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Momodu Banklaneh
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Leatherboot and Foday Government Wharf needed no introduction during the heydays of APC governance in Sierra Leone.  Leatherboot, whose real name is Idrissa Kamara and Foday Government Wharf, whose real name is Foday Bangura, were flagbearers of APC thuggery and brutality.  They thrived in the raping and brutal manhandling of innocent citizens.  And in the waning days of APC misrule, they were compensated by Ernest Koroma with enlistment into the Sierra Leone police force where they received wages from the taxes of the citizens they had for years brutalized.

Just a month ago, president Julius Bio fired Leatherboot from the police force.  Reports stated that Foday Government Wharf had left the force on his own accord.  Indeed, president Bio’s disciplinary action came as a big relief to many, especially those who had been victims of the despicable Leatherboot.

Leatherboot and Foday Government Wharf were to Ernest Koroma what Abayomi Alhadi (Highway) was to Siaka Stevens.  They intimidated and terrorized Sierra Leoneans.  Interestingly, the two thugs showed up at John Ernest Leigh’s rites of passage to the APC.  On that fateful day in 2012, at the APC main office at Old Railway Line in Brookfields, John Leigh, the erstwhile SLPP flagbearer candidate was converted into a member of the APC thereby joining the party of nation wreckers. 

The ceremony at the APC office was presided over by then vice president Samuel Samsumana.  It was reported that Ernest Koroma didn’t consider Leigh an important personality to warrant his time.  But the ceremony nevertheless went on with the Krio boy spotting a red cap with a matching red scarf.   Thereafter, Leigh railed against the SLPP condemning what he termed Mendecracy.  He also vowed to haunt the SLPP the rest of his life.

That Leigh disappeared into political oblivion since becoming an APC mrmber demonstrates the disdain with which the APC leadership attached to his party membership.  Unlike the SLPP, leadership in the APC is an invitation-only affair.   Clearly and evidently, a Sierra Leonean with no Themne or Limba blood running through HIS veins is not good enough to lead the APC.  I emphasize the word HIS because where leadership is concerned, the APC party is also misogynistic.

Thus, in 2017, as a coterie of nineteen Themne and Limba party flagbearer candidates paraded, it was no surprise that there was no Leigh in the group.  And this was the man that had vowed to stop the SLPP from ever winning State House.  Yet as the APC rank and file embraced its party leadership for encouraging competitive politics, though tribal and regional in nature, Ernest Koroma had his own sinister plans.  The then head of State jolted the party gathering in Makeni by announcing Samura Kamara as the APC party flagbearer.  There were no elections.  The APC's disdain for democratic norms is legendary.

Thus, the APC went to the polls a fragmented and disjointed party.  And after the party’s expected defeat at the polls, it was rumored that a demoralized Leatherboot had decided to lie low in the police force and concentrate only on work and family matters.  But as the despicable thug was later to find out, there was no hiding place in Sierra Leone.  President Bio is a no-nonsense leader.  He plucked Leatherboot from his obscurity and fired him. 

Today, it is reported that Leatherboot and Foday Government are broke and that the ungrateful APC has abandoned them.  However, the trials and tribulations of these two punks are not yet over.  Once the Commission of Inquiry starts its deliberations, they will be dragged to the hearings to answer some very tough questions.


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