After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Reply with quote  #31 
Temne Boy, I am not insulting you. I am making a point. Sierra Leone is in a sorry state compared to other West African countries. We need good leadership to develop Sierra Leone. The potential good leadership is prevented by the current tribalism that plagues the nation. We need the best person regardless of tribe.
Yes, I am aware that no president or party can solve  all of Sierra Leone's problems, the nationals have to contribute but we do not  need Presidents and Ministers who have multi-million mansions abroad whilst the citizens are struggling to find food to eat.

Wake up Temne boy. Face the reality. Sierra Leone needs serious improvement. The people (including many Temnes)   are fed up with the current cast of criminals governing Sierra Leone. They want a desperate change. They are hoping for a new crop of leaders that can bring forth this change
Judge Bradford
Reply with quote  #32 
APC diehard,

The issue of who constructed the Bo stadium is really easy to sort out.  How can the tribalistic and regionalistic APC government leave Makeni, Port Loko and Magburaka with no decent playing grounds to construct an ultra modern stadium in the heart of Mendeland in Bo?  Ay bo.  Is this really difficult to decipher?

 Have all the development projects not been going to Makeni?  Look at how a beautiful Southeastern city like Kenema has been neglected over the last nine years?  And you don't want to give credit to the Bo city council for a marvelous work done?  Bra lef nor.
Temne boy
Reply with quote  #33 

Kamara, I don't like hypocrisy. Play honest with me and I will respect you. Don't play with words and pretend to be speaking for the good of Sierra Leone with ulterior motives.

 Compare what you have just said to what you said earlier:



"Wake up Temne boy. Face the reality. Sierra Leone needs serious improvement. The people (including many Temnes)   are fed up with the current cast of criminals governing Sierra Leone."


"The Temnes  are busy spoiling for a fight with the  Mendes instead of working with them to build a consensus to form a strong government to make a better Sierra Leone The Temnes are  the largest group, they should have a large input in to who governs Sierra Leone if not a Temne."




This is how dishonest you are. At one point you were blaming the Temnes for "busy spoiling for a fight with the Mendes instead of working with them" And when that is not enough,  you came back and stated how "many Temnes" are fed up with the current cast of criminals....


Let me make this clear to you...Temnes are not looking for a fight with Mendes. If anything, there are political differences that are rooted through tribalism. Mendes in general will never, I MEAN NEVER, vote for a Temne president just as Temnes may never vote for a Mende president. Politically, both tribes cannot see eye to eye. For you to come here and accuse the Temnes of looking for a fight with the Mendes speaks a lot about you.


Futhermore, let us review the reasons I involved myself with this topic:




"  The Temnes are mere tools for violence in the APC..."


"These words may be disrespectful to Temnes but there is truth in them.  Why are the Limbas always in front of the more populous Temnes in the APC?  Why has a full-blooded Temne never led the APC?"



So there you go, Mr. Kamara. And no sooner than I entered the scene and gave back a taste of the bitter medicine, all hell breaks loose. I am now the bad guy. I am responsible for EBK and the APC. How Makeni is a shanty town compared to Bo. But I did not start the fight you know. Where were you when Temnes were insulted? 

To end this, I will say this to you and the others...HYPOCRISY IS A SIN.

Reply with quote  #34 
Wake up Temne boy. I speak from experience not as a hypocrite . I am a product of North of South with close family members in APC and SLPP that have been involved in elections and politics  since 1957. I will say it again ,For Sierra Leone to progress, the Temnes need to work with the Mendes instead of spoiling for a fight.

The Temnes like the majority of Sierra Leoneans want a decent life for their families and are tired of seeing corrupt and inept government officials looting the treasury whilst the average sierra Leonean is struggling to find food to eat.

You can pretend and ignore that  the enmity between the groups is more than political tribal differences. I have seen it and lived it. . Look at the election results in 2007 and 2012. Compare the percentage of votes that SLPP obtained in the APC strongholds in the North vis a vis the percentage that APC obtained in the SLPP strongholds in the South. Tell me who is more tolerant.

I have witnessed elections in the North where the  Gbose Gbose voters stated that they  would rather vote for a goat with a red tag round the neck before they vote for SLPP.

Temne boy face the reality. Most Sierra leoneans want a good government that can develop the nation free from tribalistic loyalties and tendencies.

Learn to put Sierra Leone first before  tribe.

Temne boy
Reply with quote  #35 
"Compare the percentage of votes that SLPP obtained in the APC strongholds in the North vis a vis the percentage that APC obtained in the SLPP strongholds in the South. Tell me who is more tolerant."  Kamara 

Kamara, the more you write the more you expose yourself as not getting the facts. What you failed to read within the elections results is the fact that there is a very large population of Northerners in Mendeland that voted for Koroma. Compared to the almost non-existence of Mendes in Temneland, The SLPP came up with surprisingly higher votes. Talking about who is more tolerant, do your homework. You probably are a product of the North and the South but you really do not understand Salone politics.

Here you go, this is for you:
Reply with quote  #36 
Wake up Temne boy  from the tribalism. Yes there were Temnes in the South who voted for Ernest. The reason being that the people in the south are more tolerant and accepting of strangers. There are many Temnes and strangers in kenema , Bo, Pujehun and moyamba who can live with out fear of intimidation especially political.

The fact is that the Temne at not too hospitable to outsiders. The fact is there are more Northerners living in the South peacefully than in the North, People cannot openly support non-APC parties in the North without ramifications. 

Many of the former Temnes who were afraid to show the real tribal entities before 1968, suddenly became Limba when Siaka Steven attained power. Even Agba Satani became a mandingo  before died.

Face the fact, the Temne have to be more tolerant and leave the Gbose Gbose tendencies alone and work with  everyone and we will have a better Sierra Leone and not be at the bottom of the totem pole. I want argue with you
Krio Boy
Reply with quote  #37 
Temne boy,

Give it up.  Kamara is right.  You have to wake up as Kamara says.  Kamara is a Temne man that wants the best for his country.  On the contrary, you are bent on having the best for your tribe and your region.  It is folks like you that have destroyed Sierra Leone.

 If we can have many Temnes like Kamara, Sierra Leone will be a much better place to live.  Temnes are not helping themselves by always wanting to indulge in fights with Mendes and other tribes.  As Kamara correctly points out, "learn to put Sierra Leone first before tribe".
Reply with quote  #38 
"Governor Luawa, you are one lying "murder" phucker! You are an abuser of the truth! Bo stadium was built by the APC government and it is just one of the hardest truth for you village boys to accept. You Mende villagers will die in denial. What a plucking waste of brain cells!"-APC Diehard

Oh how I wish I will come to this forum and read something that is NONPARTISAN. By the way, where is the Lady who used that Moniker Nonpartisan?

Let us not turn this forum into another Cokorioko or Awareness Times where every statement starts with the PAC Government .

The Bo stadium for example was built by the Government of Sierra Leone. And that is how things should. When one government starts a beneficial programme the next government should complete it in good faith and not on tribal or regional consideration. 

"The discussions surrounding the construction of the Bo stadium started in 2003 between the government of Sierra Leone and the Chinese government. The construction of the stadium started on the 25th of December 2008 and was completed on the 25th of December 2013."

The Last Word
Reply with quote  #39 
General Luawa has a point for giving credit for the construction of the Bo stadium to the SLPP Bo city council.  It was the Bo city council that approached the Tejan Kabbah government in 2000 with the idea of a stadium for the second city since the coronation fields in Bo was rapidly deteriorating.  

The Tejan Kabbah SLPP government accepted the suggestion and signed a contract with the Chinese company that constructed the stadium.  Like many of the road projects that the APC government is now claiming credit for, the Bo stadium contract had already been signed by the SLPP government.  There was no way that the APC folks could have stopped it or reverted it to Makeni.  Truth be told, the APC government for purely selfish, tribalistic and regionalistic reasons, would never INITIATE any capital development project in the Southeast.
Temne boy
Reply with quote  #40 
" Yes there were Temnes in the South who voted for Ernest. The reason being that the people in the south are more tolerant and accepting of strangers. There are many Temnes and strangers in kenema , Bo, Pujehun and moyamba who can live with out fear of intimidation especially political."   Kamara

Seriouly, Kamara, this is the best response you can come up with? Lol! It is good you accept that there are Temnes in the South that voted for Koroma. Unfortunately, the rest of your response, the people of the South are more tolerance,  reminds me of a defeated man in denial. But moreover, if Mendes are so accepting why are Temnes and living among themselves and not among Mendes? Why are Temnes and APC supporters are always the targets of Mende thugs during elections?  In Freetown, it is not a secret that the Mendes are the most hated tribes and you know it.

I am going to end this engagement with you with where I started. The Limbas are always going to bring the spoils to the Temnes and the Mendes will always complain.

Alaki SLPP
Reply with quote  #41 
The elections are around the corner and the Mendes are at it again.

Reply with quote  #42 
Temne Boy, Continue feigning ignorance.

What party and persons started political thuggery, violence and unopposed elections in Sierra Leone. There had been peaceful elections in the 1950's and 1960's  before the Gbose Gbose group came to power. Which  thugs were brutalizing opposing candidates in Freetown and Northern towns during the 1970 and 1980 elections. My cousin, a Temne man was beaten and tied in Port Loko, his brother stabbed  because he challenged  the preferred the APC candidate.

Give a me break Temne Boy, Continue feigning ignorance. I know , you have to  end the engagement, you can't end the tribalistic mentality and come up with serious ideas to help  Sierra Leone. Good luck.

Remember , Put Sierra Leone before tribe and see how far Sierra Leone will soar.
Umpire Judge
Reply with quote  #43 

            Kamara-----10         Tribalistic Temne boy---------1

Congratulations Kamara on a job well done.
Morlai Segbwema
Reply with quote  #44 
OMG these cannibalistic Mende people are at it again. How can you murder your own people, and a child for that matter, just for power. And you talk about gbose gbose?
Reply with quote  #45 
Morlai Gbalaneh,Morlai Yele or Morlai Port Loko whatever your name is. Have you heard of Mohammaed Ghazali, the APC Temne Arab who slaughtered a  pregnant woman in Port Loko for the sake of power as some people say with the  knowledge of SI Koroma. Please jug your tribalistic memory.

Unfortunately , this dastardly practice of human sacrifice for power occurs in Africa from West to East Africa with deadly consequences. Yes we talk about Gbose Gbose. When it came to protecting Sierra Leone against the rebels, Who rose to the challenge. The Tambaborohs, Kamajors, Donsos before theie Kapras woke up from their Gbose Gbose.

Face the reality , Sierra Leone real leaders not Gbose Gbose tribalists.

Man pass man
Reply with quote  #46 
The tupit Mende country village buffons have their hands full with human flesh eating yet they spend time competing the the Temnes. Hehehe!
Reply with quote  #47 
Can you have a decent conversation on the development of Sierra Leone without degenerating into your triabalistic Gbose Gbose rants. Go to Port Loko, you may be surprised what you find.
Reply with quote  #48 

The gbose gbose tribalistic miscreant using multiple monikers is the useless fitter that calls itself an engineer living in Sweden - the gbose gbose Musa Kenema.   It is easy to detect the shameless thug.  Thanks for pounding it.
Reply with quote  #49 
Masoila, We can't leave this Gbose Gbose triabalistic miscreants alone, We have to call them out. If we don't , they will try and convince us that  the corrupt and inept Ernest Koroma has done a great job and deserves a third term
Reply with quote  #50 
Kamara, you are a piss of sh!t that needs to shut da phuck up. Like Temne boy told you, you are a hypocrite. You claimed to be a product of both Temne and Mende. But your true colors shows when you are willing to defend the Mendes but look the other way when Temnes are abused. You pretend to be who you really are not. Where were you when Temnes were being abused in this thread? The more you write the more you expose your phucking yourself as a phucking Mende tribalist. Please shut da phuck up and start behaving like the the Mende and Temnes you claimed to be.
Reply with quote  #51 
Observer, Your Gbose Gbose theatrics does not intimidate me  or Most Sierra Leoneans today. I am a Sierra Leone First and put nation before tribe. All I have asked for the Temnes work with Mendes and other tribes to make a better. Most of the people have not insulted the  Temnes directly. You are the one degenerating in to  vulgar language when you can't defend your assertions.

The thread basically from the premise that a full blooded has been elected to lead Sierra Leone,

I do not have to resort to vulgar language to prove my point.
Krio Boy
Reply with quote  #52 

You are a perfect gentleman.  Don't allow the gbose gbose animals from Makeni and PortLoko to bring you down to their low levels.
Alalki SLPP
Reply with quote  #53 
Kamara, the truth will save your geriatric behind old pa and the sooner you accept it the better it is for you. The writing is on the wall and every honest forumite sees it except you and your hypocrite Mende villagers. Don't claim to put the nation first and defend the Mendes whenever they are attacked but turn the other way when Temnes are attacked. You stated that you've  been around since 1957 observing Sierraa Leone politics, right? If so, you are no better than another Mende pa in the name of Sengbe. At least Sengbe does not fake being who he is. You are the worst of the worse. You are too idle! You respond and defend every post that is negative to Mendes turning the other way when it comes to Temnes. You are a filthy old Mende pa that is the honest truth. Who died and left you the position to request that Temnes work with Mendes? Why don't you ask the Mendes to work with the Themnes? Man you are a poor excuse of a decent Sierra Leonen. You are a wolf in sheep clothes and the sooner you stop being a hypocrite the better it is for you.
Reply with quote  #54 
# Kamara please leave Temne Boy (TB) to wallow in his own tribal poo-poo. Like KL, TB aka Musa Kenema or Bai Bureh or Smart Cavalier have remained primitive tribalists all their lives. Whilst there are zillions of decent Temnes, animals like KL and TB are irredeemably uncivilized. Period. 

When half-baked Or'thaims like these 2 bozos get into their extremist tribal mode, it becomes clear why Makeni parishioners can threaten to kill Bishop Henry Aruna for being Mende. This will not happen anywhere else in Salone.

It is this primitive tribalism that contributed to the killing of more temnes than any other tribe during the Ebola outbreak is SL. EBK and gang believed they were protecting the north by shutting down all hospitals and relying strictly on shipping their infected south. We all know the death toll the befell the north.

When a half-baked and wayward brat like Musa Kenema who lives i Sweden still behaves like a a vile sokobana who swears on the chopping of his "ojeh" gleefully, you know that backwardness and filth go hand in hand with tribalism. In other words folks like TB aka MK have eaten human excreta as an initiation ritual. I mean this literally. 

There are many ojeh boys in this hate-filled APC. It is therefore no surprise that attacking opponent's office with human faeces has become the order of the day during EBK's tenure. Factually, EBK is not very different from KL or Musa Kenema. ADP's Kamarainbais offices in the North were painted with human excreta inside and outside. Only low lives who can comfortably eat poopoo are capable of grabbing a bucket, getting in to a pit latrine and scooping human excreta to use as paint. This scatology is a specialization of APC-animals like TB.

Blood letting and violence is also deep rooted in temne culture. Even the clergy have not been spared.

Forget about Agab-shatani, Foday Sankoh, Highway, Abu Omole, Ledaboot, etc. Just watch a quintessential hobby in the North - Sokobanas plucking eyes and sticking knives in their anal cavities... and you will understand why violence is in the DNA of animals like TB.

Heads of ill paramount chiefs are severed as a sport. Women are prohibited from vying to become a Paramount Chief in the North. They will be threatened with rape and all other forms of despicable violence. This is nothing new. In the history of Sierra Leone, even before Predro Da Cintra came in the 1400s, females have remained suppressed -as a tradition.

And my friends, we should not be surprised that in this 2017, a Musa kenema who lives in sweden remains the backward fitter, that he is.

To be continueed...
Eddie Grant
Reply with quote  #55 
Oh Salome,
How easy it is for us to be immersed in tribal hate-filled exchanges?
I returned from Salome 8 days ago to find that the forum has once again being turned into a tribal battlefield.
Like what a retired teacher, who has been actively involved in sensitising the people of Kono about the dangers of tribalism told me. He said no matter how hard you try to persuade Sierra Leoneans to shed their tribal hatred, you can never succeed.
I'm beginning to believe what he said after peeping into the forum.

What an exciting comeback for me with my strong aversion on tribalism?
I wonder when I'll reenter this forum without stumbling into the path of forum tribalists.
Kailahun boy
Reply with quote  #56 
Sokobana, if I were you, I will spend my time with the parents of victims your SLPP political candidates slaughtered for their political gains than writing all this carp here. The Temnes, APC, KL and Musa Kenema did not start this. Go back to to the beginning of this thread and find out who started this tribal crap. But like always, you gbaigbay and human flesh eating Mende deplorable will turn the other way when Temnes are being abused by your gbaigbay and flesh eating Mende crapass. And when the favor is returned, you start playing victim. No wonder your Mende tribe is the most hated tribe in places like Freetown. You human flesh eating Mende cannibals have issues and the sooner you take care of them the better it is for all of you.
Teacher Randolph
Reply with quote  #57 
What a powerful lecture from Sokobana.  As long as you have that gbose gbose Temne Musa Kenema miscreant on this forum, you will always expect to read hate-filled tribalistic rants here.  How I hope that this dunderhead would be expelled from this forum.
The truth
Reply with quote  #58 
The alaki Mende folks in this forum, especially the grand hypocrite who goes by the moniker Kamara, are always inciting tribal warfare in this forum. The obsession with Temnes is beyond imagination. Why pick on Temnes because none of them has never been President? Why pick on Temnes when Ernest Koroma is not Temne? Such unnecessary obsession with Temnes can only be interpreted as the Mendes being fearful of the Temnes. They cannot confront them in person or on groups so the safest way to do it is to hide behind their computers and handsets to vent their frustrations. If Ernest Koroma is Limba why not go after him and his Limbs Ekutay for kicking you Mende blohun out of power? You gbayhbay eating sycophants are dragging this forum down into the gutter with this obsession. As for akaki Kamara, out this in your skull, it takes two to tango. Why not ask the Mendes to to work with the Temnes? You geriatric Mende old papas are really full of kaka in your filthy brains.

The truth
Reply with quote  #59 
Sorry for the typos as these Mende mophos are completely out of control. Like someone said, I wish the Limba President continue to kick their behinds until they come to the realization that he, according to them, is not Temnes.
Lawyer Bright
Reply with quote  #60 
 "...the Mendes being fearful of the Temnes. They cannot confront them in person or on groups so the safest way to do it is to hide behind their computers and handsets to vent their frustrations."  Musa Kenema

Musa Kenema,

You got the above right.  Unlike Temnes, Mendes are not a gbose gbose people.  Mendes are a peaceful and law-biding people.
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