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Alieu Turay
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NGC presidential candidate – Kandeh Yumkella visits Masiaka


Sierra Leone Telegraph: 10 December 2017:

Traveling  to Kenema early today to meet and greet his supporters, Dr. Kandeh Yumkella, NGC presidential flag-bearer, made a brief stop-over visit at Masiaka  where hundreds of fans had lined up to welcome him and wife, Mrs. Philomena Yumkella. Speaking to his supporters at the centre of Masiaka town, Dr. Yumkella reminded his fans of a familiar refrain his supporters at Magburaka taught him; “We wae dae suffer nar we borku “ which loosely translated means- those who suffer the most in the country are in the majority.

[image]“Masiaka,” Yumkella noted “is the gateway and is connected to every region of Sierra Leone.” Given its geographic location and importance, “we must ensure it is a major industrial hub that benefits all because everyone must pass through here  to travel around the country and it will be much easier to send products to other regions of the country,” he said.

As a party, Dr. Yumkella further noted, NGC has come with a message of change and by God’s grace, change is sure to come to Sierra Leone. “Change,” he stressed, “is about ensuring that young people who have been jobless for three or more years – be provided with jobs.” For teachers who have taught for years without a Personal Identification Number (PIN), “change,” Yumkella said, “must come because the current government does not recognize you. You deserve to work and educate our children and be paid for your services.”


On education, Yumkella further noted that” the conditions under which our children attend school must change. “If our education system is not good as it is today – it means the future of our children is at stake. Our children must be better than us so they can take over after us.”

Highlighting other issues affecting the common man such as lack of clean water, hardship faced by women, Okada riders, entrepreneurs, good health care among others, he noted that he has spent his whole life working hard and will do the same when elected to office  as president of Sierra Leone.


Yumkella was accompanied by a cross section of NGC executives including Mr. Obai Kabia, NGC Chairman for Port Loko District, and was introduced by the NGC Masiaka Chairman, Simeon Kanu.


In another development, Yumkella also visited the people of Mile 91, during a brief stop-over. “I am on my way to Kenema this morning and have decided to stop by to ask for your pardon,” said Kandeh Yumkella, 2018 presidential candidate for the National Grand Coalition, as he spoke to hundreds of youths and Okada riders at the Clock Tower in Mile 91.


Yumkella apologized to the youths and Okada riders and the entire township for his failure to visit  them over a week ago, after he was forced by his physician to rest and recuperate from flu and malarial symptoms. The entire township particularly young men and women and the Okada Riders Union had organized themselves  in Mile 91 to welcome him and team on his familiarization visit to Tonkolili District.

“De pa don cam, de pa don cam,” they chanted as they saw Yumkella disembarked from his vehicle to meet with them. Previously, they were angry that he failed to show following the warm welcome he was accorded at Magburaka and had boasted that their fan base and the turn-out was projected to be bigger.  “How could he be sick, when it was time to come to Mile 91,” they asked angrily.“ “ Wae den say change now bo, leh we change we attitude dem bo,” one Okada riders said. “How wu nar dae cam tell we say de pa nor well wae nar time for cam fen we nar 91,” another biker retorted.

[image]Today, standing face-to-face with their flag-bearer candidate, they chanted “No more Tolongbo – Now nar NGC! No more Tolongbo – Now nar NGC! “

As he continued his apology remarks, “ wae den blow di whistle, ah dae cam back lek trenk man,” Yumkella said.

“The two old parties, which you all call “Alusine and Alhassan” will come with money to buy your vote. Take their money and say a prayer and eat it. That was money they were supposed to spend during Ebola. That was money they were supposed to use for the good of all citizens. They did not because they wanted to buy your vote after they have failed you and our nation woefully.”

Demonstrating his signature trademark for change, the Mile 91 NGC fans, raising their fists, shouted “We want change – Change must come! We want change – Change must come!” as Yumkella joined his convoy to continue his familiarization tour of Kenema.

Dr. Yumkella and entourage also stopped at Moyamba Junction where he was mobbed by another group of NGC supporters.


The Real Deal
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Crazy Paopa
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KKY must watch out for the paopas and their SLPP sidekicks who will soon accuse him of not using the Queen's language during his campaign.
Eddie Grant
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KKY is indeed the real deal at present. We're sweeping the country Willy nilly.
Our target in January is the interior parts of the southeast. We've cracked the north and left a huge crater there. The southeast is going to be much easier to penetrate given the current support we're already enjoying there.
My second home town of Makeni still proved impenetrable but Koinadugu and the New Northwest district is firmly in our grip now.
February is when we're going to consolidate all our support.
We're not going to play the costly game of unrealistic pronouncements like others. Anything our man proposed, he's able to articulate it well to the understanding of the layman. We're not promising Free education but we'll create the conducive atmosphere to overhaul our education system.
We've already identified the biggest bottlenecks responsible for holding down our education.
The first thing we'll do is, to tackle the ghost worker syndrome which is the single biggest challenge to overcome corruption. We already know that there are 89,000 ghost workers on the government payroll. We'll free up this cash to invest in education, health and agriculture.
Leh we dae go nor mor.
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"Our target in January is the interior parts of the southeast."  Eddie Grant.


Keep dreaming.  You will get your 1% in the Southeast.
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