After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Fen Plaba!
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Bra Enviable called Kabs Kanu a pig masquerading as a human being, a disgusting human being, and a satanic reverend swimming in a cesspool of corruption. Kabs Kanu heartily retaliated by calling Bra Enviable a tribalistic bigot with a particular fondness for eating human flesh, especially of the APC kind. And this is just the appetizer! I'm telling you, everybody go get your popcorn and soda. Bintumani dae cam boil, bobs. Leh d case wammm! Hehehe!
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Tehehehe, I thought that was pretty funny too, Kabs thinking he could best Bra E. You know Kabs is desperate when he starts in with the cannibal insults he pilfed from the old pervert Dr. Curtis Thomas, and now he even uses his own name to dish out that old colonialist trash. On Cocorag he always used fake monikers, lol.
Bra Enviable
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Greetings, my dear professor and young lady, Sage. Compliments of the season.

Fen Plaba:  Bra, Kabor. Kabs Kanu is apparently unaware of the contempt in which his outrageous behavior is held,  by conscious Sierra Leoneans. All the APC-inflicted crimes against humanity which Kabs Kanu's propaganda whitewashes on a daily basis, are almost treasonous in law-abiding societies. Few days ago, for example, victims of the tragic mudslide in Freetown were evicted from the rat-infested building they occupied. Although millions of dollars were donated by sympathetic governments and relief agencies, the victims of that disaster had to slum it in an inhabitable compound, where they were kept like consigned commodities. Like Ebola, like mudslide.

Ernest Koroma's APC is a money-grabbing syndicate which thrives during disasters that kill thousands of Sierra Leoneans.  As a so-called Christian who lives in the United States, Kabs Knows that in a law-abiding society like America, the embezzlement of such funds can lead to prosecutions and imprisonments of those involved.  Shamelessly unprincipled, Kabs is now trying to warm his way into Samura Kamara's heart, so that the dishonorable paychecks can continue, when Ernest Koroma succeeds in imposing that idiot and clueless man,  Samura, on the people.  Kabs has fallen so deep in love with depravity that he no longer has a sense of shame.

Bra Enviable.
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Kabs will be laughing again after the election in March. Bra E, Sage and other APC haters will go back to hibernation for another 10 years. Sometimes I wonder why these folks hate their country government more than the international community. Have you ever asked yourself why Sierra Leone is still receiving tremendous international support, including financial support, despite your screaming on this forum? It is because the trust this government despite some of their shortcomings. They have done their analyses and have determined those shortcomings are a 1000 times better ithan when your preferred candidate, Mad Bio, was in power. Tell me, what did Mad Bio did for the country that qualifies him to be a president?
Fullah Town
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"Bra Enviable called Kabs Kanu a pig masquerading as a human being, a disgusting human being, and a satanic reverend swimming in a cesspool of corruption."  Fen Plaba

Bra Enviable could not have said it better.   For a so-called man of the cloth to descend so low as to be licking Ernest Koroma's red APC 'backsye' , forces one to ask how much is this so-called reverend being paid?  Does he make a million dollars a year? 

It is shame that an educated man living in opportunity-laden America can bring himself down so low for a job.  Shame!!! Shame!!!
One of the Kamara boys
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Kabs Kanu, in his own words, said "I am back to help reinvigorate and electrify the forum" and God gracious Zak, the prof., Fen Plaba are now risen from......

But I am still waiting for the Bra to respond to my question whether he is now on the KKY bandwagon. Professor Sengbe asked me not to tell anyone but he is very impressed with KKY and might just jump on the bandwagon. By the way where is the little rascal who called himself paopa diehard? He must be chasing this eighteen-year olds in the east coast.
Peeper Johnson
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Bra Enviable is a shameless hypocrite. This hater writes the worst about Krios on this forum and God bless forumites like KL who called him out. 
But now, all of a sudden, he cries like a baby when the favor is returned. Kabs is right there is too much hypocrisy going on here.
Criminal AFK
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Just ignore AFK/Peeper Johnson
Spectator 007
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@CA: Why would AFK use another handle? Is he still banned?
Spectator 007
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When one intends to start a political fight on a forum, unless you are of resilient “gbakanda” quality, it is important to have the right state of mind, and reliable allies ready to “tree-fut” opponents on your behalf.

And so it goes...”never bring a knife to a gun fight”.
Fen Plaba!
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And so it goes...”never bring a knife to a gun fight”....Specky

Yeah, just bring a Fangay.
Or d korkor pen nef.
Cam see way orl man dae lay. Hehe.

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This is going to be one hell of a showdown! Tolongbo Kabs vs Torkpoi Bra E reminds me of Ali vs Foreman way back in Kinshasa. Bra E comes across as one of the most restive streetsmart brats whose overconfidence is considered unprecedented by his generational friends. Kabs needs every tactical instrument at his disposal as well as those at the disposal of his allies to subdue a boy who thinks he can go it sans alliance. Kabs should employ a punching power that can be concretely detrimental but abstractly destructive.
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Alas Kabs seems to have ducked out of this one for now...

"This is CHRISTMAS  WEEK. Unlike you who do not have a life, I am taking my family on a Christmas bonanza  . I will not be here this week to respond to you. But be sure of this fellas. I will be back to take you on after Christmas. " - Kabs Kanu.
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Unu look oodat they call we cannibals in the SLPP nor! Fat Kabba Kanu??

The negro looks like he is the cannibal, with ee ugly FAT self.

Ormoss pipul u geh na u fat belleh, u mongrel?
Spectator 007
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So KK will be back after Xmas.

That’s the memdaykunda spirit I remember.

I wonder if he’ll come back alone or with an ally like that tranga bone...FM of NJ
Colonel Anta
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"That’s the memdaykunda spirit I remember. "  Spectator 007

Bra nor praise da big belleh man too mos.  Den go bos ihn belleh na Bintumani e go clap.
Spectator 007
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Colonel Anta,

Nar bin serious bout man before.

Sidom luk. Da Bra dae go train for cam redeem ihnsef.
Escape Route
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"This is CHRISTMAS  WEEK. Unlike you who do not have a life, I am taking my family on a Christmas bonanza  . I will not be here this week to respond to you. But be sure of this fellas. I will be back to take you on after Christmas. " - Kabs Kanu. This is one of the most effective escape routes!

Specky do you know that the rules of war dictate the creation of a functioning escape route before launching an attack or going on any kind of offensive? Especially when your opponent is a formidable one! Kabs knew his latest adventurism will not go down well with certain forumites. The rapid response comprising of the most modern sophisticated war arsenal coupled with some shaolin martial arts hand-to-hand combat was enough to send Kabs rushing to his escape route like an outnumbered stray dog at 'Kongo markit'.

Bra way tension high you get for run go hide forss. Nor to fraid oh, nar for go pick more sense. Kabs dae kam back very strong for kam broke Torkpoi Bra Enviable een troki kanda.
Enjoying The Sef Fire
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You guys are funny. People are doing everything to see a mother of all battle on this forum. Hhehehehe.
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