After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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You may not have heard of me. Because, if you did, you wouldn't have asked me why I did not take time to reflect on the post-war SLPP achievements.

I was the SLPP Ambassador in Washington DC during the AFRC-RUF junta period. My work helped enticed international attention to the plight of SL at the mercy of Johnny Paul, Foday Sankoh, Charles Taylor of Liberia and others.

Once my theory of the war was universally accepted, the USA pushed UK to intervene, upgraded and funded ECOMOG, funded UN Peacekeeping and donor nations flooded the country with aid to pacify the people, funded the government, rebuild the country and began infrastructural development.

I was an Insider in all these arrangements at the USA end. Sure, there were some good works done by the SLPP. No question about that. But instead of grabbing the ball and run with it towards permanent national development, SLPP insiders became recklessly side-tracked by enjoyment, favoritism and mind-bugging corruption. You might have heard of the phenomenon named Wu Teh-Teh! That was aid money for the people from donor nations that the glutinous in SLPP abused with reckless abandon.

No-one would confront them on corruption. But I did. In Washington, I heard of the high lever of malice toward me inside the party and the SLG. Shortly after the May 2002 massive SLPP election victory, I was quietly sacked in September.

In December, the UK Minister of Overseas Development was in Freetown to complain about wall-to-wall corruption. SLPP crooks ignored Kabbah's plea to end their wayward ways. The response was a FULL MENDE successor for Kabbah.

SLPP held no Mini-Convention in March 2004 as constitutionally required. The September 2005 nominating convention in Makeni turned out to be a "con-Bention" under rogue leadership, rouge arrangement and a rogue agenda.

In May 2006, international aid to SLPP was terminated for corruption and road construction soon came to an halt. Simply put, SLPP made a mess of a very beautiful opportunity.

The 2002 huge SLPP victory was huge compensation for the SLPP achievements. I resigned from the SLPP in 2011 and enrolled in the APC in 2012. And I am here advocating for the Rebranded APC.

*©His Excellency Ambassador John Leigh*


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