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Guy Banga
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Another Third Force in Salone?  Third forces come and go - they get swept in the winds.  Ask Dr. Karefa-Smart and Charles Margai.
The wining Force
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Guy Banga, you're right a lot of third forces came and went but this is different.
This is the wining Force. For a party that cuts across regional as well as tribal lines, you're sure to get support from all regions and tribes of Sierra Leone.
Majority of the population is fed up with the two parties and needs a change of guard but has to be an unblemished individual. Kandeh can satisfy that criterion.
Guy Banga
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The wining Force,

I am one KKY member that will not follow Kandeh Yumkella to his new organization.  And I have good reasons for staying put.  One question is, would Yumkella have left the SLPP if SLPP folks had offered him the flag bearer position?  No way.  He left because he did not want to compete.  That makes him a weak man.

Second, is Yumkella going to allow anybody to compete with him for leadership of his new party?  No way.  That makes the man a dictator.

After next year's general elections, SLPP should make modifications to its constitution to include very stringent requirements relative to who should contest for flag bearer in the future.  Folks come from every nook and cranny of society to lead the SLPP because the party's democratic credentials make it open to any Joe seeking a leadership position.  But fact is, some of these guys do not have the party's interest at heart.  

Yumkella was never SLPP.  He was an opportunist.  While I wish him well, I am not sure where he is going to get his grand coalition to win the presidency.  Like John Karefa-Smart, Thaimu Bangura and Charles Margai before him, Yumkella's party will make some noise but in the end it will not get more than 3% of the votes in the presidential elections.
Reply with quote  #4 
Guy Banga
Reply with quote  #5 
I am not saying that Karefa-Smart and Thaimu Bangura got 3% of the votes when they ran for the presidency.  Please read my analysis again.

The late Karefa-Smart and the late Thaimu Bangura ran strong races in the 1996 presidential elections. Karefa-Smart finished second behind Tejan Kabbah and forced a run-off.  Thaimu Bangura, I believe finished third but decided to merge with the SLPP.

Yumkella is no Karefa-Smart or Thaimu Bangura hence I am predicting that he will get no more than 3% of the presidential votes.  

Karefa-Smart and Thaimu Bangura were political icons who spent years building their support in Salone.  Where is Yumkella's constituency in Salone?  If anything, the only things that Yumkella is known for is his arrogance and big fat ego.

The wining Force
Reply with quote  #6 
Guy Banga, stop fooling yourself. You belong to the paopa brigade and never follow Yumkella.
BTW, if the SLPP is going to amend the constitution, you must not forget to include "an end to the tribal hegemony" that has clouded the party. Without this, the party will continue to sit in opposition.
You talked about competition in the SLPP? Boy! You must be insane to think that anyone stand a chance against the chosen one.
You'll simply get killed.
My last message is Get rid of tribal domination in the SLPP before thinking of wining. Otherwise, the SLPP is only going to lead the southeast.
Reply with quote  #7 
I wish KKY luck, unfortunately he has made a monumental political mistake brought on  by impatience and arrogance. He would have been  wise to evaluate the political success of Charles Margai, John Leigh and Use Boi Kamara since they left SLPP.

If you are a genuine party member, you fight and make changes within, not run away when you do not get your way. That 's an opportunist. He has only confirmed  the negative impression certain diehard SLPP members had of him. 

Politics is a blood sport. Do not tread if you are not willing to sacrifice money and life. Unfortunately, Not everybody is lucky like Tejan Kaba to win the presidency upon his UN retirement.
Guy Banga
Reply with quote  #8 
Wining Force,

Before mounting an effective debate, try spelling "winning" correctly.  It is wrong to spell it "wining"

Secondly, do you really understand the term "tribal hegemony"?   The SLPP has always been a party that attracts folks from all tribal stripes, hence even the chairperson is a Temne from the North.  And don't forget other prominent Temnes in the Executive like Abass Bundu and Ali Bangura.

You see, I am tired of debating stupid and functioning illiterates with parrot brains of your ilk.  There is nothing sensible that can enter their thick skulls, stupid.
Guy Banga
Reply with quote  #9 

Great analysis.  The SLPP and the APC are so woven into Sierra Leone's political fabric that only a coalition with one of them would unseat the other.   I don't see any third political force upending both the APC and the SLPP.  Sierra Leonean voters are conservative.  They do not like dancing to the tune of a new messiah that they don't know.

The Winning Force
Reply with quote  #10 
Guy Banga, follow my message and forget my spelling mistakes . Atleast you know what I was trying to spell, he is unlike all the opportunists you mentioned. He's not there for cheap popularity like others. His main aim is transform the lives of our suffering folks and change the political dynamics in the country. You guys consider APC and SLPP as your religions, we, in the GNC are all about national cohesiveness.
The KKY is drawing support from all corners of the country.
He's the only unblemished person amongst a plethora of aspirants that have shown prudence.
Kamara, try and visit Sierra Leone to understand threat posed by the paopa brigade to destabilise the country.
The are widely hated by many except the likes of Guy Banga who still retains the ideology of Mende domination in the SLPP.
Giving executive positions to other tribes is not enough to exonerate the SLPP as a tribally, hegemonic party until you guys feel comfortable to elect a northerner to lead the party.
Until then you'll continue to suffer breakaway and don't even think of winning elections beyond parliamentary seats.
Guy Banga
Reply with quote  #11 
Winning Force,

Do you really know me to cast me as Mende and SLPP?  This is the problem with many folks that come here to debate.  They take the easy route by calling names as that disguises their weaknesses as debaters.

I live in Freetown and am privy to political information that many are not privy to.  BTW I was with the KKY movement for quite some time and can tell you that Yumkella is not the messiah that Sierra Leoneans are looking for.

One thing that I will tell many of you KKY guys is that like your leader you are making a serious mistake of annoying a big segment of the voting population in Sierra Leone - the Southeast.  You cannot be an effective leader by attempting to build capital on the back of attacking one of the largest and probably the most influential ethnic group in the country - the Mendes.  Come election time the Mendes will rub it in Yumkella's face.

Karefa-Smart was offered the SLPP flag bearer position in 1996.  He declined and went on to label the SLPP a Mende Man Party.  Tejan Kabbah gracefully accepted the leadership position and we all saw what happened to Karefa-Smart's career later.  This is the same APC trap that Kandeh Yumkella has fallen into.  Come March 2018 his ass will be put on a platter and handed to him.  It is quite a gargantuan task to join a few crazies and attempt to fight both SLPP and APC.
The Winning Force
Reply with quote  #12 
Guy Banga, please tell me why KKY is annoying 'one of the country's most influential group the mendes '
Is it because he abandoned the SLPP and form a new party? How right I am to say SLPP is Mende. You've just supported me on that by saying that KKY risk annoying 'the most influential group '
Guy Banga, are you really in Salone as you claimed? If so, then you're either blind to see how KKY has been a big welcome news. Or are you deaf that you cannot hear people of all tribal stripes singing from rooftops in praise for the bold step taken by KKY.
Or are you so deceptive that you'll only say what SLPP supporters want to hear and not the reality on the ground. People like us have craved for this moment. BTW, I'm a temne one of the ethnic groups that wanted a breakaway from the grand old APC. You must bear in mind that the temnes are just like a rope with so many tentacle in the shrub. Pull it, the entire bush will follow.
The temnes felt so disappointed by the APC that they're ready to call it a quit. They've not been able to do so for the lack of a credible individual now that we found him and he's ready to take us to the dream land what else.
KKY was scalded by one temne elder (name and region withheld) for joining the SLPP instead of going directly to the PPRC, though in a more humorous way.
Guy Banga, you're not really in Salone if you are, how could you have missed the rendezvous of celebration in Kambia and Koinadugu districts since the announcement of the GNC. These precincts provides the SLPP's only northern votes derived mainly from the susus, mandigoes and some yelonkas.
Having been pushed out of the SLPP by the paopa brigade with no condemnation from the party hierarchy, these people thought it's time to try not only one of their own, but someone with real conviction to move the country forward.
With the temnes being the largest voters of the APC jumping over to KKY plus some disgruntled Mende folks going for him together with independent voters around the country, it is safe to say that KKY is our next president.
Guy Banga
Reply with quote  #13 
Winning Force,

You are either an immature debater or you simply lack basic compressive skills.  Read my analysis again.  I argued that the KKY group are calling the SLPP a Mende Party.  Is that not factual?  Have you read the numerous interviews conducted with KKY members during Dr. Yumkella's membership in the SLPP and after his exit?  If that is what Yumkella's followers are saying would it not be logical to draw an inference that Mr. Yumkella believes that the SLPP is a Mende Party?  

And if it is logical to believe that Mr. Yumkella believes that the SLPP is a Mende Party then would it not be equally logical to believe that Mendes would be annoyed at such a tribalistic depiction of the SLPP?

Look man, political parties are corrupted by people.  So, no matter how many new political parties emerge in Sierra Leone as long as those parties are recycling the same corrupt Sierra Leoneans, don't expect anything to change to Sierra Leone.

Your godfather Yumkella would have stayed in the SLPP if he had been offered that party's flag bearer position.  And I am equally sure that he would have bolted to the APC if APC folks had offered him a similar position.  Same Sierra Leoneans.  They are all rotten to the core.

Come March next year, you and I will be seeing the coronation of either SLPP or APC in Sierra Leone.  Third force useless political forces do not work in Sierra Leone.  That country will always default to either SLPP or APC.
Ishmael Yillah
Reply with quote  #14 
Guy Banga,
Are you assuming that Sierra Leoneans are too dumb to shy away from APC and SLPP?
The Winning Force
Reply with quote  #15 
Guy Banga, I've not witnessed any of your innuendos about KKY calling SLPP a Mende man party. The man strongly believe in the one country one people ideology.
But let's face the fact brethren, is SLPP not dominated by the mendes and the general belief amongst SLPP supporters is that, the party is a Mende man party.
The idea that KKY would've stayed if he was offered the flag bearer position is false. All the man wanted was to have a level playing field. It doesn't matter if he loose as long as the party embrace the democratic ideals. It would have been enough to raise the hopes of belonging to a tolerant party which could have helped to sell the party nation wide.
But like someone said here sometime ago that SLPP is not really serious about winning elections, rather it's more interested in rewarding perceived hero's. The hierarchy knows fully well that a Bio candidacy is a Herculean task to win the presidency of Sierra Leone.
There's a general misconception in the SLPP that Bio is the only popular figure that can take up the so called mighty APC. They don't realise that the man's popularity is all for the wrong reason. And if he is so popular to win, why does he have to intimidate others? Is that not a strong sign that he doesn't even believe in his popularity?
Reply with quote  #16 
"I've not witnessed any of your innuendos about KKY calling SLPP a Mende man party."  Winning Force.

Are you with Kandeh Yumkella all the time?  OMG, the way some of you fools argue on this forum.  Does Yumkella know you?

"But let's face the fact brethren, is SLPP not dominated by the mendes and the general belief amongst SLPP supporters is that, the party is a Mende man party."  Winning Force

By that same logic is the APC a Temne party?

I agree with Guy Banga that it is the same disgruntled and corrupt Sierra Leoneans that are going to populate Kandeh's party - different party, same rotten people.  Hehehehe

You guys better start fighting APC and leave SLPP alone.  You losers.

Do you know what GNC stands for?  It stands for GRAND NONSENSICAL COALITION. LOL!!!

The Winning Force
Reply with quote  #17 
KKY is the only alternative for Sierra Leoneans have to transform the nation.
BTW, who is more foolish than you Anderson? When you attempted to use the temne to satisfy your tribalistic urge. The APC has never been dominated by the temnes nor has it ever had a temne flag bearer contrary to the mendes hegemonic SLPP. Infact, the APC is known to be more accommodating to all tribes. In other words, it's open to everyone regardless of tribe. As long as you're a member you can contest for the flag. The ground is open for you. A typical example is Ernest Koroma who came from PDP to clinch the flag and was subsequently elected president. This can never happened in the SLPP. Only over Maada Bio dead body.
Reply with quote  #18 
Hope it is not the same SOS.
Reply with quote  #19 
Winning Force,

Now I see why others get frustrated with your foolishness and idiocy on this forum.  Stop polluting the forum with your ignorance and denseness.

 Yesterday you were Temne boy and today you are Winning Force.  But what remains is your profound stupidity and emptiness relative to comprehending basic issues.  

I have no interest in arguing with a grown man with a level of intelligence that equates with an infant.  

You are better off going back to elementary school and learning how to construct basic sentences in English than making yourself a fool on a public forum under the guise of a  pundit.  It is this rottenness that is inherent in Sierra Leoneans of your ilk that is responsible for where Sierra Leone is today.  Typical primitive APC Temne bum. They will never debate without professing how grateful they are for being born Temne.   Bye fulumunku ehn lielondo.
Ishmael Yillah
Reply with quote  #20 
I always wonder why the Pa-o-pa boys cannot debate with civility. Must you use foul language to put your points across?

Hint: Banga and Anderson
Temne boy
Reply with quote  #21 
 Temne Boy has better things to do than to waste time with your gutter self. I suggest you stay with the topic and get out of the gutter. It is just that easy to do. 
Big Joe
Reply with quote  #22 
Wow!!! Anderson is a real heavyweight hitter.  

Ismael Yilla and Temne boy,

Bintumani is not for the faint-hearted.  If you are weak, don't resort to name calling.  When you resort to name calling as you guys always do, you will get battered beyond repairs.

Anderson for president.  The guy can hit where it hurts. Hehehehehe
Fatty Matter
Reply with quote  #23 
Lets stay of subject and make this easy for everyone. From Kychom, to Bo, to Njala KKY's dream has always been to lead. He led students at both CKC and NUC. Some would say he used clandestine means to achieve those positions. 

He became Sec Gen during his junior year at NUC.  He was elected President of the SU during his sophomore year. Sierra Leoneans are looking for good men and women to lead our country, but find issues with KKY's background. We sincerely hope and pray his spin doctors will help with answers to some these issues.   

How did his fickle stewardship at NUC/SU end? Why was  there a student inspired, ACRM-type revolt against his leadership? Did he use his position as SU President to advocate for resources on behalf of the SU?  Why did the students challenged him on how he managed the meagre financial resources of the SU? Was this the reason for the ACRM -type revolt?.    
What qualifies KKY for the office of President of the Republic? Is (was) he a tax payer? At his age, what contribution(s) has be made to the socio-economic development of his village, let alone the country? Has he ever voted in any election?  Does his less than 2 years of work as Trade Secretary in the NPRC regime qualify him to know the plight of the average worker in Sierra Leone? Besides those 2 years in the NPRC, has he ever worked in Sierra Leone? Does this matter?  Why is KKY parroting his  UN years as something 'good' for our country?    

Reply with quote  #24 
I expected better from KKY . Sierra Leone is supposedly democracy and KKY is free to do what he wants as I am free to offer my opinion.I wish him luck. I think he made a mistake. You have be patient in politics and wait your turn as it will surely come. Do you think Mike Pence is happy working under crazy man Donald Trump. He has to be patient until his time comes up. African politicians need to be patient and wait their turns.
on the dole
Reply with quote  #25 
Fatty Matter,

at least KKY has not been jobless since 1996, a good 21 years. Your man has either been on the dole all these years or has a slush fund, accrued from his NPRC days, hidden somewhere. That is the logical answer to the question of how has the man sustained himself all these years.

He is now day dreaming to get back to state house to replenish or top-up the dwindling slush fund.
Reply with quote  #26 
Looking at the public records of all the declared candidates and what we can decipher about their integrity and characters, I remain of the opinion that Yumkella is the best person to bring transformational change to our country. My assessment is that all the others will be incremental at best or worse still, risk actual taking the country backwards. Yumkella leaving SLPP has not changed my judgement. His candidacy was one of the factors behind my choosing to join SLPP over two years ago. I will however not be joining him in his new party.

I wish him and the Grand Coalition well and if he wins the presidency I will be celebrating alongside his supporters. I however choose to stay within SLPP and if at some point I actually get tempted into active political participation, then I would hope, in my own small way, to contribute towards helping to develop SLPP 2.0 as a modern, inclusive, forward looking party with a democratic ethos and an appeal to all corners of our country.
Reply with quote  #27 
On the dole,

There is a misconception that many of you folks have about Maada Bio.  Bio has not been jobless for 21 years as you contend.  The man left Sierra Leone after handing power over to the SLPP for the United States in 1996.  He studied for six years at American University in Washington DC.  After finishing his Masters, he returned to Sierra Leone where he engaged in cocoa and coffee farming in the Southeast.  This is how the young man was able to build and consolidate his political base in the Southeast.  It took him years to accomplish that.

Kandeh Yumkella, on the other hand, may have all the good intentions for Sierra Leone.  But politics is about who they know.  It is a numbers game.  Yumkella cannot win Salone's presidency. He does not have support in a big chunk of the country - the Southeast.  And his support in the North is nothing to write home about.  His best route to the presidency was the SLPP.  But the man with the big ego blew it.

It must also be noted that those folks that would populate Yumkella's new party are the same folks that had spent years corrupting the SLPP and the APC.  So what new dispensation are these folks crying about.  Bo leh den lef we ya.
Fil Bothi
Reply with quote  #28 
The National Grand Coalition!

My question to the supporters of this NGC is, which other political party (ies) is/are in this National Grand Coalition?

As far as what has been said and written, no other political party as of now has join the NGC. This takes me to the next question- Are there plans to invite other parties to join the NGC? If yes, which party?

Currently, what I have seen of the NGC is that it is a break-away group of disgruntle SLPP politicians and supporters. Will the NGC attract disgruntle APC party members to join their rank?

As of now the only the prominent members of NGC  are Dr. Joe Demby and some others mentioned below. Dr. Joe Demby was someone who was mistakenly made  VP by the late Tejan Kabba to appease the South of the country in favour of Charles Margai who he was widely expected to appoint as his VP. It did not take long for Kabba  to realize that the man was bereft of ideas and leadership. He was sacked and replaced by VP Berewa. In revenge, Dr. Demby although he did not resign his membership of the SLPP in 2007, he decided to openly support Charles Margai PMDC. Now he has decided to follow Dr. Yumkella another of his CKS alumni to the NGC. If you grew up in Kenema in the 80s, you would have been amazed when Kabba appointed this once docile and reclusive GP as the VP for a party that had so much to do in 2007 as the country was in coma needing a worker and visionary to wake it up from its death bed. 

Dr. Yilla, a prominent medical practitioner in BO is another of the prominent members of the NGC. Dr. Yilla is a blood relative of Kandeh. It was because of Dr. Yilla that Kandeh relocated to Bo in the 70s and he subsequently decided to attend the CKS. It  would be a shock if Dr, Yilla had not join his nephew to the NGC.

Dr. Dennis Bright- This guy was a poor lecturer at FBC. He was not politically active until Kabba came to power. His brother was a strong Kabba supporter. In compensation  his brother who is now late recommended him to Kabba for a job. Kabba appointed him Minister of Sport and Youth even though he was not an SLPP member. Many SLPP supporters including the late SB Marrah kicked against his appointment. Kabba had to cut deal with SM Marrah who had also nominated Dr. Yembeh Mansaray to  seal Dr. Bright's appointment. Dr. Yembeh Mansaray was appointed Minister of Energy. It was only during his tenure as Minister that he  decided to register with the SLPP. However his tenure as minister was not felt as it was with other young minister like Alpha Timbo and Abass Collier. True to his colours, Dr. Bright took up international job a month after the SLPP lost to the APC in 2007. He became moot to all SLPP affairs. After his retirement last 2015, he returned to Freetown and he wanted instant recognition and respect. When he was not given what he wanted based on his inactivity in the party since the party lost power, he resigned on the ground that the party is tribalistics. His resignation letter was first published in the ruling government mouth piece tike the Patriotic Vanguard, Awareness Times and Cokorioko even before the SLPP secretariat could learn of his resignation from the party

These are the key players for now in the Coalition that have shown their faces. All of them were former members of the SLPP. 

It is worth noting that in many places around the world, it is the coalition of smaller parties with a major party in opposition that had always produce results to unseat the incumbent. This is what happened in The Gambia and now in Kenya.  However the NGC in Sierra Leone it seems is formed to destabilize the main opposition-the SLPP.

I would want to conclude by weighing in on the votes Dr. Karefa Smart and Thaimu Bangura got in 1996. Had the APC been organized as it is now, could Karefa Smart and Thaimu Bangura scored what they scored in the 1996 election? I do not think so but this could be another topic for discussion on this forum.

Reply with quote  #29 
Thanks Fil Bothi for the brilliant analysis.  As usual, you give an insight that is very revealing.

So in the absence of the coalition that the National Grand Coalition (NGC) wants us to believe exists, we can as well call the NGC the NONSENSICAL GRAND COALITION (NGC).
Reply with quote  #30 
Bambara Chiefdom,

you are yet to negate the assertion that he has not had a proper job for donkey years. His success/failure as a subsistent farmer in the Southeast or his failed business dealings in Ghana is insignificant.

Leave that Uni crap out of it. We have all crossed that path. The man is over 50 years and should be certainly approaching the twilight of his career by now.

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