After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Lawlessness in Salone while the dummy president sits his black a$$ doing nothing like always.
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KL, You know lawlessness has been in Sierra Leone even before the Ex President ,thief criminal sitting in   Makeni. He and  his cabal of APC criminals think they can thumb their noses against the laws of Sierra Leone  because they looted the treasury of Sierra Leone.

They feel that they can utilize their looted funds to incite violence and sway public sentiment against the current government. If they are innocent, what is the fear of facing the commission of inquiry.

The Ex President's govt was blatantly tribalistic, primarily catering to the Temne-Limba-Loko Of course ,more people from this block will probably face the commission.

What is the Ex Presisent's problem? Nawaz Shareef, Lula Da Silva , Chiluba of Zambia and Najab Razak did not run away.

Stop the Gbose Gbose politics. Sierra Leoneans have matured politically.

Give a break.


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Kamara, put aside the politics for now and talk about what the president is doing about the rampant violence that is destroying the country. CAN YOU DO THAT? 
There is enough finger pointing to go around for criminal activities among our politicians.
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Where in Sierra Leone is the rampant violence?
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Lawlessness has been fostered  or generated  by the corruption of our politicians, police, judges and people in authority in sierra Leone.If   the poor people see the leaders blatantly steal public funds, flaunt it  before  them and get away with it; even when they are asked to account for their stewardship, they arrogantly refuse to answer. What d o you expect the average  poor to think? of course to them lawlessness pays

Sierra Leone has to change. Laws have to be upheld. No one should be above the law.
Amadu Highway
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Of what importance is APC on APC violence in Bombali to Sierra Leone?  Isn't it great for the animals to be let alone to slug it out with each other?
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Kamara, this is more like it! Corruption in Salone is not and has never been monopolized by one party. Bio is no less a criminal as EBK. Only that he spent less time in office, previously, than EBK. 

Amadu Highway, you need to do your homework and hopefully you will learn where the real animals can be found. Google "kamajor" and then click on images and you will be disappointed ever after.
Amadu Highway
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I knew he will take the bait.  Talk about APC and this animal who claims to be NGC will show up with his barbaric self.  Do I really have to google 'animal' when I am already communicating with one?

Ar lef unu gee PAOPA. PAOPA go trait unu Laimpay Kakarass gbose gbose RED backsye dem.
Enjoyment Man
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Hehehe now he calls it a "bait" Ar go die! King Loggy shooo!
Loggy Borbor Pain
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Krio man say nor heng u hat usai u hand nor dae reach.  Hope I said it well.

I have never seen a forumite that endures a beating and battering as much as Loggy.  Loggy tries to fight folks that he is ill-equped to fight.  The result is an evisceration of monumental proportions.  Osh ya Loggy.
KL the greengo @ss kicker
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KL is the quintessential greengory arse kicker Bintumani ever seen. So bad whenever he kicks greengo behind they accuse him of being a Mende hater. Hehehe.


APC Grammar
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" KL is the quintessential greegory arse kicker Bintumani ever seen"

Oya!!! KL needs to take advantage of president Bio's free quality education program and return to elementary school.  The guy is still a functioning illiterate.
SLPP dreamland
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Hehehe! "Bio's free quality education program"? Education in Sierra Leone is at it worst and stop massaging your balls.
SLPP "Glammar"
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"" KL is the quintessential greegory arse kicker Bintumani ever seen"
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Yes, Corruption is the cancer plaguing Sierra Leone; Yes , it has not been monopolized by any party in Sierra leone or any country in the developing world. Even in Trump's America, there is corruption. Bio has not proved himself to be corrupt yet, time will tell. The fact is the Ernest Koroma is and was  the most corrupt leader that Sierra Leone has ever seen, worse than Pa Shaki. That is the truth. That is the reason they don't want to  face the commission of inquiry.

KL, take the politics out of it. Think of poor Sierra Leoneans struggling to survive. Ernest Koroma's ill gotten wealth of $millions  can go a long to alleviate their suffering.
Low IQ Loggy
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"Education in Sierra Leone is at it worst and ..."  KL

King Loggy butchers the Queen's language again.  KL embodies all the vices of the APC.  For example, the APC is run by rarray boys who dominate the intellectuals in the party.  Correspondingly, KL, Bintumani's rarray boy and premier moron, has dominated and chased out all the APC intellectuals in the forum. 

A high school dropout from Muslim Congress Secondary School in Freetown, KL, the celebrated imbecile relishes going up against Ph.Ds, lawyers and other intellectuals.  And he just cannot get tired of the comprehensive smackdowns and butt kickings.

Interestingly, KL has been participating in Salone forums for over twenty years.  Yet the guy has actually become more stupid and ignorant.  What da hell is going on?
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OrKama, it is not reasonable to compare corruption between Salone and the US. A group of corrupt politicians cannot bankrupt the US regardless of how much they steal. This cannot be said of salone. Ernest Koroma probably was the most corrupt president but it is not a secret that Bio did not enter the US applying for some kind of entitlement.

Meanwhile, you probably want to stop asking me to take politics out of this.
Bio and EBK are criminals we can agree to disagree but you cannot continue to blame EBK and then pretend like Bio is a saint. The guy is a thief, period! The only reason he is in office now is because of Salone's tribal voting patterns and probably something else.

And for the rest of the greengos responding to this topic, grow up!

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KL, I am not saying Bio is a saint. Only time will tell. Koroma began with positive pronouncements in 2007 but look  at what he and his cabal of criminals have done to Sierra Leone.

APC lost the elections because the APC wimps were unable challenge Ernest Koroma who only  put his personal interest above party interest and imposed a weak candidate on them.

In a democracy where people are free to vote without fear of intimidation, they vote for people with whom they have something in common with , be it race,religion, tribe,region or economic strata. So KL , tribal voting is not going end in Sieirra Leone or any African country.
Watch out for Nigerian elections next wee.

Additionally, APC has a demographic advantage. There are more people in the APC strongholds.
KL ,May be Sierra Leoneans  just wanted a change after seeing the blatant APC ill gotten wealth flaunted before them.
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"Additionally, APC has a demographic advantage. There are more people in the APC strongholds."  Kamara


The notion that there are more people in APC strongholds emanated from corruption-laden and regionally-biased censuses conducted by the APC.  It should be taken with a pinch of salt.  Let us wait for the next census that will be conducted under the SLPP.
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