After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Paopa diehard
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I just wake up in a sweat. I deamed about Mada Bio! I dream that he won d election in a ladslide of epics. 
Mada Bio 88%
Samura Ordoryoh 10%
Kande Kitchum Yomkela 2%
Mohamd Karangba Mansaray 0%
Sam Sumana 0%
Tne next president of Sara lone His excelency Retire 5 star General and field marshal Julius Mada Woni Bio!!!
Santhikie Pele
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Paopa you are the only half-baked SLPP I have come across. Every single one of your green smart arse I have met is either a Ph.D holder or brags about being one. Are you sure you are not an APC laimpay thug in disguise?
Cornelius Hamelberg
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Originally Posted by Paopa diehard
I just wake up in a sweat. I deamed about Mada Bio! I dream that he won d election in a ladslide of epics. 
Mada Bio 88%
Samura Ordoryoh 10%
Kande Kitchum Yomkela 2%
Mohamd Karangba Mansaray 0%
Sam Sumana 0%
Tne next president of Sara lone His excelency Retire 5 star General and field marshal Julius Mada Woni Bio!!!

Paopa diehard,

One country, one people!

Some dreams are ideological as Old Major’s.

Maybe Old Brigadier Bio has the same kind of dream?

You are not suggesting that  the dream that you reporting to us here , a dream of overwhelming victory for the Retired Brigadier, was a prophetic dream are you?  Or was it just wishful thinking , unlike Sammy Davis Jr. singing The Impossible Dream ?

Which reminds me, dear Paopa diehard,  that we should try to make friends instead of trying to make enemies. My friend John Andrews ( White guy) from California, told me this pathian joke before hanging up just two weeks ago. He asked me, “Have you heard this joke  Cornelius?”  The question itself was a joke. How am I to know if I’ve heard the joke or not when he hasn’t yet told me the joke? That in itself was some kind of Lewis Carroll reasoning. And then he told me the joke, that some Ku Klux Klan guys burst into a restaurant where Sammy Davis Jr. was sitting, having dinner with his friends, these Klan guys burst in on them and exclaimed “ There’s a nigger in here! “ Whereupon Sammy Davis Jr. immediately jumped up, threw his hands up in the air and asked “ WHERE? “

Remember:  Richard Pryor said from the Libyan slave traders point of view, Temne, Mende  Fullah, Suso Limba, Krio, we all belong to  One Tribe : Niggers.

But of course, even indigenous men are free to dream. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King  most famously said “ I have a dream” remember? Some other guy dreamed that he saw St. Augustine alive as you or me and I’m sure that the buggers who are not saints , wet or dry, they also have their dreams. No doubt about it, some of our politicians because of eating too much before going to bed have all sorts of dreams – and eating too much as in “usai dem tie di cow nah dae ee go chop”  reminds me of the promise that  Ahmad tejan Kabbah made in 2004 that  by 2007 ( the year that O’Bai was elected president) that by that year  “Nobody in Sierra Leone will go to bed hungry by 2007”. To what extent that promise dream has been fulfilled remains to be seen.

Now if fiti-fata all the hungry politicians were to be posting their dreams and not just their ambitions and their eloquent manifestos before the presidential elections, then there would be little space left in this forum for anything else  - because , make no mistake about it Paopa diehard,  of all the assembled delegates vying for the Saro presidency i.e. in alphabetical order Bio. Kamara, Mansaray and Yumkella ( who prays that the last shall be the first – InshaAllah)  - only one of them is going to win  - no matter how hard all of them pray  in Jerusalem as did Goodluck Jonathan before the Naija Presidential elections, and whether they  do the jumma prayers  in Mecca  and Medina or  in Kambia , like Ernest Bai, president of the Roman Catholic diocese of Makeni , just back from seeking divine assistance from  Jesus’  chief representative on earth His Holiness, Pope Francis at the Vatican , the fact is that  it’s winner take all – it’s the nature of the democratic system that they have decided to follow in Sierra Leone,  and the sad fact is  that only one person is going to win – the rest are going to be dis-appointed

Another Disappointed

Paopa diehard
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Santhikie pele,
u are one of those angry frustratee tolongbo criminals that need to be put in a chain gang and put to work in freetown our capital for all d criminality that u have done and made our freetown d dirtiesr capital in africa. And if freetown is d dirtiest capital in africa, it definately is d dirtiest capital in d world. We will continue to swear u and ur ilk until tenda crack on We Yone house, d headquater of tiffy tiffy Apc in Brookfields. 
Hey, let me tell u dis, samura kamara is a boff man. Kande yumkela is a peggy who used to work under d masterage og Retired General Brigadear Julius mada woni bio in Nprc. If u dont know dat pls check d facts. It is there koro koro. What is d big deal about PhD? it is PhDs in saralone dat have destroy d country. As soon as Sheka steven d warcriminal brang in those PhDs, they confuse and convince him to declear a one party state and to host OAU. That destroyed the country. I hate Phds. Nobody respects Phd right now. They are d most corrupt peoples in the whole wide world. BTW I am very educateed and smarter than ur god Kandeh PhD Yumkell. I say on d internet that I can buy a Phd for one hundred dollars. That just show how phDs have become useless. if I want ten Phds, I will just buy dem, so pls shub it!

Ay Papa God, let my dream become true and lets landslide GHeneral Retired Julius Mada Bio as d next president of saralone. we will make sure that we ban Apc for crimes against happiness and prosperity. U wait for us!!!!
As for Ngc, Kandeh will be sent to Madiguri as consul-general so that he will cry every night as Borku Haram run rampage in simba forest.

Oh God bless Julius Woni Mada Bio our saviour!!!!
88% victory Paipa!
100% control of parlimaent.

Julius Mada Bio-our president.
The only thing left for total victry is for Lady Madam Fatima Julius Bio to be Vice president. Glamor in state house!!!
Paopa diehard
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Brother Cornelius, trust me.y dream is real. Whenever i dream and a white sheep runs from left to right in my sleep, it means it will come true. If a red goat appears in dream then it is halaki dreem forever. Ih fas been bahfared!Alaki Apc can;t even let us have serious dream.

Do me a fsvour plesase. whenever u poast abt My retired god-bless 5 star general, Julius Woni Mada Bio, please please and please never mention that criminaly insane fulululu Ernest tangase koroma and Ordoyoh wae-me-viagra samura kamara or dat idiot Kandeh in d same breath!!!
They are nonentity persons compared to God's chosen General for sarralone.
I have sold my house and will be in sarralone to campaign for my general, d youngest tobecome brigadieer ind world in his 20s!!!
Its Bio or bust!!!
Mada bio!!!
If i have my last dollar or my last sister, i will give them to Mada bio becos i bilieve in him thru and thru!!!!
Your Excelency Retire general Julius Woni mada Bio- coming soon!!!!!!!!!
Paopa diehard
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Not,*I say, but *I sawh on d internet
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