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Kemoh Brima
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It is amazing for someone to claim that he or she is a member of a certain political Party but that she has not paid her membership due since 2013 and that she support a candidate in another political Party. Only in Sierra Leone do we have such political prostitute. 

If political prostitution is the appropriate term to describe such chameleons then it perfectly fits the Wife of our late president Dr. Tejan Kabba. This woman was caught on tape pinching her support for a would be APC candidate last year. She down played the tape excusing her utterance to drunken stupor. Well now she gave an interview where she did not disappoint her critics. In 2013, she was still the Women's Leader in the SLPP. and yet she now claims that she was not paying her party dues and contribution. I wonder why the SLPP does not do background checks on wannabes that they elect to important positions within their party.

Read and see

Sierra Leone News: I am still SLPP but supporting KKY- I.J. Kabbah

[jghs]Former Women’s Leader and wife of former President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah, Isatu Jabbie Kabbah, has disclosed, “I am still a member of the SLPP and I never resigned but I am supporting Kandeh Yumkellah because I believe in his leadership.”
Kabbah said, “Being a member of a political party and supporting a movement is not strange in the country. One can belong to a political party and believe in the ideology of somebody else. It’s all by choice and what you want for your country. I am not the first party or movement in 1996, there were people in the UNPP and APC but they all supported Tejan Kabbah. In 2002, people from different political parties came together to support Tejan Kabbah.”
The SLPP former Women’s Leader said she has stopped taking part in the activities of her Party. “The last one I remember was that of the peace process. I have not paid dues since 2013, because I do not believe in the executive and my money being used for a particular person. And, I want my money to be used for the right purposes that go into the proper channels of the Party.”
I.J. Kabbah said, “If the SLPP decide to take any decision like suspend or expelling her from the Party she will not be surprised because that has been the order of the day now in the Party. I am wondering why I have not been suspended or expelled yet.”
“I have looked at all the flag-bearer aspirants and I believe KKY is the only fittest person for Sierra Leone.”
As the elections draws near there have been lot of defection sand so at Kandeh Kolleh Yumkellah (KKY) movement office at Nimbana Street some youths declared their support to Yumkellah. BM/5/10/17
By Betty Milton
Friday October 06, 2017."

Cry baby
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Leave the woman alone, cry baby, and ask why so many people are abounding your rotten party.
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Most Sierra Leone politicians are hypocrites or prostitutes. They have no interest in the country or any party just in their self interest. If you are a genuine  party member, work and develop your party.
APC Grammar
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"...ask why so many people are abounding your rotten party."  
Cry baby
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I stepped on a raw nerve isn't it? No it is not APC should be called auto fill grammar you dummy!
APC Grammar
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"I stepped on a raw nerve isn't it?"
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"Leave the woman alone, cry baby, and ask why so many people are abounding your rotten party."-Cry Baby

I hope you understood the article that you commented on. The woman has not absconded from the SLPP she is just prostituting herself. In real life including religious or political life, you cannot be married to two people, two religion and two political party. You either would hate one and love the other. As for the former, you will always take every opportunity to betray it or him. This is what the late SLPP Leader is confessing to and she thinks it she has integrity for her backstabbing attitude. You cannot be a Woman's Leader in an Organization for more than four years while you fail to pay your dues and yet you organized meetings and other activities using the funds contributed by ordinary members who have not in any way benefited from the party as you have done. It is selfish, egocentric, corrupt and you name it. I think she should leave the party alone  instead of blackmailing the party to suspend her so that she can go around parading that she left because she was expelled or suspended. 

Cry baby
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"The woman has not absconded from the SLPP"

So who said the woman "absconded" from the SLPP? Do you really understand what you read? And one more thing, Mr. big English words, the "abounding" word you are so obsessed with is an auto fill and "abandoning" is the intended word. Dummy!!!
Spectator 007
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It is not unheard of for a member of one party to support a presidential candidate of another party. Reagan-Democrats come to mind. However, I think that party members should pay their registration fees.

If indeed she did not pay her registration fees, why didn’t she?
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This is not a matter of an ordinary party member supporting a presidential candidate of another party.  We are talking about an official of the SLPP, the Women's leader of the SLPP, the wife of the late leader of the SLPP supporting a presidential candidate of another party.  Where else have you heard of such a thing?

How would it have come across to Americans if the late Mrs. Nancy Reagan had supported Barack Obama's candidacy?

The only thought that I could have about this is that IJ Kabbah only became SLPP by convenience.  She was never SLPP originally.  But finding herself in the warm embrace of a president that doubled as SLPP leader, I guess feigning SLPP was IJ's natural instinct to score a romantic point with the late Ahmad Tejan Kabbah.
Spectator 007
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@Masoila: Good points.

By the way, when did she fall out with Bio? After her candidate Usu lost the nomination to Bio for the 2012 election?
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IJ Kabbah fell out with Maada Bio after Kandeh Yumkella announced his candidacy for SLPP flag bearer.  There are also unconfirmed reports that she was molested by Bio's Paopa men. 

But as far as IJ's support of Yumkella, I believe it has more to do with ethnicity than anything else.  IJ is Mandingo and a large number of Mandingoes are supporting their Susu cousin, Yumkella.  Yet when Mendes support Maada Bio, we call it tribalism.  Interesting, isn't it?
Spectator 007
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Masoila: Like most other African nations, our politics is primarily based on tribal/ethnic identity.

Some regional tribes join forces, example: Themne and Limba in the north, and Mende/Sherbro/Kissi in the south east.

I suspect there are some minority groups that hedge their bets and will support one of the main parties if one of their own (half or full blooded) heads the ticket.

If SLPP has a Kono presidential candidate, unless the elections is rigged, I won’t be surprised if an overwhelmingly majority of Konos support SLPP...same if the APC candidate was Kono.

And so it goes- with tribal identity being the order of the day during elections, zero-sum politics will continue for the foreseeable future. That being the case, what should a smart campaign stragetist do? If you were advising Bio, what would you tell him to do?
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Personally, I don't care who any voter supports.  It is evident as you state it clearly that tribal identity politics rule Africa.

What bothers me, however, is the hypocrisy that folks play while identifying themselves with a particular political candidate.

I was born and raised in Lungi, Port Loko district.  My parents were APC but I decided to be and remain independent.

The large Susu population in Lungi have been accusing the SLPP of tribalism, of discriminating against Kandeh Yumkella on the basis of his ethnicity.  Yet these folks while accusing Mendes of tribalism due to their support of Maada Bio, refuse to be painted with the same brush for their support of Kandeh Yumkella.  BTW I am Susu but I am independent.
Spectator 007
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Historically who do Susu in the north normally vote for, APC, SLPP, or are they bloc swing voters?
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Susus are really swing voters.  But they heavily identified with the SLPP during Tejan Kabbah's presidency.
Spectator 007
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If Kabbah’s father was Fula, would Susu have supported him?

The reason I ask, is because someone I regard highly, once told me that in Salone, folks whose descendants emigrated from Guinea, set aside differences their tribes had back home (Guinea) and support one another politically in Salone. Do you agree with this point of view?
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There may be some truth to that especially with the candidacies of Tejan Kabbah and Kandeh Yumkella.  But Kabbah's victories had more to do with his half Mende ethnicity than with his Guinean ancestry.  Thus, even with a Fula father, Kabbah would have still prevailed due to the heavy Mende vote.

Now, I am not so sure that a candidate with only Guinean ancestry and no Mende or Themne blood will win Sierra Leone's presidency.  There is just too much suspicion in Sierra Leone about folks with Guinean ancestry. 

There were even false rumors during Kabbah's presidency that the president had built mansions in Guinea for his retirement.  Moreover, there were always complaints of too much Guinean influence in Sierra Leone.  Mind you, most of the Susu, Mandingo and Fula supporters of Kabbah were born and raised in Sierra Leone.   

Saloneman too complain bot Guineaman ehn Nigeriaman.

Let's put it this way, a candidate without Mende or Themne or Limba blood has an uphill task to Salone's presidency.  Even indigenous Salone ethnic minorities without without some Mende, Themne or Limba connection would find it difficult to grace State House.
For Masoila
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My messages have been detected as spam.


“Let's put it this way, a candidate without Mende or Themne or Limba blood has an uphill task to Salone's presidency” - Masoila

Empirical evidence so far suggests you may have a very valid point. So if both ATK’s parents had been Mandingo, it could be argued that the south-eastern SLPP vote may not have been as high as it was. No?

I often wondered why ATK who is half Mende on his mother’s side was able to clinch over 90% of the votes in south-eastern SLPP districts (1996 and 2002) but a full blooded Mende candidate like Bio obtained about 20% less. Could it be that non-mende northerners or people of Guinean extraction comprise about 20-25% of the voters...and these people considered ATK one of their own but did not feel the same affinity toward Bio?
For Forum Admin
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I didn’t use my double 07 handle and the message using handle “For Masiola” went through.

Please rectify the problem. My messages were identified as spam
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If ATK had been 100% Mandingo, I doubt if he would have been able to energize the electorate in the Southeast the way he did in 1996 and 2002.

I did part of my schooling in Mendeland - Bo.  This is what I learned from interacting with Mendes.  Even 1% Mende blood is considered pure Mende.  And in ATK's favor, the man spoke fluent Mende, which made his Mandingo blood totally irrelevant.  I attended some of ATK's rallies in 1996 where he addressed his supporters in Bo in Mende.

Additionally, in 1996 and 2002, ATK had no rivals in the SLPP.  On the contrary, Maada has always had to deal with a fierce opposition in his own party thereby creating a situation where many in the SLPP in the Southeast would refuse to even show up at that polls let alone vote for Maada.  Suffice it that ATK had more control over the SLPP in 1996 and 2002 than Maada has over the party in 2012 and now.
Spectator 007
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“I did part of my schooling in Mendeland - Bo. This is what I learned from interacting with Mendes. Even 1% Mende blood is considered pure Mende.” -Masoila

I agree with you only if the individual speaks the language, and acts culturally Mende among Mende.
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You have a point.
Spectator 007 for FA
Reply with quote  #24 
Spectator 007
Reply with quote  #25 
@Masoila: On further reflection, I consider my assertion somewhat generalized as there are exceptions. For instance, let’s say the individual who has single digit Mende blood doesn’t speak the language or act culturally Mende. If he/she comes from a family that is considered Mende, in the area they family is known, local people may consider him/her one of their own depending on how he/she relates to them.

It would be interesting if some statistical DNA research was conducted to ascertain how closely one’s DNA was to a certain ethnic group. I bet there’ll be many surprises...with many exclaiming “Lorda massi, I memba day me nar bin Mende/Themne/etc”.
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To buttress your point, I have actually had Mende friends argue that John Leigh was Mende.  As far as I know, Leigh neither speaks Mende nor acts culturally Mende.
Spectator 007
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Gi bi yeh sku hun Bo town na mia bi Mende yei gah ni?
Reply with quote  #28 

It appears you are more advanced in that language than me.  LOL!!!
Morlai Rogers
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 IJ is Mandingo and a large number of Mandingoes are supporting their Susu cousin, Yumkella.  Yet when Mendes support Maada Bio, we call it tribalism.  Interesting, isn't it?

Masoila do yourself a favour and stop your absurd comparison before the whole forum descends on you. You are trying to compare chalk and cheese! In Sierra Leone when you mention tribalism the only tribe that comes to mind is the Mende tribe. The Mendes are the champions of tribalism and are unmatched. The Madingoes' tribalism you are referring to is an isolated case and happens once in a blue moon. For every tribalistic act of the Madingoes you have a hundred of the Mendes. At least Yumkella is a guy who is support-worthy but when the Mendes prefer their tainted brother Bio to such a clean guy you know that tribalism is in their DNA.
Trocky Wan Box
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"Morlai Rogers",

I hope you will try and get an education before attempting to challenge educated folks on this forum.  

"The Madingoes' tribalism you are referring to is an isolated case and...."

Look at such brazen stupidity. 

Wow!!! some of these functioning illiterates polluting this forum.
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