After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Freeborn Answer
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Here are your answers: Olu

Is it true that the Mendes slaughter and sacrifice their children for political power?
Not at all. This is just sheer propaganda in election year. 

Are Mendes in the habit of eating rodents? Yes but not all species rodents. BTW so do zillions of folks from around the world.

Are Mende men going to bed with their sisters in law?
Arnold Schwarzenegger impregnated his nanny; Bill had a blow job in the White House; EBK is the horniest man in Freetown - he has impregnated several very young daughters of his cabinet ministers. Ask Petito and Minkailu Bah

Are Mende people always in court with each other especially for womanizing?
Not true. Mendes generally believe in the rule of law. For example if one conducted  a census of criminals and convicted armed robbers, we will know where the overwhelming number comes from. certainly not the creoles, the limbas, the mendes etc.  It is also the same reason why Ebola quarantine worked in the SE and never in the lawless North.

Are Mendes the most hated tribe in Sierra Leone? No my friend. Only lawless folks would hate Mendes. Can you not see how over the decades scores of thousands of  civilized northerners have ran away from their gbosgbos sokobana brethren  to settle happily in the SE?  No one would say that about mokeni. Would they?

Is the Mende pa o pa a very violent group that targets other Mendes?
The Pa-o-pas are certainly not a violent group. They are just a determined group comprised of all tribes who will not cede their democratic rights to candidates they do not know . Even I the west, it helps if your constituents have known or heard about you. nor to so?


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I prefer a neutral person; probably a Temnes but no not a Mende moi like you. Foolish boy!
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Freeborn Answer,

God bless your soul for putting these scarfs, tribalists, conflict-inducers and nation destroyers in their right places.  I mean Musa Kenema, Eddie Grant, Olu, etc.
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This looks like an all out assault against the Mende mois. Even Kamara cannot withstand the tsunami. Reinforcements troops containing Maforki, Freeborn Answer and Fala Marah had to be flown in to contain the wicked attack from the Themne boys.
Temne boy
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The problem with the Mende boys is that they want to have it both ways. They are very good at convincing themselves that gbose gbose is not in their DNA. But they always like to pick fights with the Temne boys. And when the Temne boys hit, they hit hard; hard enough to not being able to recognize who hit them. Now they are all over the place blaming Musa Kenema. Nice try!
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Temne Boy stop fooling yourself. Nobody is worried about the tsunami coming from the Gbose Gbose boys. We know it is all smoke . When it came fight for Sierra Leone against the RUF, Who came to the rescue.

On a lighter a note, I would not worry that we have not had a full blooded Temne President of  Sierra Leone yet but we have a Temne President of United States in the name of Obai Gbose Gbose Donald Trump. He is a Temne man in White skin.
Temne boy
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Kamara, seems like hypocrisy comes natural with you, right. Are you saying the Mendes/Kamajors came to the rescue? If so then I give up on you. Every sane person in Sierra Leone knows that the British and the Nigerian/UN saved Sierra Leone from a civil unrest that started among the Mendes in Mendeland.

Donald Trump? Wait until your pa o pa crazies lose the flagbearership to someone besides Bio and will come to your senses.
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Originally Posted by Temne boy
The Temnes are smarter than you are willing to credit them. They are the Jews of Salone. Travel to Makeni and discover how the Temnes comparatively living better than any other tribe in Salone. The roads are paved, abundant electric supply, businesses are flourishing and the water is clean. Next stop is Port Loko. Because of its proximity to Freetown and less congested, Lungi will soon become a wealthy suburb of Freetown. Let the Limbas rule as long as they bring the spoils to us, we are ok with that.

The only reason for that is because the president's family is from there of course he's going to develop the area instead on focusing on developing the whole of sierra leone! 
Was JBS correct?
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After the Ekutay selection process which saw the fake PhD limba boy Samura foisted over the masses... and no serious Themne considered for even the running mate role, the statement (below) attributed to  John Sisay needs to be critically looked at again:

The Temnes are mere tools for violence in the APC. We cannot trust them with responsible roles. The Limba's will therefore always ride them like horse"  JBS
Image result for image john sisay
As a true blood O'rthaim, I am going to do  all I can to ensure that this crass Ekutay ideology that lords over us is destroyed forever.
Santigie Oryay
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Was JBS Correct?

Korthor Mamu. Like you, I am also Themne.  But let's take it easy and be law abiding citizens.  This Limba domination of the APC started with Siaka Stevens.  I don't see it stopping any time soon.  What should we Themnes do?  Form our own party?  Nah!!!
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What should we Themnes do? Good kweshoh Santigie.

Answer: we should stop being used as a tool for violence or gbosgbos in election. The seriol violent attacks on Kamarainba for example should stop. The painting of ADP party offices with human excreta must never be allowed to happen again.
Obai konkorkoolah
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Obai and Santigie Oryay first deal with your predicament resulting from the sherbros and mendes' usurpance. Besides Siaka Stevens, when will an unadulterated mende become a president of Sierra Leone? With all the academic capabilities mendes are claiming, they are being outsmarted and outwitted by the obscure madingos and the laid-back sherbros. First it was Milton margai, then his brother Albert and later Tejan Kabba and now Maada Bio. Even John Benjamin is German! The madingos and sherbros are busy bruising mende butts but their boys believe it is OK-call it inferiority complex and crass dullness.When will these mende mois learn? The sherbros and madingos are clamping their soft balls in giant vises but yet still inspite of being a destructive act these insensitive mende mois are comfortable with it.Chai! 
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If all of you are Sierra Leonean, then we are as a Nation screwed BIG TIME.
It is a good thing, man kind does not depend on us.
What a waste. 
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