After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Eddie Grant
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We've had to deal with the absences of some of the forum's big hitters for long time now.
I wonder what has happened to these people: Sage, Salonman and Nonpartisan. These people have contributed in no small way to help us understand politics in our country.
I hope they're all doing well.
If you guys are out there please comeback and help us share the grief or joy of our politics especially now that national elections are just around the corner.
Don't let us carry this cross alone.
Sage's Boo
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Eddie borboh nar yanda you wan put han now? Oosai you bra Musa Kenema dae kontroll? Musa Kenema nor dae joke for een Sage oh. Way you see Sengbe en Bra Enviable dae jelos MK for da baby dae nor to for natin, di baby nor see nobody pass MK.

On a more serious note the two are alive and kicking.
Eddie Grant
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Ar jes notice say ee nor dae participate for long nar dat nor mor ok.
Me bra MK know say ar nor geh mind peep nar een parlour.

Am glad to hear that these two intellectual giants are doing fine.
However, it's been too long since they participated I just want to know they're still with us and are willing to join us in political discourse. .
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@Eddie Grant , Sage is here watching your every move. With regards NP, she’s still wondering why Houdini Obama only have to serve two terms .
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Hi all, thanks for inquiring about me, Zak, and inviting me to weigh in. I am just catching up on the issues here now, while giving my first exam this week (3 more). I have peeped in here and there but this has been a really busy semester for me, so little time to participate.

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Sorry, I meant, thanks to Eddy for inquiring. Cheers to all.
Eddie Grant
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It's good to know that our professor is still with us.
Sage you're welcome.
Sage's Boo
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Eddie be careful and don't overstep your limits. Just a soft caveat. MK is watching with eyes wide open.[frown]
Eddie Grant
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Bra relax, MK is confident with me. He know I'll try anything that will warrant his
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