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Reply with quote  #61 
Hehehe! Mende stinking Kamajors that terrorized my city are peaceful people? Hehehe. Stinking Mendes that joined Foday laimpay Sankoh to terrorize my country are peaceful people?  Who sai dar word dae comot na Mende teet dae dae.
Alaki SLPP
Reply with quote  #62 
When a useless tribe FORCEFULLY recruits  its children into war and this village boy called them peaceful people you begin to wonder.
Reply with quote  #63 
Mr truth , Please face the truth , it will really set you free from the captivity of a gbose gbose tribalistic mentality. Hatred of anything , group or person only destroys you internally in the end. Many of the persons whom you hate are going on with their lives without worrying about hate filled tribalistic mind.

You can to continue resort to vulgar language and insults but it cannot the obfuscate truth. Truth will prevail and eventually free you from your Gbose Gbose mentality.
The truth
Reply with quote  #64 
I will give you a challenge. You accept that you are the grand hypocrite ever on this forum then we shall discus about which of your truth I might consider. But so far you have yet to prove you are a honest person. You denied the fact presented to you that only Northerners in the Southeast voted for the APC. And that the Mendes will NEVER  vote for the APC anywhere. You know this is true but being the hypocrite and tribalist that you are, you will not accept it. And you have the audacity to ask the Temnes to work with the Mendes? If this is not laughable what is? Why don't you ask the Mendes to work with the Temnes?  I grow up with Mendes and I know how hypocrite some of you Can be and you are reinforcing that belief. 

This talk about Mendes are tolerant is another big lie. Mendes are as tolerant as long as you don't attempt to give them competition especially in politics where you will come in contact with Mende ugliness. Case and point, the pa o pa movement that cannot even spare their very own Mende people.

Man be honest and speak the truth. Only the the truth will save you, old man. 
Reply with quote  #65 
Truth, Free yourself for your  hatred of anyone you perceive as or Mene and carefully read my prior statements. I never intimated that only Northerners voted for APC in the southeast. Of course Southerners voted for APC. Which party do you think Victor Foh voted  for? There were higher proportions of people voting for APC in the Slpp strongholds than voting for SLPP in the APC strongholds.

The two groups being the largest ethnic group will obviously  fight for political dominance as in other African countries like in Kenya today, the issue is whether this becomes a perennial problem.

Yes,  the Mende are at times leary of the teme mui because of their gbose gbose andlouder  nature compared to their calmer nature.

Young Man, I am done. Go talk  with your Khotors let them  enlighten you about Sierra Leone pre APC.
Ginger beer
Reply with quote  #66 
"Yes,  the Mende are at times leary of the teme mui because of their gbose gbose andlouder  nature compared to their calmer nature"

Kamara, you are either tribalistic or are very arrogant.  Which one of the two adjectives do you think defines you well? It will serve you well if only you chose your words carefully. Otherwise you will find out how emotions runs wild here at Bintumani. Read the quotation above and tell what is wrong with it and why you are being referred to as hypocrite.  
Ginger beer
Reply with quote  #67 
Oh the ginger beer is getting the best of me. Kindly replace the word "arrogant" with "ignorance".
Lawyer Bright
Reply with quote  #68 

You have been advised to leave this miscreant to wallow in his ignorance and stupidity.  There is nothing that you can tell him that can penetrate his thick skull.

He is one guy posting with different monikers.  He is Musa Kenema, the idiotic gbose gbose Temne fool that lives in Sweden.  He is the typical example of why Mendes and other Sierra Leonean tribes do NOT want to associate with Temnes.  He is rude, he is loud, he is bombastic and he has a gbose gbose mentality.  I am sure he carries a knife in his pocket at all times.
Reply with quote  #69 
Hehehe! Here comes the public defender attempting to defend the indefensible.
Alaki SLPP
Reply with quote  #70 
Musa Kenema or not, these responses to Kamara are true and can only be denied or disputed by Mendes like the public defender. Oh well we all know who public defenders are...lawyers with the lowest passing grades in law school.
Eddie Grant
Reply with quote  #71 
I've known you and interacted with you for very long time since the days of Cocorioko. I've never known you to be a tribalist, nor have I read anything from you that's of a tribalist in nature until now. I am therefore very surprised to read statements from you today that are not only tribally biased, but hypocritical.
You cannot stand in the middle of people who are exchanging blows and pretend to be neutral whilst throwing blows against the other party.
I could have jumped in and defended my tribe, (temne) if I don't truly uphold the belief of tribal cohesion.
Your insinuations that the temnes are busy spoiling for a fight instead of working with mendes is not only insightful, it's also hypocritical and repugnant. And I'll say the same to anyone who says the reverse.
I want to challenge anyone to come up with an irrefutable proof that both the mendes and the temnes are fighting each other.
Kamara, you are struggling to see what's wrong with your statements because there are others who share the same ideology as you. One good reason why one should tread carefully when discussing tribal issues here is that, we have, amongst us core tribalists who will seize the opportunity to malign others and can easily hijack a discussion which could otherwise be fruitful into their own psych.
So I hope you haven't changed from the neutral I knew to a tribe basher.
Reply with quote  #72 
Eddie Grant,

You are accusing Kamara of something that you are truly guilty of.  You are pretending to be neutral when you really are not.  In fact knowing your record of biasness, deceit and lies,  you are the last to be neutral on tribal issues on this forum.

Kamara has been very straightforward forthright in this debate.  But as long as Musa Kenema exists on this forum, you can always expect vile and tribalism to exist here.  Knowing this reprobate for years, there is nothing that interests him more than spewing tribal hatred in public.  Putting it simply, Musa Kenema is full hate.
Referee Manga
Reply with quote  #73 

#Kamara is a fine and honest gentlemen. He always have been. You guys just want t gag him fro saying the truth. DO NOT LISTEN to the noise Daddy K!

I a not going to say that about Eddy G and My Truth except if they answer the below questions with a straight face. Knowing them, I doubt they will be honest. Here we go Eddy G and MT:

1. Do you think that the collective threat and gbos gbos the  Makeni parishioners and clergy openly displayed towards Bishop Aruna for being a Mende can happen anywhere else in Sierra Leone? If yes, Where?

2. Do you support the tribal protectionism we saw during the  Ebola - where the MOBA boys believed they were protecting their core bases of bombali + port loko by refusing to establish a treatment centre in the North ? Please provide a reason for your answer

3.Generallyspeaking would you not say Temnes are louder than Limbas,  ?

Temne boy
Reply with quote  #74 
Eddie Grant, do not waste your time with Kamara. The old man, like someone stated, is a wolf in sheep's clothing. He's been a hypocrite all along only that he's only getting challenged now to prove his nonpartisanship. 

I was on the phone with the master of the arts, KL, who advised me to provoke him; to give him a taste of his medicine and see what happens. I did and holy smokes the wolf's clothing was ripped off and the self-proclaimed nonpartisan Kamara was exposed as being a die- hard Mende tribalist. 

And like you stated so eloquently, Eddie, "You cannot stand in the middle of people who are exchanging blows and pretend to be neutral whilst throwing blows against the other party.

Kamara is phony! He is nothing but an old Mende pa that will never change his views on Temnes as much as he attempted to fake it.
FINIC Ferry Junction
Reply with quote  #75 
Our people in the diaspora are busy tearing each other apart. Most will not vote in the coming elections, or take part in the process of electing our next leaders. Most have been not been to the homeland in donkey years, yet they pretend to know all the answers to the Sierra Leonean questions. Is this the way to go about it? Mawa (sad)!!    
Eddie Grant
Reply with quote  #76 
You and others of you ilk are known to be prolific in propagating tribal hate. You're always thrilled whenever tribal mudslinging is going on.
Unfortunately for folks like you, the new generation is not buying into your ideology. Let me make it clear that we do not have tribal conflicts where one tribe is in confrontation with the other. What we have however, is one sad situation where people only chooses the leaders that either share the same tribe or region. Even if those leaders show no prudence at all.
Kamabai, I know people like you whose mindset clouds your thought. Once you believe something from the onset, you'll go along with it as the gospel truth and even after the truth is revealed, you'll continue to protect your initial belief. For instance, the case of the bishop in Makeni who the people vehemently refused to accept due to alleged moral impropriety. It was nothing to do with his tribe. Infact, almost the entire Christian population in Makeni was against him. It is worth noting that the population of Makeni comprises of several other tribes and that, the Christian population have very few temnes which is not commensurate with the predominance of that tribe in the region because majority of the temnes are Muslims. Yet you find it appropriate to define the temne people as haters of mendes. I've long given up in trying to enlighten you on the situation of the bishop after realising that no amount of truth can sway your mindset.
Now you can continue to bash the temnes since that's the only thing that thrills you the most. At the end of the day, you are not going to discourage me and others like me from letting others see the benefits of tribal cohesion in our country.
Reply with quote  #77 
Eddie Grant,

Why are you hallucinating?  Where did I write about the Bishop in Makeni?  My earlier posting dealt with your hypocrisy as a neutralist when in fact you are one of the core tribalists on this forum.  And you say we do not have tribal conflicts in Sierra Leone?  Where have been all these years, Eddie?  Did you not hear about the Temne gbose gbose in the Marampa mines where Temnes went on a rampage killing Mendes and other tribes in the mines?  How many times have Temnes clad in the usual red APC regalia not attacked Mendes and other tribes in Freetown, Bo and elsewhere?  If this is not tribal conflict and hate then I wonder what is Eddie.
Eddie Grant
Reply with quote  #78 
You're completely redundant of honesty. You're talking about something that allegedly happened 50 or more years ago as being a problem in modern day Sierra Leone. Well unfortunately, for you, I am the wrong person to indulge in that topic since I wasn't born yet when the alleged incidence took place and have never heard of it. And even that happened it's in the past so I'm still waiting for you and others of your ilk to show me where one tribe is in conflict with the other. And please take note of the word IS which denotes the present and not some historic past which you seems to dwell in.
Referee Manga
Reply with quote  #79 
Eddy Grant, your tribalism and dishonesty is satanic.

Every decent soul in Salone and indeed around the world knows Bishop Aruna was threatened solely because he was Mende. Providing fake alibis for such primitive conduct by a people has not only exposed you as a die hard tribalist, it is bound to take you to hell. What a lowly animal, you have confessed to being.

I knew Bai Bureh was, and still is not man enough to answer the questions posed. It is in the nature of hard core "tribalist" to stay in denial. The truth is too bitter to publicly accept. He even had time to consult with the other illiterate and hard core tribalist, KL. Apples, they say, do not fall far off the tree. You are all part and parcel of this primitive tribalism displayed by our Sokobana-Christians in Makeni.

If you were man enough EG, you could have at the very least criticized such naked tribalism by alleged Christians in your primitive tribal fiefdom. I see you also avoided the other two questions: the Ebola-discrimination and the loudness. You and bai bureh are low lives! Period.
End of story.
Reply with quote  #80
Alaki SLPP
Reply with quote  #81 
Kai Kai Lebbie wouldn't mind throwing the Mendes under the bus to defend the SLPP. Hehehe! What is the difference between the Mendes and the SLPP by the way? None! At least they have something in common...power hungry.
Alaki SLPP
Reply with quote  #82 
Both the Mendes and the SLPP are so power hungry the will sacrifice their own, especially children, for power. If they are guilty of such act what will stop them from not hating the Temnes in the name of power grabbing?

Alaki SLPP
Reply with quote  #83 
Referee Manga, please have a coke and a smile[smile][smile][smile][smile].
And then provide evidence of the Marampa violence where Mende backsides where kicked. Anything less makes you worthless liar.
Eddie Grant
Reply with quote  #84 
Refree Manga, AKA Kamabai,
I'm not going to continue in your line of deceit and self illusion. I know your type so I'll leave you to sort out your ailment, I'm sure there are others who can match your madness in tribal mudslinging and you'll eventually be put in your rightful position as has always been.
So do not come crying to me if refuse to come between. It's because of your love of tribalism.
Reply with quote  #85 
Ref Manga blow yah daddy. These vermin will never see anything wrong with so-called temne Christians or is it Sokobana-Christians threatening to kill a man of God ordained by the Vatican. If the supposedly exposed lot like Eddy Grant the  belful-Presdiential-wannabe and Musa Othaim Kenema the fitter in Sweden defend and provide useless excuses for this primitive conduct, what would you expect the junx-selling Sokobana in Mokeni to behave?

This is the same wretched behavior the chief thieves EBK and Alpha Kanu  perpetuated during the Ebola epidemic. They shipped their infected constituents hours away to Bo, Kenema and Kailahun when there were several empty hospitals and medical facilities in the north. But mother nature is not tribal and punished them severely with the highest recorded Ebola deaths.

As you said, these guys are satanic and will see naked evil and pretend they are in heaven. Just let them be Ref. Let sleeping dogs lie my good friend.
Reply with quote  #86 
It is so unfortunate for these useless village Mende craps to talk about primitive. You are slaughtering your own children for political power. When that is not enough, you monkey and from eating behaviors brought us the Ebola virus. What a waste!
For Forum Admin
Reply with quote  #87 
Can you please come in and vindicate Musa Kenema? Sengbeh as his okobo reputation indicates has been wrongly accusing MK of posting some tribally-charged responses in this thread. Please make it clear to the senile so-called professor that he has been terribly wrong on MK. If he gives me the cause to step in all hell will break loose!
Reply with quote  #88 
Olu since you have invited yourself in this discourse please answer the questions:
Was it right for the orthaim sokobana-christians to attempt killing the ordained man of God bishop Aruna because he is a Mende? Is this not a primitive group-behavior? 

Do you think it was okay for your primitive and tribalistic korthors to refuse to establish a treatment centre in the North? Our orthaim brothers and sisters that got infected with Ebola in Makeni could have had a better chance of survival if they were treated locally, dont you think?

But aayaa, the ayampi EBK and gang had to show their tribal hand by mailing them to mendeland - with many dying on the way and/or spreading the virus along the way? Was this not criminal and primitive? Did the gang not also allow our ignorant folks in Makeni to prematurely dance in the streets alongside sokobanas while the rest f the country was shutdown under quarantine? is this not the main reason that several hundreds more northerners needlessly perished? Would you not say that this nasty and backward behavior is far too common today in the North than anywhere else in the country?

Olu, have some balls young man and say the truth for a change? You primitive fart!
Fala Marah
Reply with quote  #89 
Soko you make a good point. But you are wasting your logic and time on low lives like Olu. These vermin are are entrenched in tribalism. It is how they raised. Its now in their DNA. Why do you think most other tribes avoid setting up shop their? Hanging out with these creeps on Bintuland, would you really be surpised that they sharpened their cutlasses for the "mende" Bishop? Is this not how animals behave in the wild?

Reply with quote  #90 
Is it true that the Mendes slaughter and sacrifice their children for political power? Are Mendes in the habit of eating rodents? Are Mende men going to bed with their sisters in law? Are Mende people always in court with each other especially for womanizing? Are Mendes the most hated tribe in Sierra Leone? Is the Mende pa o pa a very violent group that targets other Mendes?
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