccer... very little on Salone politics...some sermons...that you will drop Mendaykunda?
APC Orwaii
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"How long can a human being continue this very hazardous and draining life of bitterness, enmity, backstabbing, false accusations and acrimony ?"  Kabs Kanu


I really enjoyed reading your well written analysis of your achievements at the United Nations.  I have no doubt that you are capable of such a feat.  Unfortunately, those achievements got drowned by the "hazardous, and draining life of bitterness, enmity, backstabbing, false accusations and acrimony journey that you embarked on in the Sierra Leonean community since you received your baptism of fire in APC politics by the abominable Ernest Bai Koroma.

Nonetheless, I rejoice at hearing that you have decided to step away from your journey of hate and destruction of your motherland.  It is never too late to repent, Rev.  Fact is, you have contributed in no small measure to the acrimonious and intolerant atmosphere that prevails today in Sierra Leone, all in the name of political expediency.

A man of the cloth whose mind was nurtured in his formative years at a premier catholic institution in Sierra Leone failed to live up to the high ideals of that legendary institution by indulging in activities that had the outcome of creating hysteria, confusion and hate in his motherland.  Is it because this man of the cloth has decided never to return to Africa?

Reverend, earlier in the week you indulged in posting in your newspaper doctored pictures of an empty national stadium in Freetown all in an effort to create an atmosphere of turbulence in Sierra Leone.  You knew very well that you were lying but that did not matter to you. 

Tellingly, a major weakness of yours is that you are all too concerned with being vindictive with the SLPP for firing you from your job that you just don't care about the magnitude of destruction that your activities will unleash upon Sierra Leone. 

And when a group of APC thugs masquerading as members of parliament disgracefully walked out of parliament in the the presence of the president and without regard to the country's national anthem, you kept quiet.  Nor did you utter a word a couple of years ago when Bishop Aruna was banned from the Catholic diocese of Makeni simply because he was Mende. Say it ain't so Rev.

Reverend, you talk about your plan to step down as publisher of Cocorioko in the near future.  What difference would that make if the basic philosophical direction of the paper remained the same?  I was an avid reader of Cocorioko before the 2007 elections.  I stopped reading it when it became anti- Mende and anti-Southeast.  Although I am not Mende, I refused to associate myself with a media outlet that was preoccupied with sowing hate and discord in Sierra Leone.  Lonta.
Jusu Yarmah
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I beg to differ. Some lies can be discrrdis easily.
Kabba has not stated the new job he has landed and those he has hoodwinked are here congratulating him.
Kabba Kanu is over 70 years old . He is not am expert. Who would offer a 70+ year old man who has no technical qualification a job? At 70 + in the UN , you can perform certain jobs as a contractor. It means you have to be an expert in your field. What is Kabba Kanu sn expert in, singing the praises of Ernest Koroma and his beloved APC?
Kabba Kanu, you were compensated by Ernest Koroma and not Sierra Leone. You have no right to any retirement package for your four years of serving the APC while you shamelessly collected monies from the depleted consolidated funds. You've not been to Sierra Leone for over 40 years. Why would you expect repatriation grant. Man you are heartless.
To prove me wrong post one article you that you wrote in behalf of Sierra Leone that is devoid of singing the praises of Ernest Koroma and/or decryingd his political opponents?
I bet you, you know that there is none.
Please let others grumble and you leave us to scramble to put that which had been taken away from the coffers of our comayocostate, courtesy of you and your cohorts.
WrrittW on my smartphone.
Kabs Kanu
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Ah Laff dis moron with me neighbar teeth.

This envy and jealousy among Sierra Leoneans is very pathetic. At times we can be so jealous that we even try to step on other people's blessings. This was the reason my friends advised me not to make any testimony in public about my blessings anymore because people are very jealous and WI
lot take it well.

You are so jealous, my friend, you got everything wrong about me.

1. My name is not Kabba Kanu. You are so jealous you christened me a new name. Shame on you, bro.

2. I am far from 70. Even my elder brother, who as we say in Krio, "call me beyen", whom many on this forum know, is not even 70 yet. I am way below 70 . I am many good years away from 70. I will not even tell you my age because you do not deserve this information . CKC Boy and others on this forum know my age. You are such an idiot.

3. I have been to Sierra Leone in 2005, so for you to say that I have not been to Sierra Leone for 40 years is shameful and shows your desperation to just talk in your jealousy ?

4. Who told you that international organizations in the UN do not hire people in their 60s to be experts , especially when they are old ambassadors and diplomats ? Are you sick ?

Bo, una Salone people dem hamburg. You need deliverance from God. Ah Laff with me neighbar teeth.

Bra, dis Kabs Kanu wey you see so, nar so so blessing God dey bless am. I would have even worked in this government if I was not principled. Suggestions were made to me at the beginning but I could not cooperate because of al, I had written against President Bio and SLPP. You might hate me but God gave me knowledge and skills that every government and organization will need. If I want a job in this government, not like you, who is perhaps an Uber taxi driver or security guard. Your level of mentality and writing style show that you are not well educated.

I am proud of myself and thankful to God for his blessings to me. I do not credit myself. I give glory to God. God gets all the glory . When somebody is blessed, his enemies will never accept his blessings. Laughably, this reminds me of a lady in Sierra Leone who was so jealous of me when I announced that I had been given a visa to come to the U.S. that she vehemently denied and told people that I was lying . Even when i was being accompanied to Lungi to catch my flight, she was saying that I was going to Liberia or another African country. People can be that jealous. But that will not stop me, Kabbie Kanu, from announcing my blessings because I have to glorify GOD! although my family and friends advice against it and say when your yams are white, conceal them.

Jusu Yarmah
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You call someone that you've never met as an idiot because he has the guts to tell you to stop your blame game for something that you do not deserve.

Although I am a recent convert to Christianity, however one thing that I know that the Christ was against, it was bragging.
I will direct you to James 4:16. And I need not state more.

You boasted that I am jealous of you. I am not going to thread in that direction because I know that the good Lord gives me what I need. Do name search and draw a time line of people's lives and you will know as to whether or not they lied to immigration authorities about thier true selves.
Eg. If someone graduated from university in 1975 say age 23 in 2019 he would be 67. And you graduated after 23.

The retirement age for UN secretariat Jobs has recently been pushed to 65.

The bottom line is that you are not saying the truth. But who would hold that against you if you can cheat Christ, who are mortals to you.

Just stop your bitter crusade against our country and thr people of South and East of our country.
Kabs Kanu
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The last time I was sick and dying in the hospital , seriously afflicted with diabetes and high blood pressure. This is the only open forum we have. I posted my photos on my hospital bed sick so that friends and family far and wide will know that I am sick, because I was afraid of the outcome . Even those photos became a serious problem, with some of you claiming that I was not sick and was only pretending .I was more or less being asked to prove that I was sick. Even the readings and positioning of the blood pressure machine was questioned. Can somebody faking sickness succeed in being diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure and admitted to hosputal in America where medical science is advanced and doctors are protective of their licenses ? The attacks on me ran to the point where good and humane people had to call on the administration to put a stop because it was unSierra Leonean.

When I was appointed Minister Plenipotentiary and Coordinator of C10, people on this forum denied that i had been given such an appointment and that I was a local staff, even though on my website, I was posting photos of myself attending UN General Assembly and Security Council Meetings . Local staff cannot go to the UN , not to mention take part in events . The UN system operates on status. No ambassador will even talk to a local staff, let alone sit with him and negotiate on behalf of state parties. It is completely out of protocol.

When they were finally convinced that I was appointed Minister Plenipotentiary , they started arguing next that I was not fit for that appointment as I had not served in the Foreign service for long, though if you Google it, a minister Plenipotentiary can be both a political appointment and career diplomatic appointment. When they were done with that, they fell next on questioning my nationality with some saying I was a Liberian and thus did not merit a diplomatic appointment from Sierra Leone.

The problem is that some of you on this forum just do not want to hear good news about me. Now, you are saying that I graduated from college at 23. I didn't, but you seem to know more about me than I know about myself. I entered FBC in 1971 and graduated in 1975 at the age of 21. You just would not shut up and must just attribute things to me.

After serving government I bought myself a brand new Mercedes Benz SUV. If I post myself now standing by it, some of you will say it is not mine and I am faking. When that is done, the next thing will be that I stole government money to buy it. Anything I post must be djscredited. If I post now that I am a victim of police brutality, you will blame me and say I deserve it, without even hearing the full story. How can you guys hate somebody like that ?

And the most dangerous thing you do to me is when you call my job and place of business not only to bad mouth me but to say I do not deserve to be there. Yes, yes. It was done. The Sierra Leone Mission to the UN received so many calls from people wanting me removed . My ambassadors were stunned and one had to tell somebody to leave him alone and call President Koroma, because he makes the appointments. If I write and mention the international organization I am working for in the UN now, you wil, call it to bad mouth me and ask me to be fired. How can you Sierra Leoneans be so wicked ?

Now, you are saying the UN retirement age is 65, but James Jonah in his 80s and another ambassador in his late 70s who are now Sierra Leonean retired ambassadors still work for international organizations in the UN. International organizations in the UN prefer experienced and retired ambassadors and diplomats to serve them as experts and consultants.

I have not fully returned to Bintumani Forum . I do not know if I ever will because my work load is heavy and if this is what I have to go through each time I post, then I do not think it is a wise decision to come back here. Some of you hate me so much you cannot stand me. If I die now, you will never mourn me. Was a lady not saying when I was in the hospital that maybe it is time to put on your dancing shoes ?

Whatever you say, I have my new job and I am very happy about it and thankful to God. You may not want to hear it , but One year after President Bio relieved me of my jobat the UN I have a new one and it is because God does not think about me as some of you do. To God, I am the righteousness of him in Christ Jesus and a blessed and anointed child of the most high. What you think I am not fit to achieve, God provides them for me. People thought I would have faced shame and disgrace after being sacked, but here am I one year after that riding high and with my talents the sky can only be the limit.

Kabs Kanu
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And another thing. I have always been a critic of government. I was the hottest critic of the government when I was in college. Hindolo Trye, Boubaccar Njai Bah , Sangster Sesay , my humble self and student militants serving in the Students union government sowed the seeds of the 1977 students revolution. That was why i was arrested and detained by the government , though i had graduated by then. I had to flee the country on my release because my life was in danger. But even while in exile in Liberia i wrote articles for the tablet newspaper.

You do not know me so stop running your mouth about me. I am doing my patriotic job to criticize what is going on in my country. Everybody in this forum Hasan opinion either for or against governments. It is their patriotic duty. They have a right to belong where they want to belong.

I am no different from them. I am a human being likethem. So leave me alone to express my feelings about my country. When the APC was in power you guys criticized us and called us all kinds of names. Now that you are in power what makes it wrong to criticize you ?
APC Orwaii
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"And another thing. I have always been a critic of government."  Kabs Kanu


Nobody is saying that you do not have the right to criticize.  But when you criticize, please be constructive. Please refrain from telling blatant lies.  Afterwards, not only are you are a journalist but you are also a man of the cloth. 

There are many articles that you have written that are replete with lies and you know that you are lying. But to you,  scoring a cheap political point transcends everything else.  Suffice it that it is your tendency to lie, your tendency to make up stories that many are fed up with.
Kabs Kanu
Reply with quote  #20 
My newspaper is not the only newspaper highlighting the problems in Sierra Leone. Even newspapers that were once SLPP, like the New Age, AYV, Nightwatch etc are now highlighting these issues. Awareness Times, Sierra Express Media , The Nationalist, Concord Times, Sierra Update etc are all highlighting the wrongs of the government.

We made the same mistake in power. We regarded many things written against us as lies but they came back to haunt us during the elections. Most if the things you consider lies now will similarly come back to haunt the SLPP in 2023.

I am writing my memoirs. One of the things I am emphasizing is how successive governments from the Albert Margai SLPP to the Siaka Stevens APC, Brig. Momoh APC, Kabbah SLPP and our government branded journalists for speaking truth to power but all these government ended up being done in by the very issues they accused journalists of fabricating. I know our government did a marvelous job in national reconstruction, but we should have listened to what the media was saying.

I do not see any lie in what I am reporting from Sierra Leone. The human rights abuses, trbally-motivated appointments, marginalizing of the Northwest, excessive travels of the President, misuse of power, etc are all happening and the only people who will say they are lies are SLPP supporters.

One government comes in and does not learn from the lessons of the other. That is the main problem facing our nation. When APC are in power , everything the SLPP says are lies. When the SLPP returns to power, everything the APC says are lies. We are dishonest and do not accept the truth, so it is a vicious cycle and repetition of mistakes by previous governments. That is our nation is not moving forward. It is pitiful.
APC Orwaii
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You have a right to your opinions.  Rest assured that Sierra Leone is on the path to recovery and sustainable development.   I will very much like to read what you will write about the famous con artist and core tribalist, Ernest Bai Koroma. 

As a good CKC Man, I hope your memoirs will not be full of innuendoes, lies and half-truths.  Remember, Father Lambe, Father O'Dwyer and Father Curran trained you to always be truthful no matter the circumstances.  The truth will set you free, Rev.
kabs kanu
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As long as what I write is not pleasing to your ears, it will be half-truth and lies. SLPP supporters , like you, will find fault with my autobiography because all you want are praises of your failed governments .

I will be outlining the good attributes and mistakes as well as the achievements  of the governments as I saw them  during my life time .  Good , unbiased and objective people will appreciate my autobiography , that I am sure. It will be a hit and a best-seller , by the grace of God. It will also be a historical work to be cherished by generations. 
APC Orwaii
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Lets put it this way.  You and I may be on opposite ends of the political and ideological spectrum but there are many things that we may agree on.  For example, we may agree on the fact that despite Siaka Stevens' brutality and heavy handedness, he was never a tribalist or a regionalist.  The man's fairness in this context was reflected in the political appointments that he made and in his apportionment of funds toward infrastructural development. 

Under Pa Shaki, the Wahman-Abu road construction project benefited all districts.  We may also agree on the fact that Ernest Bai Koroma was a wicked and vindictive president who divided Sierra Leone along tribal and regional lines. These truths must be sacrosanct to any major literary work that you would like to pursue in the future.

As a historian and as a man that was mentored by the same teachers that also mentored you, I am ready to render my services to you if you so desire.  I think there is room for some collaborative work especially given that you and I share CKC, Bo Town and Sierra Leone.
Kabs Kanu
Reply with quote  #24 
Now, you are cooking with gas.

I do not mind working collaboratively with you at all . I am sure you will be very useful in providing interesting recollections about life at CKC  in the good, old days. I want to also capture the glory days of Bo when we had the Blackpool/ East End Lions-like drama when CKC played Bo School. 
Spectator 007
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I think in a healthy democracy there should be venues for people of opposing views to debate one another. Preaching to your choir alone, only carries your message so far. Democrats who have been avoiding right leaning Fox News are now having second thoughts.
APC Orwaii
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Great.  We'll do.  I am ever ready.
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