After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Prof Sankara Kamara
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SOME Africans in the United States can be quite ignorant of the race-related terms and phrases used in the Black Diaspora. What is the meaning of “Black Diaspora?” The “Black Diaspora” refers to descendants of African slaves who were shipped to the United States, the Caribbean, South America, North America, Europe and beyond. Black Jamaicans, Haitians, Black Britons, Black Americans and other descendants of slaves elsewhere in the world, belong to the “Black Diaspora.”
Good lord!
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I pray and hope that one day Brother Sankara will write something positive and praise worthy about others rather than always portraying himself as the know-it-all professor.
Sankara Enviable
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Oh Bra Enviable aka Professor Sankara Kamara, u nar man bobs. Hehehehe!
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This article qualifies for a nomination for an Ignobel price for silliness.
Bra Enviable
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I do not normally respond to every post. I will, however, say a word on this thread and ignore it afterward. This is not a silly message message. It is also not an article. This was a Facebook post, which, like many others, was shared and reprinted by a Facebook friend on another Internet forum. It is not an article. Still, the message is highly informative. Education does not have to be solemn, in order to be taken seriously.

 There is a lot of ignorance within various black communities. The African community in the United States is no exception. Some continental Africans living in the United Sates tend to be ignorant of the Black American {African-American} experience, the same way the black American community contains deep-seated ignorance and even prejudice, toward Africa and Africans. In this particular case, I pointed out the black American concept of brotherhood, which is professedly couched in blackness.   The concept of blackness is marked by an ancestral history of  slavery and colonialism. In other words, the Black Diaspora believes our history of oppression, in its various forms, should be used to solidify the concept of brotherhood within the black race.
At the same time, diversity within the black race means it is fairly difficult to define "blackness" without touching off a controversy. What is incontestably true, is the fact that the Black Diaspora promotes the belief that every black man is a brother. Due to ignorance, some Africans in America do not fully understand the social lingo used by the black American community. A black man is a brother. In the context of that belief, it is confusing, if not absurd, to say "black brother."  According to the Black Diasporan experience, being black is what makes you a brother, and the unnecessary use of "black brother," which some Africans tend to say, usually due to a poor grasps of Black Diasporan phrases and their contextual relevance, is what that Facebook message discusses. People can go to school and still remain stunningly ignorant.
How was that message silly? Some black people! 

Cheers and bye for now.
Bra Enviable.
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My take on the FB post , article or whatever it was meant to be is on two levels . The first is that the author attempts to correct a problem where there is none. Instead heaps insult on a whole people for a non existent issue. Secondly and I am not sure where the author conducted his research, in my quarter century sojourn here in the diaspora, I am yet to hear an African refer to a black American as a brother let alone a black brother. Such might be fanciful among us African elites in the diaspora wanting to pass . But the vast majority of Africans ( and I have interacted with many from different countries ) see themselves different from the black American experience. What I have heard form Africans is —. Na Afro, Akata and sometimes as my Themne aunt in the south Bronx will say ‘ na Nikka Man’ . Even among the black American themselves class determines the use of the term brother to refer to one another. Upper class blacks tend to refer to each other that way. But among my folks in SE Washington, overwhelmingly what I hear is the word ‘ nigger ‘ used both as a term of enadearment and camaraderie as well as the term that indicates you need to take off. Truly I believe the topic is so frivolous as not to merit further debate. I rest my case.
Spectator 007
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Decades ago I once worked at a consulting firm located in Compton, CA. On the way to work I’d walk pass bad-a$$ gansata. To survive I quickly learned acceptable lingo for greetings..”Wut up G?”.

Years later when I’d stop by to visit the office, guys near the office who survived and remembered me would greet me “Wut up OG”. I felt powerful until one of the gangsters told me, “we just humoring u homes. In ur case OG stands for Older Guy”.
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Bra E and Specky are both ghetto dwellers who not only love soul sistas, but also mastered the Ebonics. Problem with de Bra is that he is attempting to impress the wrong audience. Gahinteh and I live in the suburbs and knows little about "black brother". And by the way we wear our pants at waist length.
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Specky you were figuratively trying to pass so that you could literally pass. But as you found out the black brothers were up to your game . Decades ago when I lived in Harlem and worked a security job in the south Bronx, I practiced passing. I had to come home late in the night sometimes, on the 4 and 6 train . I learnt how to bounce like the brothers with my hands in my pocket. KL go kill me with laugh .
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