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Ali Babba And 40 Others
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APC-USA Newly Installed Chairman Unisa I.B. Kanu near Impeachment, and on Political Life-support for Failing to Account for $43, 000.00 Branch funds.



By Arolyn I. Koroma

APC-USA Chairman Unisa Kanu’s administration had misappropriated forty-three thousand and one hundred ($43, 100.00) dollars of the APC-USA Branch’s funds is about to be muzzled. The yet, to be reported funds from the inaugurations event of March 18, 2017, is inaccurately rumored as sixteen thousand dollars, but I will conservatively put the sum at twelve thousand dollars.(Inauguration funds at $12, 000.00, funds from the former interim $16,500.00, President E.B. Koroma’s donation in New York $4, 500.00, Women’s Wing $2, 500.00, 86 executives 7, 600.00) the chairman’s refused to give a financial report that will put to rest all financial speculations of misappropriation or embezzlement are significantly hurting him.

He failed to act as a leader of a Branch, instead he leads from behind the scenes, by calling his friends who are .chapter’s presidents to investigate and audit him Rumors had it that the chairman Unisa Kanu denial and confession. He had assured them that he wills p ay the illegally spent funds. But the issue now lies upon his wounded credibility, transparency trustworthiness and the capacity to lead.

As the investigation continues, he, and his administration are on political life-support. He probably have only days and week to learn of his fate, which either allows him to forever wobble along the Diaspora political stage, or wrap his fate as the former inept leader of Diaspora’s largest and most populous satellite. The chairman is leaning on the chapter presidents for support so that he will continue his two years tenure. But the problem to the route he is embarking upon is that, if the chapter presidents agreed, but what about the various chapter memberships who are contributing these funds?

The general membership who had the rumors are skeptical and questioned the rationale and the tactics. Will they continue to supply funds to an administration that does not give a financial report and the chairman still refuse to cooperate with the secretariat’s authorized investigating team?

The Freetown secretariat told Chairman Unisa Kamu and Diaspora that, there is no point to have the Chapter Presidents investigate or audit the administration, because the National Advisory Committee (NAC), under the chairmanship of former interim Leader Ibrahim Sanpha Kamara had been empowered to select an investigating team. That means the only investigation team’s result that will be accepted by the Freetown Secretariat is the North American National Advisory Council (NAC) selected investigation team, and it is also the result that will be accepted by the Diaspora Stakeholder Council (DSC), which dug up the financial malfeasance /misappropriation and brought the complaint.

Even though Chairman Unisa Kanu and a hand-picked of his executive are not cooperating with the investigation and are playing delaying tactics. The Freetown administration opposed suspending him and his administration without proven evidence of guilty. From this clause, it is believed that the secretariat will support the most stringent measure, including dethrone. “Should there be an evidence of a member (s) found guilty of financial misappropriation or embezzlement. Such members as per party constitution and by-laws, the individuals will be asked to relinquish their positions, and the positions can be filled immediately by new appointees.

In APC-USA National Branch, it means the installation of a new Interim Administration, because keeping him will stagnate progress and will be counter-productive, in reference to a similar situation which collapsed the Branch for four years.

When the above happens, the branch will revert to the chairman/Interim Chairman and his five or seven officials, including an adviser and the fifteen Chapter Presidents. The Youth League Leader and the Women’s Wing Leader have always been appointed by the Chairman or Interim Chairman. While the Chapter Presidents appoints their Women leaders who are the executives in the National women’s Wing. This has been the standing order, and APC-USA National enjoyed relative peace and good governance for seventeen years. The APC Party is interested in APC-USA National to be able to solve its own personal affairs/problems in the Diaspora. The secretariat can only be involved in extreme internal situations that Diaspora cannot solve.

On a meeting held on June 18, 2017, the chairman ordered that nobody should ask a question regarding the approximately $43,000.00 which is bringing the Branch to a standstill. He is only interested in the next fundraising under discussion (funny/laughable). For many members, it will be a mistake to do another fundraising without transparency and accountability. Chairman Unisa Kanu must first give an account of $43,100.00 of the Branch funds that is not being accounted for. As a result, all eyes are on the investigation and audit report.
The leadership has lost its moral ground to lead the most respected, largest and most populous Branch in the Diaspora. The member’s minor complaints to the leadership Joseph B. Kumara, Vice Chair 1 and Memunatou Conteh, Vice Chair2 were neglected, ignored and allowed to breed and escalate to an uncontrollable proportion. The complaints are now flooding the Chairman’s desk, as the membership awaits.

As the September 6, 2017 APC Party Convention looms, the possibility of the current chairman leading USA to the convention is doubtful. The representation of APC-USA National is dependent upon the result of the investigation and auditing, which the chairman is not taking seriously. An administration which rules in the darkness by only calling (Buddies) chapter members who condone his actions to help him shove the branch’s financial matters under the rug is shameful, absurd and it is a thing of the past. The Bai Bureh Times newspaper is closely monitoring the trend of events, as some of the chapter presidents want to be part of the bigger problem.

The likelihood of an Impeachment in a U. S judiciary court in other to protect the membership funds will be a thin of the present, as the D. S. C.try to protect the funds of the APC-USA Branch and set a precedent for future leaders and embezzlement which will end up in court.
Thus, the structures you found today were strengthened in 2002. So, some of us will not sit by and do nothing to save the Branch from unscrupulous members’ activities to destroy it.

With regards to the financial investigation, the fallowing had cooperated and had been interrogated by the investigating team: Abdul Modi Kargbo, APC-USA, General Secretary, Madam Abie Bangali Mansaray, APC-USA Treasurer, Patrick Pearce, APC-USA National Organizing Secretary and Rashid Bangura, APC-USA Fundraising Director. The only two who refused to cooperate are the Chairman and his Financial Secretary.

As a matter of fact, in a meeting held on June 18, 2017, the chairman and some of his executive opened the meeting by addressing that “no questions regarding the $43, 100.00 will be entertained”. Chairman Unisa Kanu forgot the fact that how the administration spent the money is what is important between him and the investigators.

The Chapters where the respective funds originated are public information, because members know who contributed, when they contributed and how much they contributed. The 86 member executive was meant to add value to the branch, which will allow funds to nobly be collected and trickle down to the APC Parent body, but instead, the collected funds has been turned to “operation pay yourself”, which the leadership believed to be a BUFF-CASE.

For long, the party headquarters respects Diaspora as being vital in the progress of the party, financially and otherwise, and as such all efforts are made to encourage and solidify the branch to allow peace to reign, but the leadership hardly give a chance to achieve prolong stability.At the moment, President Ernest B. Koroma and the Secretariat are hugely disappointed by the newly installed APC-USA National administration Boss to misappropriate approximately forty –three thousand dollars ($43, 100.00) in less than six months. If the investigation comes out to be embezzlement, it means Chairman Unisa Kanu and his administration “must go” the branch will accept nothing less.

Of course, presently, Chairman Unisa Kanu only e encourages the Chapter presidents to investigate his administration and pleaded with them to preach a payment plan of the illegally used funds and then be allowed him to continue leading the Branch.

Little did Chairman Kanu remembered that he lost the chairmanship to former chairman, who misused only six thousand (6,000.00) dollars in six months. He, Chairman Unisa Kanu went all out behind the scene to see him exit the political stage by force. Now that it is his own turn, he wants to play a game of hide and seek. We have no sacred cow, when it comes to our Branch’s funds. The chairman’s administration is on life-political support. Can he get out of it without burses? Doubtful it appears.

The after effect of a chairman who is found guilty of financial embezzlement and he request to stay as a leader will frustrate the efforts of the majority, who wanted to conduct fundraising events in other to financially assist the APC Party win 2018, General Elections. The lack of confidence on the chairman will chock the progress of the branch. The membership will ever remain skeptical of where their hard earned funds will go next? Can chairman Unisa I. B. Kanu survive this phase without burses? Boatful it appears. (part 3 of part 5).

Arolyn I. Koroma, Editor-in-Chief. The Bai Bureh Times
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I have problems making sense what the article wanted to convey. It is too wordy and complicated. Policy makers can use this as one tangible evidence of the depth of collapse of the nation's education system. Sierra Leone is doomed   
Roto Rata
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The article is poorly written and without coherence. All the author focused on was misuse of funds and removal of office of the accused whilst an investigation is going on. The author sounds as judge and jury; and like someone who has a beef with the chairman.
Capo Di Tutti Capi
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I fail to comprehend why some of these newspapers with mediocre editors are even permitted publication opportunities. Some of these guys masquerading as journalists do not even possess diplomas not to talk of basic degrees but are allowed to operate.Why is Salone going downhill in the education sector? Even Gambian newspapers are dwarfing ours in all aspects of news quality.

The whole article smacks of ambiguity and equivocation.
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