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Kabs Kanu
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The news from Freetown today is that former UNIDO Director General Dr. Kandeh Yumkella will be breaking away from the opposition SLPP  to form his own political party , if the SLPP  anoints Retired Brig. Maada Bio as its presidential candidate for 2018, as widely feared .
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Yumkella's party would take more votes from the APC than it would from the SLPP.  While the North and the West would be exuberant about a Yumkella party, I am not sure the South and the East would be that enthusiastic.
kabs kanu
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KKY To Form A New Party

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Following the outcome of a consultative meeting of so-called Concerned Progressives of the SLPP held at the Port Loko District Council Conference Hall on Sunday 12th March, 2017 the following resolutions were reached; that they will no longer participate in any process spearheaded by the current National Executive of the SLPP to elect National Officers and the party’s Presidential standard bearer for the March 7, 2018 General and Presidential elections.

They also agreed to embark on a nationwide consultative meeting to arrive at a decision that will lead to the formation of a grand coalition that will contest the March 7, 2018 elections.

Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella

Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella

The Global Times has been reliably informed that, the leader of the KKY Movement, Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella is bent on forming a new political party that he will head as its flag bearer candidate.

It is likely that, a lot of people (mainly KKY supporters) will defect from the SLPP to join the new party that is to be formed by Dr. Kandeh Yumkella.


A spokesman for the KKY Movement told the Global Times last night that their leader, Dr. Kandeh Yumkella “will not take part in the coronation of Brig. (Rtd.) Julius Maada Bio at the Party’s National Delegates Conference slated for April 21, 22 and 23 2017 in Kenema.

Last Saturday, the Party’s NEC agreed unanimously to go ahead with their National Delegates Conference in Kenema next month.

A spokesman for the SLPP told the Global Times that, they will not give in to any blackmail tactic from the KKY Movement. “These people want to impose Dr. Kandeh Yumkella on the SLPP as flagbearer without the mandate of the party’s delegates…That is totally unacceptable  in a party that prides itself in democracy and the Rule of Law”, he said.


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I think Yumkella is smart enough to know that he would not succeed if he were form a new party. Let him ask what happened to last SLPP presidential that cross carpeted to APC when he lost the flag bearer mantle . Sierra Leonean politicians need to be sincere to their parties and work to build them ip

Reality Sucks
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Haven't read the article, but deducing from the headline, forming a new party, though long overdue, is common-sense thinking, especially at the time when both SLPP and APC have been reduced to mere tribal clubs, where being mende, temne, limba or loko automatically qualifies you as member. 

Common Sense is that which judges the things given to it by other senses.

Leonardo da Vinci

Fantasy Sucks
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A third party is as successful in Sierra Leone as it is in the United States.
Gbakiwa Wan Bone
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Trust the Mendes! Mendes will always be Mendes and tribal change is never in their vocabulary.KKY was naive enough to have thought Mendes will prefer him( a Susu for that matter) to their Mende brother Bio. Finally good sense has prevailed on him. The Mendes will prefer sending Salone to the dogs than allow a non-Mende to hold the SLPP flagbearership. So are witnessing the emergence of a second Charles Margai syndrome?

Oh! SLPP the day you will free yourself from Mende clutches will be your day of political and tribal deliverance. Until then you will continue to wallow in the opposition 'samba gutter' for the rest of your political life.
Pastor Wulleh
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Gbakiwa Wan Bone AKA Musa Kenema,

It is always easy to trace you since you are the only tribalist on the forum.  You can use a thousand monikers but what stays the same is your message of hate, tribalism and intolerance.

Kandeh Yumkella knows more about Mendes than you will ever in your entire miserable life.  He went to school in Mendeland and is happily married to a Mende woman.  Do you really need to teach the man anything about Mendes?

What you can learn from Yumkella and other progressive Sierra Leoneans is tribal tolerance.  You don't seem to have an iota of that in your bigoted bones.  Miscreants of your ilk belong to the cave.

May god have mercy on your lost soul.
Truth Hurts
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Pastor Wulleh GWB is right. Deal with the truth. It is because of people like you SL is going downhill. You should not hide away from the truth because it concerns the wrongs of your tribe. Tribalism is your elephant in the room.
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Truth Hurts,

I am a Mandingo from the North and I believe that you are disgrace to both your family and your country.  O LAIMPAY O KAS KAMU.
Pa Santiki Lappra
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The bitter truth is that SLPP is poised for a deja-vu kick-ass defeat come 2018. 

Foll wae nor yerri Sheeee ge yerri tone goes the krio adage. 

The only difference is that, unlike the throwing of imaginary stones at the jamarāt, as at the Haaj, the coalition of those not part and parcel of the Mendecracy, borrowing the befitting words of John Leigh, will lustily be casting real votes against the SLPP to reiterate their disapproval of the customary status quo. 

As persona non-grata of the United States, SLPP's crowned prince, throughout his entire life will be able to step foot on the American soil only if someone were to mail some of it to stand on. 

Like a cockroach a palm-oil bottle the liability of having no one to criss-cross the four corners of the USA, while candidates like Kandeh and others are wheeling and dealing, is in itself setback enough to leave the SLPP aimlessly kicking the air within the perimeters of the same bottle of palm-oil into which it has chosen to waddle and die four times, all in a row.

Related image

Do you remember this one?
Fudia Johnson
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Musa Kenema,

Borbor u nor dae blow?  Pan all wae den don cuss u daddy?  Ay bo!!!
Tapima N'gobeh
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If bintumani is all about discussing issues relating to the homeland I see no reason why greengoes are hell bent on sweeping that of the unproductive and subversive dominance of a particular tribe in the SLPP under the carpet. That takes me back to Peter Tosh:IF YOU LIVE IN A GLASS HOUSE DON'T THROW STONES. While certain individuals are very active in panning the APC for any insignificant mistake, they always turn a blind eye when it comes to the rot that has engulfed the SLPP to an impending decadence. Anytime such an issue is brought up you see them coming in full force with all the invectives the world is yet to know. These people are the real enemies of the SLPP and the tribe in question. May holy ghost fire consume them one day!

And why should every anti-southeastern posting be credited to Musa Kenema? Stop accusing the gentleman wrongly. MK is a very busy engineer who has less time for bintumani. Why are some forumites so obssessed with MK? Do you think after KL he will be suitable for another whipping boy? Don't mess around with MK if you don't want all hell to break loose! Just a warning.
Boy Kamara
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"And why should every anti-southeastern posting be credited to Musa Kenema?"  Tapima N'gobeh

Answer:  Musa Kenema is the only tribalist on the forum.  Shame on him for such an undignified label. 
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GREAT for KKY. I will be following this for details of his vision and agenda as I hope his party becomes my political home. This is the PNP and SLPP all over again, with either party as still the best hope for Sierra Leone..
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Not so fast, brother.
Spectator 007
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Is this story covered by other papers? I searched but could not find any.

Spectator 007
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According to the same Global Times and other papers, the alliance was supposed to come up with a consensus candidate.

According to these sources, the process to elect a consensus candidate had come down to Yumkella and Keili; after Yumkella had defeated Alpha Timbo to represent the north-west and Keili had clinched a narrow victory over Munda Rogers to represent the south-east. Interesting zoning concept. Reminds me of Naija politics.

It does not seem that the final showdown between Yumkella and Keili has taken place yet - so why would Yumkella abandon this process to establish his own party?

Sam Kolleh
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Methinks that a Summana/Yumkella ticket ..third force..coalition..or what have you,..will surely shock and capsize the "out of favored" corrupt tribalistic and criminal APC/SLPP political establishment responsible for bogging down the nation into a sick list since independence.

The stones that the builders refused may become the head corner stones !!!!  

Orkaprah Kamajor
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As far as I am concerned I don't see any candidate or combo or coalition to win against the current APC. Even if it is a Milton Margai-Tejan Kabba combo it will still fail trust me. The northerners have never been so wise as now. Every northerner believes he or she belongs to the APC. Northerners believe they can identify with the APC more than any other party. Infact the APC is becoming an ideology in the north with the two becoming as inseparable as the Chinese people and the communist party or the southeast and the SLPP.
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@Orkaprah Kamajor, at the moment, in my opinion, all that's needed is that at least one party or coalition get enough votes to force a run off. While APC might well be the largest party in the first round, they will probably be beaten in a run off.
Man on the Ground
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Spectator 007,

The Alliance has collapsed in the face of accusations that Kandeh Yumkella has hijacked it to for his own selfish interests.  Expect some of the former members of the Alliance to endorse JMB before the April flagbearer elections.   This is why Yumkella is scared to continue with the SLPP.  Hence he wants to form a new party.

I do not think a Yumkella party will win the presidency.  Yumkella might run a strong race in the Western Area but will be battered in the North, South and East.  Only a few SLPP members will follow him to the new party.  He has a better chance staying in the SLPP and teaming with JMB.
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Caution, I think I am being careful.  I committed only to following the story to see what KKY's vision and agenda are. But clearly I am frustrated with the incessant infighting within the SLPP. I am also baffled by the cry of supporters of some aspirants that now is the time for a Mende president!  This type of sentiment is standard APC and I will not be happy in an SLPP in APC garb. Above all Sierra Leone needs a competent president. Besides KKY has deeper roots within the SLPP than any of the so far declared aspirants. If he has a credible agenda, and if he can convince me that he has what it takes to surround himself with a capable team that can help him pull it off I will enthusiastically cast my lot with him.
Spectator 007
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Thanks for your insightful response Man on the Ground.

Even if the alliance had come up with a consensus candidate, from what I hear, delegates at the conference are likely to be solidly pro Bio.

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"Besides KKY has deeper roots within the SLPP than any of the so far declared aspirants."  Knice


Charles Margai "has deeper roots within the SLPP than any of the so far declared aspirants."
Siaka Stevens' children have "deeper roots within the SLPP than any of the so far declared aspirants."

The question is not about your father's relationship with the SLPP but what you have personally done for the SLPP.  For all the talk about Kandeh Yumkella's father being a founding member of the SLPP, Yumkella became a registered member of the party only a couple of years ago.  Where was he when the party faced near extinction following its defeat at the polls in 2007?  And what has he done for the party since he became a member a couple of years ago? 

The SLPP is not sitting down and waiting to crown a prince as flagbearer.  The party stands by its democratic ideals that give every member a right to work towards leadership.  Yumkella should be no exception to this process.  And if he does not want to play by the rules of the party, then forming his own party will be the right step in the right direction.

Further, your condemnation of the sentiment "of supporters of some aspirants that now is the time for a Mende president!" is correct.  But you must equally condemn the sentiment of some KKY supporters that a Mende should not lead the SLPP.
Spectator 007
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@Right Honorable Wanjama:

Good points ny friend.

Let's not forget, however, that in1996, the SLPP searched high and low for a candidate who they could sell to the wider electorate. They settled on AKT and succeeded I am sure there were many other choices that had done a lot more for SLPP than Alhaji ATK. No?

In 1996, APC was nearly shoved into the dustbin of history following a devastating loss. So what did they do? Tired of being in opposition, they also searched for a candidate who they could market. Party elders like SAT Koroma wooed EBK from PDP to lead the party. Result? Victory in 2007 after two tries.

The point I am trying to make, is that, if a party wants to win, they have to be pragmatic.

By the way, was the brigadier a party member in 1996? Who do you think he supported back then...NUP , SLPP or was neutral?
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Spectator 007,

Although I am not Wanjama, I have decided to step in and contribute.  I think 1996 is many years ago.  Sierra Leone was still under military rule and there had been a cessation of party politics since 1992.

Contrast that with now with the country having enjoyed party politics since 1996.  What that means is that the tapping of Ahmad Tejan Kabbah as standard bearer of the SLPP in 1996 may not have happened had there not been a one party state that was followed by a military government.  In other words, there was a leadership vacuum in the SLPP in 1996, which made the party to desperately search for a leader even when that meant disregarding democratic norms.

Yes, if the party wants to win, it has to be pragmatic.  But such pragmatism should not nullify democratic norms.  The SLPP has been in opposition for nine years, giving it enough time to breed leaders that could compete to take the party to polls next year.  Thus, anointing Kandeh Yumkella in the mold of ATK in 1996 is unnecessary. If Yumkella wants to lead the SLPP, he must go through the democratic process like everybody else.
But if he believes that he can become president without the SLPP, then lets see how far he goes with his new party.

You ask who JMB supported back in 1996....NUP or SLPP?  Well only JMB can answer that question. Fact is, JMB did not influence the polls in 1996.
Orkaprah Kamajor
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Spectator 007
Reply with quote  #29 
@Right Honorable KrooMan

Thanks for your response. You raised some very valid points but I differ with you on the reasons for ATK's election as standard bearer

The nomination process that resulted in ATK's election as standard bearer for the 1996 elections was only challenged by CFM. Contrast that process with subsequent ones and tell me which was the most democratic?

For 2002, CFM was denied the opportunity to run because they said he was no longer a party member. Was that fair. How about the convention that produced Berewa? I thought it was heavily manipulated in his favor, even though if it was fair, I still think he would have prevailed. The convention that resulted in Bio's stand bearer victory was based on rules that allowed the victor to prevail wil a simple plurality and not a majority of votes. Again, here, I think if the rules had not been changed, Bio would have still emerged as the standard bearer.

From what I could determine, the reason why power brokers went for ATK (after JKS was first sought out), was because of the demographics. The wise old men knew that their base was not sufficient and voters were strongly influenced by ethnic sentiments. It turns out, they were right. This reasoning would have been the same if their had not been any military rule. They remembered the 1967 experience and how they lost heavily in the north-west and did not want a repeat performance.

Moving forward to the current situation. Quite frankly, I never thought Yumkella or any of the other aspirants stands a chance defeating Bio in the SLPP standard bearer contest. You can search the forum archives and you will find that I have always held that view. Having said that, I am not sure that the Brigadier is currently the most electable candidate the SLPP has to offer.

For the record, I see nothing wrong if the retired Brigadier contests again and again. After all, in Ghana, Akufi-Addo and Atta Mills contested three straight times before they won. In Senegal, Wade, I believe ran four times before he eventually won. Buhari also ran four times before he won.

If I were KKY, I would not have jumped in the race at this time. I would have spent a few years on the ground first....making meaningful contributions to the party, shoring up support among key stake holders and then made my move when the time was ripe. Think about it, party loyalists on the ground who have toiled and suffered for the party will ask "Why him and not me? E betteh pass me? Monkey woke baboon eat nor go woke na ya"

Parachuting in from the diaspora to be announced the chosen one doesn't typically happen in African countries these days. Come to think of it, I don't know when that last happened for a national presidential election where registered voters determine the outcome.
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"...what has he done for the party ..."

This is something I hear a lot. In many ways KKY is paying for the perceived 'sins' of ATK. Many SLPP supporters believe he didn't do enough to secure the future of the party and they worry KKY may do the same. This perception is unfortunate because it stops us asking the only question which is actually relevant:

"who is the best person to take our country forward?" 

JMB supporters I speak to readily admit KKY is better placed than their man on that front but still they refuse to budge. I don't believe it is anything to do with tribe. They see how APC have looked after their own even to the detriment of the country and they want a candidate who would do the same for them.

My argument is that we can have the best of both worlds. A candidate who can uplift both party and country. Every leader has to look after their base. APC understand this and I believe all the SLPP flag bearer candidates, if they didn't appreciate it before this period of APC rule, certainly do now. But what better way to look after the party and its members than genuinely developing the country? A rising tide after all, floats all boats. 

The kind of transformation we need is going to require $5-7 billion of public & private investment to create labour intensive industries that employ lots of people. Construction jobs, real retail jobs in modern retail outlets, jobs in hospitality, including hotels and restaurants. Modern industrial agriculture and chemicals industries. Jobs in the digital economy. All this supported with first class education covering academic and technical skills. 

I look at everything the various flag bearer candidates have done in their careers and I remain convinced KKY is best placed to not only attract this kind of investment but actually deliver once the investment is secured. Can you same the same for your man/woman?

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