After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Lamina Koroms
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Dr Kandeh YumKella is the elder? brother of Foday YumKella and both are sons of PC Kolleh YumKella.   PC YumKella was a friend of Sir Milton and Albert Margai. These men were founding fathers of our independence. They had good influence with the white colonial masters.  Like children of rich and powerful parents , Kandeh went to Christ the King’s College (CKC)  school in Bo,  Njala University,  got a doctorate degree in the United of America.  Dr Kandeh  completed his education with zero debt or student’s loan. Even in America or UK, few students have such opportunity to get a PHD with zero dime in debt.   Kandeh YumKella never knew poverty or hunger while growing up. Cash never stopped flowing from such huge wealth left by his parents .

During the early 90s, Kandeh YumKella was named Secretary State of Trade ( Minister ) in the Strasser led NPRC regime.  Yumkella harvested what could set him up overseas. Together with the NPRC, they looted millions of dollars. Under a conspired financial deal, Kandeh sold our only  lucrative oil refinery.  I know some of  you were young and this is fresh information for you.

Dr.Kandeh YumKella had a rape scandal with one of his family members. It’s an embarrassment for his wife and others. Quickly,  the matter was swept under the carpet.  Sources say, compensation was paid. Others say, he was asked to rape  a family member as a charm ( Juju) to get favour at international level. Well, God knows best.  After this ugly scene,  Dr Kandeh got  tremendous success at the United Nations.  He held prestigious positions . At one time , he was director at UNIDO. One may expect Kandeh Yumkella to make use of this blessing and lift his family,  district,  and country from poverty. So I  made a stop at Kambia district to see for myself. At Kambia , I saw a dilapidated building of which is Kandeh Yumkella’s house. ( father’s house) . I was shocked . How much does it take to rebuild this house? I asked a Kambia construction man. Probably $30,000. For a man with PHD, lectured at Michigan State University,  Worked 20 years at the UN and cannot re-build his father’s house, what a disgrace?

Kandeh Yumkella returned home after his contract ended at the UN.  He returned home with nothing.  I heard that he is less than $ 1M worth. He did not build a mosque or church,  he did not build a community center or market, he has no factory or business company,  Kandeh has never donated money to Universities or donate to medical research in Sierra Leone,  he did not award scholarships to non family members or build an orphanage to house the less privileged children, he never joined the police force,  military or made any ultimate sacrifice for Sierra Leone.

He returned home with long speech and empty vocabularies of change. He first dashed at the SLPP office and claimed inheritance of the party. His membership crisis quickly exposed him as deceitful. He also proved to be very impatient. How can Kandeh lead the  SLPP party when he has never voted in his life, never registered as party member?  Kandeh has only a false registration card of SLPP.  No wonder , his younger brother  ( Foday YumKella  ) endorsed Maada Bio.

Kandeh YumKella is a false prophet of change. After his desperation to lead his father’s  SLPP failed , he re-branded himself with some disgruntled SLPP members ( Albert Demby,  Denis Bright,  Andrew Kellie, Alusine Fofana,crazy  Kutubu etc) as NGC. NGC is the same as SLPP.  Nothing different by people. If I leave APC today,  I will prefer ADP of Kamarainba. He is more truthful than Kandeh.

Kandeh YumKella is very old. I guess his age is deceiving him to believe that he will win 2018 elections. What has he done for Sierra Leone ? A simple question that has embarrassed him for the last couple of months. Well, United Nations ! United Nations! Sierra Leone is member of the United Nations  ( UN) set up as a humanitarian organization after world war II. It has smaller bodies like UNICEF, UNFPA, UNHCR, FAO, UNIDO etc.  Kandeh was employed at  UNIDO. During this period,  he was expected to boost Sierra Leone with an added advantage.  But as you know , a man who failed to rehabilitate his father’s house, nothing special came. Kandeh claimed the Marine institute ( funds from Russia)  , claimed Konta Line and Kychom project ( Handwork of Indian ) , Bankasoka hydro ( China) . Since the war to date, Sierra Leoneans are accustomed to donor funds.  They know the difference of all funds.  Kandeh claiming these projects is like Alpha Wurie claiming all schools built by Sababu project. Infact, UN is still helping Sierra Leone even without Kandeh.

Like I said , if I am to leave APC, I will never join Kandeh.  I will join Kamarainba.  I admire his courage. He was tempted many time to come to APC. He stood the heat. The rush of Kandeh to leave the SLPP has cost him the opportunity to rule this country.  Kandeh is not prepared. He is a failed man. Let his writers respond to this piece and I will bring the full story of his rape scandal.

Shut up!!

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