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Coalition Media Team
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Are you guys not thinking about going around Salone and selling your candidate to the voters? 

Why campaign in cyberspace when 95% of voters in Sierra Leone don't have access to a computer?
Muyei Power
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Dramani, Have you forgotten that everyone in Sierra Leone now has a cell phone and has access to everything you see on facebook, WhatsApp Messenger et al.

More than 1 billion people in over 180 countries use WhatsApp to stay in touch with friends and family, anytime and anywhere. 

What you see being posted here gets copied and then forwarded to cell phones as text messages, facebook, twitter, radio stations etc, etc. 

Your naivite reminds me of a Muyei Power song back in the days that sand as follows:

You go sidom you fole you fut oh, Muye go lef you go, Oh yea yea Ee lef pan you oh.

Under the current statuss quo.

You go sidom you fole you fut oh,
KKY go lef you go,
Oh yea yea Ee lef pan you oh.
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Muyei Power,

First, it is not everyone in Sierra Leone that has a cellphone.  There are many without. 

Second, even with those that have a cellphone, there are many that do not have access to Whatsapp.  You have to pay to access Whatsapp in Sierra Leone.

Third, don't forget that APC and SLPP members also have access to social media.  Thus, the APC and the SLPP can also mobilize their supporters through social media just as the NGC can.

Fourth, Ochestre Muyei and Super Combo were founded in Bo, the center of the SLPP.  Do you remember the  song:

Bo B-O Bo, nar dae dis band comot mama ya nar Freetown Salone.

More power to SLPP and the Brigadier!!! 

Spectator 007
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NGC should not make the mistake of assuming their strong support on social media is directly correlated to strong support on the ground.

Now things can change in a few months time, but in my opinion, like ADP, they are currently underdogs in this campaign.

The internet is a useful tool in third world campaigns but there is a lot more involved to compete successfully against establishment parties.
Teacher Lambert
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Where have you been?  Many NGC members are bragging that they will win the presidency on the first ballot.

Spectator 007
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In my opinion, no party will win outright in the first round unless something fishy goes on.

Don’t see any party exceeding 35% of the vote in the first round but things could change as we get closer to Election Day.
Man on the Ground
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If the elections are free and fair, the Brigadier will get more than 35% of the votes.  He will win the first round with 40-45%.  Samura Kamara will come second.  Yumkella will come third with about 5 - 8% of the votes.

In the Southeast, the Brigadier will get the highest presidential votes that any SLPP candidate has ever gotten.  He will surprise many folks in the North and will be competitive in the Western area.

My projections are based on what I see and hear traveling around the country.
Spectator 007
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While you are on the ground, you and perhaps no one else has an credible opinion polling data to draw conclusions from.

NGC is a breakaway group from the SLPP and ADP is breakaway group from APC. Both breakaway groups will keep both main parties under 35% if things continue the way they are going. This view is based on recent bye election results around the country but is certainly not scientific.

Please keep us updated from what is happening on the ground.

Area Man
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Julius Bio is no way half as popular as Dr Kandeh Yumkella.

Bio's claim to popularity is as bogus as the lies he told when he lied to the American SLLP base that he was on his way to visit the US during his failed 2012 bid.

He did not bring any crowd to SLPP. The 100% SLPP crowd he met when he joined the party has now declined to about 38% thanks to his excess baggage of violence, disrepect for others and the law, kleptoism, egocentric tyrannic tendencies and more. So all along, Bio has been riding the SLPP crowd he met, that he built himself.

Conversely, Dr Kandeh Yumkella had no crowd two years ago. Today he has huge crowd build by his own character, and that crowd which keeps growing will definitely take him to state house in 2018.

Spectator 007
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“He did not bring any crowd to SLPP. The 100% SLPP crowd he met when he joined the party has now declined to about 38% ...” - Area Man

Why do think he has lost up to 62% of the base? What do you base this on...results of bye elections over the past few years....drop in registration...?

Please help me out here.
Man on the Ground
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Folks like Area Man are living in a fantasy land.  The two older parties, APC and SLPP still have the largest number of supporters in Sierra Leone.  APC have a new flag bearer in Samura Kamara, who is admired and loved by many.  Kamara will consolidate his northern base and ensure that APC wins the North.

Brigadier Bio is the most popular politician in the Southeast.  The core Southeasters are not leaving SLPP for NGC.  They believe that SLPP will serve their interests better than any other political party in Sierra Leone.  If NGC campaigns in Bo, Kenema and Kailahun, they will be received well but come election day, SLPP will sweep the Southeast.  We live in a country where politics is rooted in ethno-regionalism.  That will not change in 2018.

It is in the Western are that things are going to get interesting.  Yumkella may do well there but I still believe that the majority of the Northerners in the Western area will vote for APC.  Folks believe that Samura Kamara is a different man and that he will not govern in the way that Ernest Koroma governed.  Also, there has been a steady increase in the population of Southeasterners in the Western area.  They will vote for Bio and the SLPP.

I will never count the two older parties out under any circumstances.  Salone's body politic is so submerged into these two parties that I don't see them been upended by any new party any time soon.  That messiah for change is not yet born.  


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