After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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David Samura
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 "The NPRC only succeeded in overthrowing the APC in 1992 because of the very weak leader in charge at the time and the over-confidence of the party. If the APC had fought back, there is no way that the NPRC boys scouts would have succeeded. The APC, remember, had enough firepower with the SSD and the regular army but the weak and useless leader then had sat down and allowed the grass to grow under his feet. He had not even provided arms for his soldiers. Who dat bin Craiss bring coup nar Pa. Shaki in doe mot ? All those who tried did not live to tell the story."-Kabs Kanu

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Kabs Kanu will turn on Ernest Koroma and the APC once they are out of power.  The man is not loyal to any political party.  His loyalty is only to himself.
Spectator 007
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I wonder if JSM would have prevailed if he had asked the SSD to put up a fight?

Seems to me he figured the army was not on his side, the SSD would have lost in a confrontation, and wisely decided to "lay" (flee) saving his skin.

When Bangura launched his coup against Shaki, Shaki knew he was not in a strong position because he did not have support in the army. He had known this for some time prior to the abortive coup. So he wisely got Guinean soldiers to act as bodyguards. They saved him on the second day of the coup when Bangura's men launched an attack on th PM's office. Shortly after, Guinean jets entered the fray, flying high and low over the capital...scaring the living day lights out of our armed forces.
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I am loyal to the APC,  but I am also loyal to the truth. hehe. Momoh was useless , that was why we got overthrown. I will not turn on the APC IF WE EVER leave power because I am part of the government .I am not an ordinary member. I am a key member of the government and will continue to defend our policies that are defensible.

By the way, sorry guys for being away for sometime. I am back to help lively up things here. I just got a suitcase full of Sierra Leone newspapers . The newspapers are rich with information, innuendos , gossips, titbits about the coming elections. I will be posting some interesting topics here.

online Sierra Leone New
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most of them are online and most of us do read them regularly.
Kabs kanu
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What you have online is a tiny fraction of the newspapers in Sierra Leone. Most key newspapers like the Daily Mail, the Guardian, the Blade, New Storm, Newswatch, Unity (The mouthpiece of the SLPP) , We Yone (The APC newspaper ), the New Vision , etc .are not online.
online Sierra Leone News
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OK then

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