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Musa Mohamed
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English is not my mother Tongue. However, I am a keen learner. There are certain things you learn in formal class that fail to stick. I am therefore begging for people who know to help me with the use of adverbs generally.

I need help in the following areas:

1) Are there any rules for the position of  adverbs in a sentence?


For example:

Ever wish you could share information broadly?

Could it be rewritten to:

Ever wish you could broadly share information?


Broadly, ever wish you could share information?

2) Which is the correct positioning of always in the sentence below? 

 Always she is tidy and on time.

She is always tidy and on time

She always is tidy and on time

Voyeur Toby
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Please read and then return, if you think this is bait for debate :
Musa Mohamed
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Voyeur Toby the link is very useful. Thank you for your help. I always will remain grateful.
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