After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Paopa diehard
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I am so happy!!
I dreamed that i go to heaven and Mada bio was on a throne of gold!!!!!!
And an angel says to me: "Paopa Diehard, General blessed Julius Mada Yonii Bio will win the election by a super dupa landslide. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeheeeeeeee!!!!!
I am very happy and glad and happy again. Oh yes and yea and yes!!!!!!!
Finaly, our country is going to be librated from d tolongbo ayampis and criminal mafiasi and Yumkela. Infact it is a lie dat Yumkela was general director of Unido. Parrrrahhhhh!
How can he be general director of Unido when he is not a general of military like General Brigadire Julius Mada woni bio, his godpikin excelency? Hm hm, tell me ba!!to be a general something of anything, you have to be a general of military and Kandeh kitchum yumkela of d remote chiefdom of kitchum in Kambia is nota general. Infact hes not even a brigadear or a conel or a leftinant or s corpul or even a fontoba!!!!
So dont insult the united nation be saying kandeh yumkela is a general director. What a fityie. He is not a general. only GENERAL MADA JULIUS is d real genral in politicks!
I am so happy!
Thank you o lord for Julius M.W. Bio Retired General Brigadier.
D peppeh wata  of Ernest tolongbosters
Fadther of democracy in africa in general and sarralone in partcular!!
Fan Of Paopa
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Hey paopa please tell us where and how your general received his credentials. 
Field Marshal
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After years of dedicated patriotism defending his motherland with blood, sweat and grit. Frankly when these young men were laying their lives on the line for our motherland, most of today's armchair critics were hiding under beds and peeing their pants at the slightest gunshots they heard. 

The young General and his colleague successfully kicked the backside of a very corrupt, inept and tribal-Ekutay gang, jut like the one we are seeing today. Bio's  first-rate discipline, patriotism and leadership acumen towered him amongst his colleagues and assured his appointment of Chief of Defense, the numero uno role in the military that warranted the promotion by the Head of state at the time , Val Strasser. A key raison d'etre was that he was in command of the entire SL army and could not possible have a junior rank commanding more senior officers.

In fact in more recent  years, EBK promotes  CDS officers to Lieutenant General rank [a more snr rank] before killing them [as we saw with Nelson Williams] or banishing them to foreign lands as we have seen with Milton.  

Only in Sierra Leone can we have charlatans denying war veterans and heroes their rightful place in history. If you tried that in the United States, you better be that pu$$y-grabbing presido.   
Hear you loud and clear b
Reply with quote  #4 
Hear you, hear you but you have yet to answer the question posed by Fan Of Paopa
Paopa diehard
Reply with quote  #5 
Fan of Paopa, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
If u r fan of paopa, then that make u fanatic of General brigadear Julius mada woni Bio, the general of all generals and brigadier boss of all brigadeers!! And thank u field marshal for praising halleluyahs and shower with pump the truth for our president of all presdents, and our emparor of all emperors, the one and only- and one and only again- the papa of democracy in sarralone in very particular and africa in general, GENERAL JULIUS WONI MADA BIO!!!!!

But did u dare ask how d general got his generaldom? R U a tolongbosegbose? R U a KKYufulefu? If u r any of these peoples, piease shub far away from me before we slam u on d rassling mat with a pile driver!!
We d paopas security defenders will not allow no bad eye, fityie, cough, throat clearing or sucktit against the most honorable excelency Julius Mada Bio. Heheheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

But to ansa ur question, because of his napoleon military mind and strategy, and agile and nimbul inteligent brain and his capability to kill 100 RUF Foday Sankoh gorillas singlehandedly like Rambo in d kitchen heat of battle, the ranks and files of the military of sarralone petitioned Valentine Sassman strasser to 4ple promote Capt Mada Bio pass major, pass leftinamt cornel, pass cornel and right to brigadear, which in america military is called brigadear general or General brigadier!!!!!
That's why Julius Mada woni Bio became at 28 the youngest youtful General brigadire in d whole wide world. Now u know!
General brigdier Julius woni Mada Bio!!
Presdent and commandant of d navy, marin, airfoirce and coast gard of sarra lone in 87 days, not months..
Tolongbosegbose, go and eat kondoh!!!
Mada General, tell me to jump into fire and i will jump without thinking two times!!!!!
My General!
My Presdent!
My brtgadier!@  

Man of the People
Reply with quote  #6 

The people of Sierra Leone are eating and living better today than yesterday! This simply fact is contrary to false propaganda manufactured by the kiddie, ignorant opposition under the leadership of a notorious kleptomaniac juntaman – a wicked fellow, notorious for mass torture-executions, the systematic stealing public funds and the Channel Island banking of those stolen funds, gross human rights abuses and of extra-ordinary lies about his true public service record in the current election campaign.

Now what or where is the objective proof that “tiday betteh pass yesterday” in national living standards in the areas food consumption and gains in disposable incomes? The proof is everywhere. Just look inside our country at people’s ‘fresh bodies’, their fancy clothes and shoes as well as their elaborate, very exciting hairdos all over the place – not to mention the hopeful looks in people’s faces, a noticeable change from yesterday! No proof could be more objective in recognizing improvements in our daily living conditions than the physical embodiment of more and better quality food consumption in a healthier and nicer-looking population – and visible for all to see and appreciate.

Here now are some numbers. Rice production has gone up 250% since the Kabbah-Berewa ouster – less than 5 years ago. Today, local rice production is at the 70% national requirements’ level. The provision and delivery of medical services
have reduced unnecessary baby deaths, among other health improvements, by a whopping 61%, according to the WHO. This big gain is thus increasing the population that results in increased demand for the necessities of life – food, clothing and shelter.

The Sierra Leone investment climate has improved so much so that the wage-earning population is increasing rapidly in zones where economic activity was non-existent. The increases in the wage-earning population brought about by the increases in foreign investments translate into increased demand for food, etc. from previous food growers who are today mine workers.

The continued migration from rural areas to the few urban areas means previous food producers are now food-consuming, baby-making migrants in towns and cities. Those who complain about less food today than yesterday ought to come out and publicly and tell us what efforts they are making on their own to feed themselves. Just sitting around and making more and more babies endlessly is the easy, enjoyment part. Feeding, caring and nurturing the expanding population are now the issue, not merely complaining.

In my experience, the opposition elite is not known for giving credit where credit is due or rewarding productive people. In fact, they tend to punish doers of good deeds! But if they are ever again going to be awarded an opportunity to govern our country, they need to learn and adopt good policies and eschew lying tricks, backward policies and self-defeating backward practices.

Until then, the New Multi-Ethnic, Multi-Party, Nation Building APC under the nimble, peaceful, patient, even-handed, transforming good governance leadership of President Koroma will continue to be years ahead of the lazy, cry baby, munku-laden, rogue-infested and lying tricks-saturated SLPP elite in conceiving and implementing innovations for a better today and a much tomorrow of our struggling people. Critics of EBK must also understand that Rome was not built in a day. It takes time and effort and skill to do good.

Bio has no patience or skills except to kill, steal, lie, torment our people with evil and wreck the nation.

All in all, ”tiday betteh pass yesterday” by a huge margin under EBK’s New Multi-Ethnic, Multi-Party, Nation Building APC! And tomorrow will even be much better or “More Better” than tiday – under EBK’s same New Multi-Ethnic, Multi-Party, Nation Building APC!

Reply with quote  #7 
@Man of the People, this article reads as though it was written for the 2012 election? If I have guessed correctly then I have to ask if it still holds true today? Back then many were willing to give President Koroma and APC the benefit of doubt. That is no longer the case. The failure of leadership is there for all to see. It is time for change.
Paopa diehard
Reply with quote  #8 
Man of the people!
Mn of the peoples!!
Man of the people!!!
I just call u thrice like peter deny Jesus three times before d cock fowl stop for look for cockroach to say cocorioko, cocorioko 2 times!!!
How dare u pile dysentry about my dearest general Mada Julius woni Bio on dis forum from d smell mot and alaki sofali of John red-tie-lek-roas-goat Lee?!!!
John Lee is an abominabul avomitation. The man is so bitter about his alaki tupitity in slpp that he has made a cottage cheese industry of cussing and blasfemy against d most popular and respected politician in d whole wide africa and d whole wide Australia where Bra Enviable is living with kangaroos and saltwater crocs!!!

For ur information, John lee is an ole fool bigful at 80 years old who will never be presdent whereas General Brigidier Dr. mada Julius Bio is d most poplar politician in africa in general and sarralone in particular who will trate sarralone for d better.
Did u know dat Bio just went to Westminister Parliment this morning and the house of lords and house of commons standed up and gave him a standing oration? Tell me which african politician can be clapped for by white british people?!!
Of course, there are none!!!
No one can do that. Only mada bio has the integral coefficient to make even d queen of england whisper to mada;"My goodness, General mada Julius Woni Bio, if i was 20 years younger, i would have frolicked with you!!!! Just calling ur name Woni make me so horny!!" Hehe. The quuenie says that. If it was Ernest tolongbo or Kitchum Yumkella, d queen would have said, "off wit there heads!!"

My general has sex apeal across d spectrummeter dat Profesor Sengbe use to make plane land in Jimmy Bagbo. Hehehe.
So Man of d People, don't angrify me again by writing bad things about my General. He is our lord. he has orl d thrones in game of thrones. If u and Jon Lee don't like it, go butt d gbin-gbin.

If u post any fityie thing about my dear leader Geralissimo Julius Mada Bio again, i will challenge you to a duel and meet u in fityie corner with my strong-lek-buffalo friend Bra Enviable..
Lef o, lef! Ah wo!!!
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