After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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APC Desperadoes
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Opposition folks are pigeon-brained and outrightly stupid.  How do the utterances of a single  individual indict an entire political party? 

Besides, what is so outrageous about the lady's narrative?  Does constructing a building in 12 months necessarily equate to corruption?

It is this desperation especially of the APC and its obsession with power that will make it lose in 2023 by a historical margin.  Maada Bio will kick their laimpays in 2023 like nobody's business.
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"Opposition folks are pigeon-brained and outrightly stupid.  How do the utterances of a single  individual indict an entire political party? 

Wow! Wow! And  you are calling "opposition folks" stupid. You really mean all of them? Dis boy fool oh. Seems like this hit you real hard 
Hell bound
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God did not give it to you, %I@c#, it is stolen money. You came out of nowhere and now you are showing off with a big house. SLPP thievery is being exposed.
From FB
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The Stench of Daylight Corruption is Strong in and Around State House.

From Morning Waters to Afternoon Sleaze, Fatmata Edna Kargbo’s testimony is false. A video is making the rounds on Facebook of Sierra Leone’s Chief of Protocol, Fatmata Edna Kargbo giving a testimony somewhere at the T. B. Joshua SCOAN Altar complex. In the video, the voice of a lady presumably Fatmata Kargbo attests to the blessings of God in her life over the past 15 months. She displayed her appointment letter from the elected President Bio, to serve as his State House Chief of Protocol in May of 2018. Her position is influential because she controls access to the Head of State of the Republic of Sierra Leone. In the video also, she showed another appointment letter; this one as an ambassador at large. Then came the BIG one-She presented photos of a palace like mansion somewhere by the seaside suburbs of Freetown which she claimed to have only completed after “coming in contact” with T. B. Joshua’s Morning Water Ministries. Wow!

Madame Fatmata Edna Kargbo, then thanked God for blessing her with riches untold since her appointment as Chief of Protocol. In her own words, “initially I was in a two-bedroom house, whilst I was constructing this house for ten years.” Fellow Sierra Leoneans, of late the Anti-Corruption Commission Boss is in the habit of taking hold of massive structures built by APC officials during the past ten years. Here is the question-why is Fatmata Edna Kargbo’s seaside palace not among the questionable properties open to investigations or seized? The answer is she is serving the SLPP that is in power. Furthermore, although SLPP officials are MORE CORRUPT than the APC, they currently enjoy immunity despite escalating corrupt practices ongoing in broad daylight under president talk and bull. Flaunting baffling wealth with a false testimony to God does not approve the practice nor does it sanctify the property. It reveals to the world that the SLPP government in terms of fraudulent activities and acquisition of overnight unexplained wealth is worse than the previous APC government.

Fatmata Kargbo, Chief of Protocol of His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio said, “Like I said there are so many other blessings. But I have chosen to talk about this for those who do not have faith to believe that there is a God. Even when things seem to be difficult if you believe in him and trust in him, he will lift you up from that test to a testimony that I am testifying today, thank you.” Yes! God blesses those who believe in him but in this case, Fatmata’s overnight wealth is more from her corrupt practice of “Influence Peddling,” than from God. Does anyone know how many thousands of dollars people pay for access to Maada Bio? How many millions she and her bunch of SLPP ROBBERS amassed in foreign accounts outside Sierra Leone? No wonder the Leones keep falling. But let me ask-What kind of God is this, that blesses someone with what they don’t need and forget about the thousands languishing in slums and ghettos of Freetown? Is He only the God of the government in power? Or the God of the powerful instead of the powerless?

Perhaps it is time for Sierra Leoneans to rethink our perceptions about God. Because the God of the Bible was not the God of injustice nor was He the God of crook politicians. God was and still is the God of “the least of these.” The God the prosperity preachers of Africa now make a loud noise about, is like a parasite that takes every penny away from the poor to give it to the few who already have more than enough. This kind of god is greedy, and shows no sympathy for the masses. The God we must seek after is the Great I am that I am who speaks and acts on behalf of the afflicted, the brokenhearted, the wounded, the abused, the dejected, the oppressed, the neglected, those bearing the heavy load of poverty, and those struggling to survive from day to day. With so many injustices in the land, it's time to reject the God who only favors the rich and famous politicians. Fatmata Kargbo have questions to answer. For example, what was her source of income for the past 10-years to have constructed such a huge mansion? We must investigate her in public (since the ACC won’t do it) for using her position and political influence for the last 15-months in exchange for millions of Dollars. No wonder the SLPP government can’t do anything about the bread and butter issues because they are busy living the good life and amassing colossal wealth at the expense of the poor people of Sierra Leone, and mocking God by taking His name in vain. The smell of daylight corruption is strong in and around State House. Na so ar say.

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Foreign Observer
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Originally Posted by KL

Which one be Shoshial Media my friend ???can someone help me laugh please?
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