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*Female PPRC Boss in Bigamy Mess*
*...Court Action Awaits!!!*

Southern Coordinator of Political Parties Registration Commission *Mrs Jenneh Smith is the latest public servant that's in for a mega court action of bigamy* as she has according to available evidence jumped into another matrimony (marriage) even before the court could decided on a divorce matter between her and the husband Mr Alex Smith.

The divorce surrounds *issues of persistent promiscuity (raray life) on the part of Jenneh Smith* which his husband was said to have been fed up with.

Alex and Jenneh Smith got wedded in 2005 at Archibald Cole's Church in Kissy Freetown (see copy of wedding certificate) *but has since then taken to countless throws of promiscuous and unfaithful acts that time and again brought shame to the husband and family* only for her (Jenneh) to finally ask for divorce in the court of law despite her many sinful acts that characterised her marriage with Alex.

But the ever unfaithful Jenneh who now represents the country's Political Parties Registration Commission in the South *has rushed into another marriage without waiting for the court verdict in the divorce case she instituted*.

Jenneh is now married to two husbands, the latest known by the name Morie Amodu, said to be working with Care Sierra Leone and the husband (Alex) with whom she has married to for over twelve years and *will soon file a case of bigamy against the unfaithful and criminal Jenneh,* a case that will attract a lot if public interest as all those Who know of the 12year matrimony between Alex and Jenneh, as well as the general public are keenly interested in the *outcome of the scandalous behavior of a very high cadre public servant in the country*.

The court will not only decide on the matter but also *stand to clear the bewilderment of countless of people in Bo, Freetown and abroad who are interested to knowing how a Mrs. Smith could suddenly metamorphose into a Mrs Amodu* without due process of the law.

® *Diamond 💎 Media*

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