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Aboki Davies
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Culled from facebook

Political contests for two ahead of 2018 Polls but…

JFK has No match in APC

By Ranger

Current happenings within the political landscape of Sierra Leone are pointing to the fact that the most favored political heavyweight in the person of Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara, who is presently the country’s Attorney General and Justice Minister ,is making political inroads as he continues to win the hearts and minds of the electorates not by campaigning but due to his effective and efficient service delivery in serving the President and the entire Nation. The APC, which is yet to officially announce or make public their Presidential successor, has been looking for a potential personality with no blemish to succeed President Ernest Bai Koroma. So far so good , there are names coming up but majority of the people prefer one person as against the list of individuals that have shown interest to lead the APC ahead of the 2018 Elections.

Among the list of persons who have made their intention known to the public are: Alhaji Alpha Kanu, former Information Minister, Lawyer Abubakarr Kalokoh ,a private lawyer in the US, John Bonoh Sesay of Sierra Rutile, to name but few whilst the names of Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara and Almamy Petito Koroma are making the headlines though yet to make formal declaration. Political analysts have so far observed that among those that have made their intention known none of them could be seen more qualified to succeed EBK because they lack what it takes for them to become President of this nation.

Alhaji Alpha Kanu who is now one of the Presidential Adviser at State House is seen campaigning as the apprentice that can succeed President Koroma. Kanu’s intention to succeed EBK is like when a rat is fighting for a leadership position in a cat’s kingdom . Kanu has to convince the least man in the village to see good reason to elect him as Presidential Candidate of the APC when he has a lot of integrity problems surrounding his personality.

Many believe that people like Kanu should take the back seat and allow those with integrity to take the front stage so as to make Sierra Leone a better place for all and sundry.

As for Lawyer Abubakarr Kalokoh many see him as a vibrant and strong politician who does not have a political base other than his Port Loko District. Kanu and Kalokoh are coming from the same District and both of them want to succeed President Koroma. A senior APC Member told this writer that both Kanu and Kalokoh will find it difficult to succeed hence the only word of advice is for them to join JFK and form a strong political team.

John Bonoh Sesay of Sierra Rutile is yet to make any political inroad though he still occupies the position of Chief Executive Officer at Sierra Rutile. Other political analysts strongly believe Sisay’s connection to EBK as his first cousin does not make him the right person for that seat. His campaign strategy is only seen on the backyards and has done little to market himself for the all but important and powerful seat.

The hottest debate now in town is for APC to decide between Almamy Petito Koroma and Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara who many believe have what it takes to make APC clinch the 2018 election. Others are of the view that Petito Koroma now Ambassador to China would have been a good candidate but got himself messed up while serving as Works Minister and was disgracefully sacked for incompetence. ‘’How do you expect us to entrust leadership position into the hands of somebody who was sacked by the President for incompetence?” asked a senior APC Member.

Joseph Fitzgerard Kamara, many believe has the command, stature, and good qualities that is expected of any leader but does not have time to campaign like his colleagues because he has a lot of Government work at hand. Kamara has a very rich CV as he has served Sierra Leone in many positions to the amazement of even his critics to the extent that many see him as the only person that can best serve in that capacity to lead the APC to victory.

‘’The APC as a formidable political party need people like JFK whose international recognition is guaranteed because of his contacts and experience over the years. If they want to maintain the status quo as an incumbent then there is need to put the right man in the right place ‘’ said a Fourah Bay College Political Science Lecturer.

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Nar Me Say So
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Unfortunately for JFK there is the "No More Bombali" business going around the north of Sierra Leone. The people have vowed not to vote for another person from Bombali as they feel they have been failed by EBK. Not that Alpha Kanu will have it any easier when even his own people don't want him as president. This is going to be one interesting election. All man wan be chief nobody nor wan be Indian.
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