After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Spectator 007
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By Prof Sankara Kamara….

Although it is too early to formally relegate the NGC to a third place, there are strong indications that my candidate, Kandeh Yumkella, is NOT doing well at the polls. I am, of course, not surprised. Guided by reality rather than fleeting sentiments, I foresaw the currently unfolding situation, long ago. Illiteracy, tribalism and ignorance are so dominant in Sierra Leonean politics that those factors should be taken into consideration, before a politician strategizes. Realistic politics is based on recognition of UGLY facts and a boldness to deal with such impediments. Kandeh Yumkella did nothing wrong during the campaign. If anything, Yumkella took the high road by recognizing our national problems through a non-tribal prism, followed by a presentation of SOLUTIONS to problems.
Yumkella’s impressive message apparently fell on deaf ears because the man was communicating with a population that has been brainwashed to choose tribal loyalty and political party affiliation, over NATION. Years of one-party dictatorship and a ceaselessly visionless political culture, successfully conditioned Sierra Leoneans to think and behave that way. A criminal president can sell our country to racist foreigners in broad daylight, without provoking us. On the other hand, if the same leader successfully plays one MAJOR tribe against the other, he can count on the seemingly favored tribe and its region’s undying loyalty. Realistically, however, EVERY part of Sierra Leone is horribly POOR, including the region inhabited by the ruling party’s favorite tribe or tribes.
Is the lawless Ernest Koroma capable of manoeuvering through the SLPP/APC contest for power, without provoking a dangerous crisis? Let us hope for a peaceful election. Whatever the case, Sierra Leoneans with the Tolongbo mentality, who rejected Yumkella and voted for the APC, did not do it to Yumkella. They did it to themselves. Kandeh Yumkella will be fine. I have been shaken by the degree of masochism in my people, Sierra Leoneans. Apart from ignorance and other forms of mental backwardness, it also takes a lot of self-hatred to vote for a political system that has reduced you to a desperately poor citizen, in a land blessed with plentiful resources. Why should I feel sorry for a people who HATE themselves?
It's not Over
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It is not over until it is over.  Don't give the elections to the APC before the results are announced.  NGC may be falling but SLPP is doing well as I write.
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Prof., my sentiments exactly. "Illiteracy, tribalism and ignorance....". But above all, tribalism!
Spectator 007
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Do folks on the ground and their compatriots in the diaspora think alike when it comes to politics?
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"Illiteracy, tribalism and ignorance are so dominant in
Sierra Leonean politics that those factors should be taken
into consideration, before a politician strategizes."

Well said, Bra E!

@Specky, if it is true that most diasporans supported KKY, then it is true that both sides don't think alike politically.  Do you agree?
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