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Good infrastructure will not necessarily bring football fans back to the national league.  A brand new stadium was opened in Bo in 2015 and there has not been a change in the attitude of football fans. They are still crazy about the European leagues.  Nigeria and South Africa have good infrastructure relative to football.  Yet fans in those countries prefer to watch European leagues.

I believe that what we seeing in football today is the effect of globalization.  Of course you may argue that globalization has always been there, which is correct.  But globalization has developed in stages.  The latest stage which started in the early 1980s has unleashed a massive improvement in global communications systems.  

Thus, more than ever before, the average guy in Batkanu  now has easy access to developments in Europe and America.  And with the globalization of football, which has seen Africans been recruited by European clubs en masse, it makes every sense in the world for the African football fan to follow the exploits of his compatriots in Europe.

I have earlier elucidated my thoughts on how to bring the fans back to the national league.  I stand by those thoughts.
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The thought about globalization and its influence on football fans never crossed my mind. Very strong point indeed! But when I speak about infrastructure, bear in mind that human contributions are part of the infrastructural package. Local football can be packaged and sold to football fans regardless of the foreign leagues they watch on television.

Consider your own words for granted :
"But they now have what they call community/area leagues.  These leagues are held at the Parade grounds and other less important fields in the Eastend of town.  You would have to go to these places early on match days to be able to watch a game.  That tells you how the games would be jam packed."

What you have there shows there is still interest in local football and plenty of wealth waiting to be tapped. Try installing better and bigger television screens inside the stadiums for starters. Take the business away from the local sport bars by bringing European football into the stadium before or after local matches. Make the chaki chaki available by opening bars and lounges at each intersection of the stadium. For those who can't afford the lounges, take the beer to them on the stands and then all man go tell en neibar say e dae ya en dae sen am go dong.

A good promoter can bring local bands and other performer to entertain fans.  If and when possible,  foreign teams can be invited to play each other or against a local or our national team. 

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