After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Samuel B Zoker
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We all know of the singular gripe of those who care about SLPP and whose pennies and toil keep the party in existence. It’s easy to think that the party just exists but there are people who pay dues and run its affairs day in, day out for it to continue to exist. But I digress. The gripe has been that President Kabbah did a lot for SL but was neglectful to the point of quiet hostility towards the party that gave him the opportunity to be President and to serve our nation. President Kabbah himself was unapologetic about this attitude toward the party, judging by such derisive as, “ I am president of SL, not president of SLPP”. 
The disturbing thing about this statement is its dishonesty and its furtive fueling of the favorite insult of the party’s haters: "SLPP nah Mende man party." It was dishonest because unlike the seeming “country-first" far-mindedness implied in the statement, President Kabbah himself was an ethno-regional nepotist extra-ordinaire. Just take a look at his cabinet and diplomatic appointments and those individuals that his presidency enriched.  So his derision could only be read targeting those who are most associated with the party in the national psyche, the Mendes. He worked very hard to make the party irrelevant to his personal political fortunes as soon as he could and accomplished that in his second term. The net result was that when he left office the party was financially bankrupt and did not have much of a nation-wide organizational infra-structure. This would never happen to ANC in South Africa or to NDC or NPP in Ghana. The party has to ensure that its next president is mandated to show respect and gratitude to the party. 
How does all this relate to Mr. Yumkella? A whole lot. The minor part is that, like Kabbah, he will be a UN alum and he is from Kambia District. One recurring criticism of Kabbah was that he showed much hubris in his interactions with people. He knew it alll. Some, if not all of this hubris, must have been UN inspired. Kambia District is relevant because he showed consistent loyalty to the North in his appointments and decisions on infrastructure development. 
But President Kabbah was a consummate political  pragmatist, probably from his experience in the SL civil service - no radicals are bred there. When he first arrived and had the SLPP flag-bearership gifted to him he played like a poodle of the party’s power brokers of that time: Teacher Lagawo, Rev. Dunbar, Joe Demby, etc. He only started his "I-am-President-SL" derision after he was sitting pretty on the throne and everyone knew that he could pulverize them if he got wind of any dissenting whimper.
By contrast, Mr. Yumkella is telling us right now that the party is only a necessary inconvenience he has to deal with on his way to “Contry Fors”. One of his die-hard supporters has even bragged that the whole country is waiting for him, which makes one wonder why he needs a political party. When Dr. Karefa Smart had such political confidence and did not want to be subjected to the restricting protocols of a political party, he stood as an independent. Take a look at KKY Movement flyers; they are more yellow than green. It’s like they believe they have this sea of independent supporters that they don’t want to offend by being too SLPP. Reminds one of the proverb loosely translated as; I am carrying you on my shoulder and you are complaining that my head stinks. In SL politics, and politics in most democracies there is no “Contry Fors” without “Party Fors”. Frankly the dichotomy is false; probably because it is inspired by dishonest politics.
Beware, SLPP,  of any flag bearer aspirant whose major plank is to highlight his loyalty to country first as if the rest of you are inherently less patriotic because you belong to SLPP. This is a contrived choice. Political parties are a necessary part of our democracy and leadership entails giving them their proper place and due. Anyone who panders to some elite group who believes that political parties are beneath them unless when they are giving them plum opportunities for jobs and contracts,  will treat the party exactly as President Kabbah did or worse. A word to the wise……..
Ishmael Yillah
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This makes no sense.
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WHOA!! Brother Sam Zoker. You awaken in me nostalgia for the days when Sierra Leone was the Athens of West Africa. The clarity of your articulation, the gravity of your logic, and your seamless presentation are like a ray of light poking through the dark clouds of our fall and discontent. Such gravitas is rare in contemporary Sierra Leonean company, and it is clear that you are very likely a product of schools from the SLPP era. Be it as it may, you are a powerful reminder that the dreams of Sirs Milton and Albert, and their brand of leadership have not been totally extinguished.

I hope I am wrong but it seems to me that you are new to the Bintumani community. Therefore let me as a long time resident alert you to what you can expect. None of your potential detractors are as intellectually taut as you are. They will do their best to detract from you message to make it all about your person. I am not concerned because I know you are more than up to their potential mischief.  Thank you my dear bother, for bringing some holiday cheer to a worthy and beloved forum that is increasingly at risk of being reduced to a juvenile food fight. Please visit more frequently. The Bintumani community needs your level of intellectual example.
Cornelius Hamelberg
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Samuel B Zoker:

Many thanks for your timely appearance with an honest and much needed message.

Somehow, when I think of you in political terms (which I do every now and again lamenting that you are sometimes missing in action (and yes, we know that you can’t be everywhere at the same time), I always associate you first and foremost with being a co-admirer of Lee Kuan Yew. If only we had such leadership since the passing away of Sir Milton Margai after whose demise Sierra Leone started the relentless slide down the slippery slope, Pa Shaki adding some more grease and some of his spittle to hasten the slide down into one-party cronyism and dictatorship, the mass hanging of those he foresaw as rivals among his nearest and dearest ministers and military commanders on charges of “treason”  and then when he was about to croak and to face the questions in the grave he made sure that S.I. Koroma was out of the way so that he could crown big-wais Momoh as his successor. (Apologies to his son Jengo, who was my schoolmate)

Secondly, when thinking of you lately and I have been doing that with regard to ZImbabwe and your unforgettable suggestion that one way of printing cheaper banknotes for circulation in that country  when they were facing the devaluation crisis, the Zimbabwe dollar which at the international rate of exchange was was the equivalent of one US dollar when Zimbabwe became Independent in April 1980 and just around when Mr. Mugabe started seizing White farm properties and donating them to party cronies who didn't know anything about farming or farm management  resulting in the descent into hell of  the value and rate of exchange then in excess of one million Zimbabwe dollars to one US dollar at which point I vividly remember that you, taking the cost of printing paper money into consideration, asked the kweshon :  Why didn’t the Zimbabwe  government adopt the leaves of a special Zimbabwe tree and use that as their currency?  And I thought, “ What a marvellous idea !” I remember so vividly because your suggestion came to life immediately in my imagination and I could see leaves everywhere, some of them floating in the air like autumn leaves flying everywhere see people harvesting leaves, cassada liff, Indian Hemp & marijuana leaves, at least some value there for shmokers, and even poor people even farming money trees.

More seriously : Re  what you just said : “Beware, SLPP,  of any flag bearer aspirant whose major plank is to highlight his loyalty to country first as if the rest of you are inherently less patriotic because you belong to SLPP.”

Obviously, the opportunistic Kandeh Yumkella has conveniently taken the concept of “change“  from Barack Obama, MDC’s Morgan Tsvangirai, PMDC’s Charles Margai and Muhammadu Buhari’s APC success  mantra of change, hoping that it will work for him too.

He has also taken “Sierra Leone First” out of the mouth of Donald J. Trump  who is still popularising “ America First“ on the planet  and of course the first to plant their flag on the moon) - now Trump is against “Globalism”.  We may be further assured that  it is the case that Yumkella  is borrowing the idea from Trump the moment  Yumkella starts talking about building a wall along the Sierra Leone - Guinea border, to keep out some of his Guinean brothers and sisters and when he starts telling Guinea that Guinea is going to pay the cost of building the wall - so that colonial or no colonial border, Yenga will never again be occupied by Guinean troops forcing Sierra Leoneans to lick their boots  and to mine Sierra Leone diamonds for them

( BTW, I think that the occupation of Yenga was prolonged because of the rather timid and apologetic tone of President Kabbah’s letter to Guinean strongman Lansana Conté : As you remember, the letter started  something like “ Dear Brother Lansana , assalamualaikum was rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu etc etc

My people asking people, why so many years after our civil war is over, your Guinean troops are still occupying Yenga, which is in Sierra Leone? “

Now if, a belligerent kind of guy such as General Little Axe Sengbe Konouwah had been Kabbah’s scribe , or Secretary of the War Department   or  Konouwah himself was the  President of Israeleone,  I suppose that he would have most probably started the quit notice letter with  “ mordaphocker”  now listen good: I give you  twenty four hours to start withdrawing your troops from my country - OR ELSE!!!!!”

Understandably, Kabbah  who hopped into the first helicopter out of town and took  refuge in Guinea, altogether for ten months after Johnny Paul Koroma toppled him would have been in the position of not wanting to bite the hand that had been feeding him all those ten months and probably even extending to him some legal cover later after Paul Kamara’s accusation that he Kabbah had a house in Conakry, although  perhaps the mildness of Kabbah not insisting on his rights to Yernga more forcefully was because he feared  Armée Guinéenne

As you say, this matter of Yumkella deliberately giving the idea that he is the living greatest patriot by waving the flag of “ Sierra Leone First” is the backhanded way of accusing the others of treason, lack of patriotism.

As was famously said, “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”  and from that perspective  methinks that Yumkella doth protest too much.. And that secondly it is a very uphill task to topple both the APC  and Sierra leone’s oldest party , the SLPP  - which has been maintained all these years, through the sacrifices of others on the ground

Anyway, I have  not made up my mind fully, about Yumkella yet  - so far, he seems to be making the kinds of  appeals that resonate with the army of unemployed youths and the other disadvantaged in society  with the mantra of change as the magic cure of what ails them all, presenting himself as the magic doctor.  He should ask them the question before giving them the answer.  He should ask them, “ Why are you unemployed? “ So much youths!

He says that he’s going to create jobs for all of them  ( just as others before him have said ) but he doesn’t say how. Don’t  Maada Bio and Samura Kamara  say that they are going to solve the 70%  rate of unemployment?

When I was last in Sierra Leone ( ten days in April 1970) the population of Freetown was 300, 000 souls. Today, because of the influx of people  fleeing the rIF war and others moving in in the hope of  finding  employment, petty trading etc  the population is around a million souls and has overwhelmed the facilities such as accommodation, enough schools, hospitals, clinics,  garbage collection, public transportation,  parks and recreation centres

Freetown has to be de-stressed by attracting people  to other cities and to  the freely available farm land  where profitable farming can be done for a livelihood.

How the next president is going to run foreign relations is  also a matter of concern. More China? More OIC?


Spectator 007
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Some pieces written by certain individuals and posted here using their names are often not posted by them.

I’ll see if I can “bell” SZ to respond to your posts in this thread.
Friend of Sam Zoker
Reply with quote  #6 
There is no way in hell that Sam Zoker could have written this screed. I have been with Sam Zoker on Leonenet at TAMU for years, and I pretty much have a grasp of his predilections, positions and general ideological bent. If anything, I will say that Sam Zoker is pretty much a supporter of Yumkella (I am not!), by dint of the fact that his bosom buddy and ideological soul brother, Andrew Keilie, is on track to becoming the VP running mate of Yumkella in the NGC.
Besides, Sammy Z is my friend. Una nor cam pack lie pan d man nar ya. Lol! 
Reply with quote  #7 
"If anything, I will say that Sam Zoker is pretty much a supporter of Yumkella (I am not!), by dint of the fact that his bosom buddy and ideological soul brother, Andrew Keilie, is on track to becoming the VP running mate of Yumkella in the NGC."  Friend of Sam Zoker

Sam Zoker being a friend of Andrew Kellie does not make Sam Zoker a supporter of Yumkella and the NGC.   

As far as I know, there are even family members that are split between the SLPP and the NGC on the one hand and the APC and the NGC on the other.
Friend of Sam Zoker
Reply with quote  #8 
Logica, this is not academic. The connection- political and personal- between Sam Zoker and Andrew Keilie is very real. Sam definitely did not post that. I have read and followed Sam Zoker's political exertions for years. 
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"...Now if, a belligerent kind of guy such as General Little? Axe Sengbe Konouwah had been Kabbah’s scribe , or Secretary of the War Department or Konouwah himself was the  President of Israeleone? (do you mean, Saro?),  I suppose that he would have most probably started the quit notice letter with  “ mordaphocker”  now listen good: I give you  twenty four hours to start withdrawing your troops from my country - OR ELSE!!!!!...” states Bra Cornie Rabbit

Probably, true dat! But please take out the "Little Axe" from my moniker in Mende.

FYI, Krio Boy: Konouwah = BIG AXE in Mende.

I know you were trying to be hilarious, but "Hillary" and truth nor mix oh. So try again, Cornie Rabbit!
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Sam Zoker's analyses is very sound and I would love to hear sensible rebuttals. Blabbing out that this makes no sense is simply infantile.

Friend of SZ, please ask your man to verify this piece. You will be shocked about the reality. SZ wrote this.

Original Tokpoi Gangsta
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I think your headline is sensationalizingly misleading! You have not mentioned anything about the mafia nor described how KKY is connected to such notorious grouping or organisation.

Regarding the late Kabba, it is on record that SLPP top guns then importuned him to be their flagbearer which he accepted in the most restive fashion. You got yourselves paid with your own coin when Kabba rebelled and excogitated policies contrary to the then SLPP blueprint. All you people were thinking of was how to return to power after spending umpteen years in hibernation.The desperation harboured in your souls drove you to approach any  southeastern-linked Tom, Dick or Harry irrespective of any SLPP belonginnesss whether at the core or peripheral level.

In retrospect, Kabba has been quoted several times vociferating it was not his intention to enter into politics; after all his stint at the UN had made him financially self-sufficient and so all he needed was to relax and enjoy his earnings with his grand children. That the SLPP even allowed him to trample on their butts just to accept their offer.

And if the SLPP loses after a ten-year reign? Why blame Kabba? Did you expect him to have ensured a permanent SLPP presidency in Sierra Leone? What about his image with all the blanket and unbridled corruption at that time? Please let us leave the old man to rest in peace until judgement day when it will made plain if he did the wrong or right thing.
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OTG, you are barely literate. You will read the referenced piece a zillions times and will never grasp it. Please do not waste your time reading it again.

Go back to your fitter work.
Original Tokpoi Gangsta
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Please Jalapeno do not adulterate or 'banfa' such an interesting thread. Show the world you super literate.
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The media not least of all this Bintumani  is haywire with Yumkella/NGC campaign propaganda  - he occupies much more media space than any of the other candidates  - but -. on the ground, mass crowds turn up for every candidate at rallys  - so, how reliable are any opinion polls?

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