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Teacher Conteh
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The results read so far by the national electoral commissioner shows that the APC can be beaten and removed from office.  But for this to be accomplished, all opposition forces must unite.  It is incumbent that Sierra Leone's opposition parties forget their differences and rally behind the SLPP.  The SLPP is the only party that is capable of beating the APC.  The NGC and the C4C are so far behind that it is very unrealistic that they can mount any meaningful challenge in the remaining results.
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The fact that Maada Bio is likely to be president is the reason that won't happen. SLPP shot themselves in the foot by choosing that man. Considering APC's wide open goal and SLPP is still unable to capitalise on it. I hope Mr Bio has some modicum of respect for SLPP and if he loses this election he must go far away from it so the party can heal and win elections going forward.
Cornelius Hamelberg
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Hon Teacher Conteh,

I imagine that she cast her ballot.

I can imagine that Rt. Brigadier Bio's nostrils are now flaring. He can can smell victory in the air, either in the first round or in a run-off.

It should be easier for the APC to win in the first round than in a run-off for precisely the danger of the opposition, to man, ganging up on the APC, as you suggest.

In effect what you are suggesting is a rather tall order, that all fourteen presidential candidates that started off , should now all join the SLPP under commander-in-Chief Rtd. Brigadier Bio.

But is that possible?

Is it possible for the Alhaji who flew in from the United States with a certain aura of entitlement that it was as obvious to him as it should be obvious to the electorate and all the other candidates, that he as a former employee was therefore “the only person qualified to be president beyond scrutiny.” - is it possible that he would now concede to following Brigadier Bio from behind...

Alpha Bah wasted no time in characterizing the party that Alhaji Yumkella hastily put together with the rather pompous name “National Grand Alliance” as nothing less than the “excrement of the SLPP. Can anyone deny that the NGC is largely made up of the excremental waste of the SLPP? What is new here? And who are the progressives? And what change will these tired, and spent-out forces bring to the country?” Now, I don't know if any member of the SLPP ever said that Alhaji Yumkella was the leader of the SLPP's excrement, in which case it's reasonable to expect that such a proud man of Sierra Leone who puts Sierra Leone first would like to campaign for members of a party that has been referring to him as their excrement.

Yesterday someone was telling me that ”He will be lucky if he wins his home county, Kambia.” Indeed, he could be lucky or unlucky. He knows and can take some consolation in the saying that goes, sometimes a prophet has no honor in his own country...

Talking about excrement, as you may have noticed the Diaspora and local sycophants are no longer dancing their kaka-debul dance around him. It's only a matter of time before they start taking a distance to him. We should be absolutely sure that he does not look forward to warming the opposition benches with his sorrowful behind for the next five years.

However, it's too early to be sure that he will no longer be beating his messianic chest. It's never too late to chase the presidency. So he may well resume beating his messianic chest again , in 2023 

Hon Teacher Conteh, did you follow this : The Women's Debate

The Streets of Adis Ababa , September, 2017

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Do opposition parties have a choice at this juncture? Samsumana destroyed APC in  Kono,  Yumkella has been a thorn in APC's back, blatantly exposing its corruption and Mansaray has  had his properties destroyed for his vocal criticism of APC.

If they join APC, they will lose credibility.
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When it becomes a two horse race, I believe people will go back to their original voting pattern. In which case, buh bye Murda(ra) Bio and back to years of APC! SLPP choosing Maada was purely selfish and not patriotic.
Cry Baby
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Kamara remember in politics there are no permanent friends or enemies but permanent interests. APC might strike a deal with its northern opponents to form a northern coalition if they help them win incase there is any run-off. So orman NEVER SAY NEVER! SLPP will not rule our country any time soon mark my words. If the shockwaves sent by the Mendes' voting pattern is any indication to go by then I foresee all northerners and non-Mendes abandoning the SLPP. A voting pattern which exposes the Mendes as insular and confirms the Temnes as cosmopolitan has sealed the fate of the SLPP. This election has confirmed that only five percent of Mendes can be politically trusted and as I am writing now there is a strong anti-Mende sentiment in Freetown and other northern areas. 
Teacher Conteh
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Honorable Cornelius,

I have not heard from you in a long time.  Did you abandon the deal?  Hope not.  Now to the point.  If there is run offf, and I say if because there are strong indications and rumors going around that the Brigadier will pull away in the next 50% of votes and win the race on a first ballot.  But let's just assume that there is going to be runoff.  I forsee the APC being humiliated in ways that we have not seen in Salone politics.  Samuel Samsumana and Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray are not hiding their alliance with the Brigadier.  They have been humiliated by the APC and are now permanent enemies of that party.

The Alhaji may play hard to get.  But as you and I know, the man grew up an SLPP pikin.  And his vociferous attacks on the APC of late means that he will not put his credibility on the line by joining forces with that repugnant political outfit. 

As I write, there are reports that a delegation of paramount chiefs will be making their way to the Alhaji next week for serious talks concerning the Alhaji's endorsement of the Brigadier.  It must be noted that the Alhaji and the Brigadier have had political differences but have never had personal differences.  I see them forming an alliance to oust the despicable APC from power.  Besides, the Alhaji himself, his wife, Mrs. Philomena Yumkella, his running mate, Andrew Keilie, and the wife of Keilie, Mrs. Helen Keilie, all grew up SLPP pikins.  They will not be opposed to coming back home.

Honorable Cornelius, the APC is operating in a terrible historical circumstance.  The party is hated for impoverishing the country.  I grew up an APC pikin but had to dump that party because as a teacher, I am starving on a meager salary that is less than $200 a month.  The Brigadier has promised to look seriously into our grievances and we trust him.  Trust me, the Brigadier will be the next president of the Republic of Sierra Leone.
Cornelius Hamelberg
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Dear Kamara : Much respect!

Who escapes the judgments and indictmentsw of Psalm 14?

When Paul wrote to the Romans, “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God “ his “all” probably included everybody in the APC, the SLPP and the NGC too.

Nowadays, everybody is yapping and rapping about corruption. The NGC was giving some innocent folks the idea that perish the thought that one of them could ever be corrupt.

The way I see it, when it comes to judging who occupied the high moral ground in that presidential debate, Alhaji Musa Tarawally emerged as the clear winner. Just return to exactly what he said, at least he brought the Almighty into the picture...

Has the SLPP after Sir Milton Margai never been guilty of corruption?

Apart from Alhaji Yumkella, are there any stalwarts of the NGC who are as clean as a new born baby?

Is Sam-Sumana himself absolutely clean? Here, I'm thinking of the woman who they were about to stone to death for adultery, until Jesus said to them , let him that is without sin, throw the first stone

I'm writing this immediately after reading Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray's very sad compliant to Mohamed N’fah Alie Conteh, the National Electoral Commissioner. At this stage we cannot vouchsafe any truth to any of his allegations and of course we are to expect some more cry babies crying over spilt milk from some of the other weaker candidates who did poorly at the elections. I suppose that when it comes to the humiliating dimensions of Alhaji Yumkella's ignominious defeat everywhere including his home turf in Kambia the best thing for him to do, after all the previous big talk is that he remains quiet, since just a little SLPP or APC hanky-panky here and there would not have significantly added more votes for him or his moribund NGC. He has to face the sad reality that his baby elephant didn't fly after all. If he had declared his assets and liabilities – and made a big show it, just like Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray, he (Alhaji Yumkella) could have probably fared a little better.

But I am not mean-spirited, so I don't say, “ babu yai o!” to Alhaji Yumkella, instead, we wish him perseverance, humility and better luck next time.

You have said, “Do opposition parties have a choice at this juncture? Samsumana destroyed APC in Kono, Yumkella has been a thorn in APC's back, blatantly exposing its corruption and Mansaray has had his properties destroyed for his vocal criticism of APC. If they join APC, they will lose credibility.”

You say that “Yumkella has been a thorn in APC's back” - in spite of which Yumkella is not going to get more than 5 % of the total votes cast. What kind of thorn in the APC's back is that ? It seems that he has mostly been a thorn unto himself.

It's really not solely a matter of ”If they join APC, they will lose credibility” since the other party leaders and party members do not have to publicly declare for this or that party : As we all know, when citizen x steps into the the polling station it's a matter of “Secret Ballot” - a secret that if he so chooses , he/she shares only with God, the Almighty. Or as His Excellency John Ernest Leigh would put ít, it's between him and his conscience, when he famously said, ” take the money , but vote your conscience

I invite you to take a look at the map in this article Test for democracy in Sierra Leone, and to tell us to what extent that map has changed .

In my view, if the SLPP comes to power, the NGC will find them more difficult to dis-lodge than the APC...

For Knice : Some Bill Evans & Monica Zetterlund ( true, true)


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The map in 2007 and 2018 will be similar with a few exceptions. Neither APC nor SLPP is able to break into each other's territory. The deciding factor is who wins Freetown and kono decisively. SLPP was not able to do this but the NGC and CD4 were able to siphon enough votes to possibly force a runoff.
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Cry Baby:

The truth is people are tired of the APC corruption , arrogance and the disregard of the common man. It transcends tribe. I was in Sierra leone  a few years ago and chartered a temne taxi driver who complained bitterly about the APC govt corruption for over an hour.

People want a change , that is all. I hope Mahama and Jonathan can implore APC to accept the results. They also had to deal with the loss of power.

Ernest Koroma has to share some blame for the poor performance by APC

Imposing a Presidential candidate that was not democratically nominated by the party.

His general greed and excesses. Having an extravagant wedding for your daughter whilst the average man is struggling to eat.
Cornelius Hamelberg
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Hon Teacher Conteh,

My apologies for not replying earlier. I will soon declare my political allegiance..

I don't think that I would ”abandon” a good deal. The deal is on! As you know, “the taste of the pudding is in the eating”. At worst I should like to renegotiate; not that I seek any special advantage or would like to take advantage of any situation or anybody.

Re - that sour grapes Samuel Samsumana and Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray are not hiding their alliance with the Brigadier. They have been humiliated by the APC and are now permanent enemies of that party.”

Who do you put first: God or your country ? And Mother?

Rumour has it that it is indeed the SLPP that has humiliated Kotoh Yumkella by spitting on “the feet of paradise”, his blessed mother. Now according to my book that is an unforgivable sin. As Shakespeare's Henry V declaimed in another war context,

Dishonour not your mothers; now attest

That those whom you call'd fathers did beget you”

I'm sure that Alhaji Yumkella cannot be accused of shirk , nor are there any Muslims ( astagfirullah) who worship the Paopa Brigadier.

I know less about the Kono man. As for Kamarainba Mansaray, there are certain discrepancies in his cry-baby petition to the NEC. And how do you think that his APC Temne community will react if he tells all of his supporters to vote for the SLPP? I think that they will probably spit on him. That's exactly how Bobby Fischer reacted when the US told him that according to the UN, he could not take on Boris Spassky.

It's a crying shame that the Sierra Leone government of the day thinks that a humble teacher is worth $200 a month. In late 1969 he was worth £250 sterling a month. Whatever happened to the other crying need to educate “ the girl-child” as Pa Kabbah once put it - the program initiated by Sir Milton Margai? 

Please stay in touch because I'm expecting you too pick me up at the airport any day now...

Here's some woman power:Feminist strike Spanish revolution

Double double

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