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Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyer is a good woman.  She is brilliant, patriotic and hardworking.  With degrees from the London School of Economics and a zeal to transform the City of Freetown into a bastion of cleanliness, health and growth in Sierra Leone, Aki-Sawyer’s style of leadership is more compatible with the forward-looking aspirations of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) than with the dour, dreary and self-effacing tendencies of the All Peoples Congress (APC) party.

Since assuming office in April this year, Aki-Sawyer has been a fixture at cleaning sites on the once a month cleaning day in Freetown.  But does the mayor of the capital city have to do this?  Well, the answer may well be yes, given that the Freetown City Council (FCC) is full of corrupt and kleptomaniacally-inclined Tolongbo leftovers.  

Word is that Tolongbo grandees at the FCC are doing everything in their power to undermine the mayor.  Interestingly, although president Julius Maada Bio and Aki-Sawyer belong to different political parties, they share the same vision for Sierra Leone.  That ebullient vision is anchored on the reawakening of the Athens of West Africa and the assumption once more of the country’s leadership role in West African affairs.

Tellingly, it is the shared vision of the two political heavyweights and the mayor’s unequivocal cooperation with the SLPP government that Tolongbo grandees consider a fundamental betrayal of their party.  Moreover, they are Flabbergasted at seeing an all-out assault on their graft-inclined source of livelihood by a resilient mayor.   Graft and rent-seeking activities prevailed like a pestilence at the FCC during the APC years.   But these, by all accounts, may now have come to a screeching halt.

 Correspondingly, the altercation between the mayor and the deputy minister of local government, Phillip Tondoneh, last Saturday, may not have come at a more opportune time for the mayor’s foes.  Expectedly, ecstatic Tolongbo grandees are milking the unfortunate incident for all it is worth.

Thus, as the political atmosphere at the FCC continues to be putrid, it appears that the precarious nexus between the mayor and the APC High Command at Old Railway Line in Freetown may have been furthered strained.  Would that lead to a rejection of the mayor  when she applies for the APC party symbol in 2023?  Only time will tell.

If Aki-Sawyer is sidelined by the APC, her political career must not come to a halt.  President Bio should accommodate the exuberant mayor in 2023.  Progressive Sierra Leoneans must not be left to languish in the crook-infested hell hole of the APC.   There must be a special place in heaven for those who honestly discharge their public duties in Sierra Leone.


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Who was the SLPP Mayoral candidate for Freetown? I remember once being asked here what advice I would give KKY (not that I have any personal contact with him) should he fail to capture the SLPP flag. My advice then was simple. Support Bio in return for his support for the Mayor of Freetown role. What a brilliant pairing that would have been for Freetown.
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The SLPP Mayoral candidate for Freetown was Raymond DeSouza, commonly known as Papa Ray.  He is now the Minister of Works.
Are you interested in running for Mayor of Freetown in 2023?
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Wow, Mayor of the City of my birth? Why not. If i can attract bipartisan support here on Bintu I might stand a chance 😊.
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Masoila please stop this nonsense by blaming the APC. The SLPP warm hart en bush boy was outsmarted by a savvy mayor who was aware of the presence of cell phone cameras and took advantage of the situation. The video went viral and Krio folks all over the world are angry with the SLPP. Blame the bush boy for his lack of professionalism and stop looking for scapegoats.
Spectator 007
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Injecting ethnicity into criticism of the deputy minister by some supporters of the Mayor has not been prudent. I do not think the Mayor wants to be known a a mayor of Krios but a mayor of all citizens of Freetown.

Has there been meaningful official support from the APC for the mayor? If not does this mean they have not been to happy with her for cooperating with the new direction agenda. Several folks I talk to think so. So what if the APC do not give her the symbol in 2023, will she be politically finished? I think so unless JMB throws her a lifeline. As an aside, in the early 1960s, Siaka Stevens was once Mayor of Freetown while simultaneously official leader of APC opposition in parliament.

Philip Tetema Tondeneh Is a diehard supporter of the new direction agenda. I believe he once represented SLPP in parliament representing Kono and was once a secondary school teacher. I wonder if he has been interviewed in the immediate aftermath of the altercation. I’d be interested in listening to his side of the well as Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr’s.
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Why not a presidential run in 2023 by our Mayor? President Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr anyone? She now has the name recognition but are APC capable of being that forward looking? I would still back President Bio to retain office but if she were to get a credible South-Easterner as a running mate you never know.
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"I would still back President Bio to retain office but if she were to get a credible South-Easterner as a running mate you never know."

So DMK what if the mayor chose a credible Northerner as a running mate?
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"So DMK what if the mayor chose a credible Northerner as a running mate?"

That too might work. Historically winning the North and Freetown has been enough to sweep someone into office. This time though my guess is that for APC to stand a chance they will have the break the near monopoly SLPP and Bio enjoyed in the South-East at the last election. However who knows, a lot can change in 4.5years.
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