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The Good Game
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My condolences to the Dumbuya family for their profound loss. I also think it is appropriate and commendable for the government and especially the president, to express their sorrow over the loss of any Sierra Leonean of stellar accomplishment. It is in this vein that I now bring to the fore, my disappointment in the governments lack of statement of ant kind on the passing about a year or so ago of P.L. Tucker, the first Sierra Leonean head of the Civil Service.
Cornelius Hamelberg
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I should like to join you and I'm sure, many other concerned Sierra Leoneans in expressing not only disappointment (that's putting it too mildly & far too politely) but more properly, our utter dismay that as iconic a Sierra Leonean as Peter L Tucker (May the Almighty bless his soul) should pass unto the Hereafter, without any official acknowledgement not to mention appreciation and fitting eulogies from the sorrowful authorities that Sierra Leone now has in place as a government - it's deplorable - SHAMEFUL - for this sin-gle omission, they ought to be ashamed of themselves and repent - a government that is soabysmally lacking in common human decency, having deliberately failed to recognise the very patriotic Dr. Tucker's outstanding contributions to meritocracy in the Civil Service and thereby having failed to reward that excellence. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

This deliberate and inexcusable failure on the part the Ernest Bai Koroma's APC government is not due to wilful ignorance; I surmise, and correctly too, that's its due to the ancient pernicious tribalism that is still gnawing at its soul - a failure that often appoints and rewards mediocrity among its own political clans and shuns excellence - all to the detriment of the nation.

Beyond my own personal admiration and appreciation, Peter Tucker will not be forgotten easily. The last time I heard someone talking about him was way back when another great soul, Professor Cyril Foray was SL High Commissioner to the UK - he spoke highly of him and indeed at that time was in the middle of writing a review of The Tuckers of Sierra Leone, 1665-1914,+1665-1914+

To my own chagrin, I was informed years ago ( by the rumour mill/ kongosa box ) that Mr. Tucker had passed away: Didn't I know?

Likewise, a once dear friend, Babatunde Edward Blyden ( the father of Dr. Sylvia Blyden) also passed away without a tweet in this forum, and I only found out on his birthday this year when I posted happy birthday wishes and scrolled down too look at his other birthday greetings and read someone’s lines" Even in death, u re still a friend of mine on fb."...

Likewise, being so out of touch with my contemporaries, belatedly, the passing away of my dear friend Blyden Jenkins-Johnston of whom I had these few good words to say:

Sierra Leone : Blyden Jenkins-Johnston..


Cornelius Hamelberg
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I just came across this interesting titbit  and may their souls rest in perfect peace:
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Cornelius, I tried to get the book via Amazon but no luck. I will check some of my favorite sites that deal in out of print and used books. But just in case if you come across a vendor with this book in stock, please share their contact information with us on the forum.
Check It Out Here
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