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Sheku Conteh
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Over the Drowning Massacre of 23 Sierra Leoneans, Leonard Balogun Koroma Must RESIGN


My name is Sheku Conteh.  I live in Lungi and a family member of one of the 23 people killed by the African Minerals Limited beltship tugboat.  The unpleasant incident happened just before the New Year and there is still sadness in our hearts.  Officials from President Koroma's Government working for the department of transportation with Leonard Balogun Koroma as their boss have shown no sympathy for us. Backed by CID officers and the "Delta" homicide police unit, they intimidate us daily.  With guns, they warn us to "keep a tight lip or else."  We are afraid because they have a blacklist for those who speak out against this coldblooded murder at sea of 23 Sierra Leoneans.

Officials from the minister's team, blame our 23 dead relatives for sailing in the pampam.  Tears are falling as I recall their screams for help on that fateful evening as they drowned. We are still devastated.  The investigators shout at anyone who wants to explain the correct version of what happened.  Twenty-three (23) Sierra Leoneans faced their premature deaths at the hands of African Minerals tugboat operated by Beltship.  With weapons at their disposal, they talk as if our relatives were animals whose wrongful deaths means nothing and we should forget about it and just move on.  They constantly say, any sign of grief "is upsetting to the foreign investors." So, we should not mourn because investors find our display of sorrow offensive.    

Our poor people cannot compete because they do not have millions and billions to invest in the denial of human rights and justice in Sierra Leone. The government of President Koroma thinks they are no more accountable to the people of Sierra Leone because their bread, butter, and wine come from AML & BML.  My late relative (identity withheld for now) including 22 others faced wrongful deaths.  AML & BML backed by GoSL, by design bump off 23 Sierra Leoneans at sea. President Koroma's APC government sacrificed 23 Sierra Leoneans through AML & BML just as the NPRC killed 29 Sierra Leoneans in 1992.  Is there no justice for the poor in Sierra Leone? 

Is there no justice for the poor people of Sierra Leone? Is Sierra Leone modern day Gilead where there is no balm? Does President Koroma's insipid bid for absolute power have to result in the giving up of dozens of innocent lives through his linchpins like Logus and big conglomerates like AML & BML? No wonder Logus has failed to provide the satisfactory oversight his department needs. He is the wrong fit for transport and aviation, and can only function in areas of his specialty. His area of expertise is violence against innocent citizens and the ungodly practice of playing politics with people's lives. His forte is the misuse of power, misappropriation of funds, and denial of human rights and justice.

As an aggrieved citizen and a bereaved family member, I am pleading with fair-minded Sierra Leoneans to lend their voice and demand that the transportation minister Leonard Balogun Logus Koroma step-down immediately. Minister Koroma must turn in his letter of resignation immediately.  Minister Koroma is not the able-bodied to head transport and aviation in Sierra Leone. He cannot distinguish between his devotion to the APC party and his loyalty to the nation. Anyone who does not value the lives of Sierra Leoneans like Minister Leonard Balogun Koroma must be forced to resign or be terminated.

Civil Societies, Human Rights organizations, and Sierra Leoneans from all works of life must join the clarion call for Leonard Bologun Koroma's imperative resignation. If he fails to do so, we must demand that President Koroma terminate him immediately. The blood of 23 innocent Sierra Leoneans wrongfully killed by AML-BML-GoSL cries for justice from beyond. Who would have imagined that in 2013 the APC government would be involved in an NPRC style massacre of 23 innocent Sierra Leoneans? Minister Koroma is not on the side of the poor people. From his mouth, we know he is in the "CAMP" of the mighty and powerful. But God is on the side of those who seek justice. The minister must be removed immediately because we are not going to take no for an answer as we seek justice for 23 Sierra Leoneans slaughtered in cold blood.

P/S:-Thank you for supporting the cause and calling for the minister's resignation or termination. Also please share this call for Logus's resignation or termination with other social media sites. Paste it everywhere even on President Koroma's FB page. If we do not stand up for justice now next time it would be you on your visit to Sierra Leone.

3rd Term Agenda
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Logus is now the new golden boy of the Rat as the common thief is one of the few campaigning for a third term for the Rat. Remember he was sacked in EBK's first term as a Deputy Minister because of theft.  Well he wised up after that sacking and has been singing since. 

The sooner he started going around town in bars and radio stations suggesting a third term for the Rat because "Dae Pa don wok een ra$$ off", EBK who is addicted to praise singing made him a full Minister. Logus has a long history of graft and last worked as a bus driver in the US before coming home to become a Minister (after this wretched gang came to power). The Rat is very loyal to praise singers. That overweight Fake Rev in New jersey is one good example. The devo is paid about $8000 every month for singing in EBK's choir. Poor Salone!

So Sheku, as much as I feel your pain, there is no way EBK the Rat can sack Logus d bus Driver Minister. Your best bet is to campaign against this wretched APC government that has no value for human lives. Even in Bombali, EBK's home town, known APC thugs are killing Okada riders for their bikes an alarming average of one a month. Nothing has been done or nothing will be done because the perpetrators are die hard supporters. nationally, lawlessness and crime rate has soared under the Rat's watch and there is no sign that its not going to get worse.

CID sources in Freetown have openly claimed that EBK had his boys kill and set on fire, one Mr Abdul Mustapha (a former NRA employee) a few years ago. Reason? He was friends with the first lady. The same Rat commissioned an investigation into political  violence sometime ago. When the report came out indicting his friends and praise singers, like ledaboot and Musa Tarawalie, the President hid the report and gave the finger to Lawyer Shears Moses who led the team.

So my brother, this government is one of the most haram one led by an Evil Spirit, called fine boy EBK. They have no value for human life and will never listen to your passionate plea. Not even an investigation will be done. So you will have to show them your own power when the time comes to vote them out.
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Rumor has it that Logus and Bockay Stevens are best Pals, was Stevens also a bus driver before becoming Envoy? Can someone please shed some light? 
Munda Sama
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3rd Term Agenda and Rumor, it is not important what you were yesterday. However what is important to know what you were and work hard to be what are today, as well as what you will be tomorrow. Whether Logus Koroma was a bus driver yesterday or not, today, his destiny has made him the Minister of Transport in the Republic of Sierra Leone. That is life my brothers/sisters! Can you guys pull the same magic so that you will be what you want to be?

Sheku Conteh, why do you think Minister of Transport Logus Koroma should be sacked because of a single private ferry accident? I think your best form of redress is to go to the court of law and file a civil suit against the
AML. The AML is a private entity and I am sure the AML Ferry was or is insured against sea accident. What has Logus got to do with that?


This new phenomenon that has taken over Sierra Leone is difficult to fathom. Does everything have to do with politicians? When somebody gets stabbed, the victim is taken straight to State House for redress. When a taxi driver hits somebody the victim is taken to the minister of transport or the president for redress. When traders are asked to get off the street, they match to State House for political intervention. I think this is not how a country should be administered.


Logus may have all his ills but this accident does not fall in his domain. Go to the court and let UMU Tejan -Jalloh have her say.

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3rd Time Agenda and Rumor are just two 'bad hart' and 'jelos' guys. One is frustrated because the only job he could get is that of a chemistry lab assistant for cleaning apparatuses and disposing of used chemicals. Trying to fool others he is claiming he is a chemistry professor.

The other is a cleaner in the elderly people's homes
and has been like that for more than 20 years and still nothing has changed for him. Besides cleaning he has been doing odd jobs like grave-digging, dishwashing and car washing.

For these two guys to see Logus and Stevens holding respectable and lucrative jobs is a pain in their asses. They will do everything to pull them down because they know their future is gloomy. As old and bald as they now look despair is pushing them to attack other successful people.
Teacher Kay
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Kondogborki  AKA Musa Kenema,

Why don't you google the chemistry professor to find out if he is lying?  Bra, stop being jealous of the good chemistry professor.

Sheku Conteh
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I thank you all for showing sympathy for us. I take it that although most of you now have families in the Whiteman land, you still value your Salone culture. That is why you care and have made known your compassion for me and the other surviving family members of the 23 victims. They are victims because they do not deserve the type of death AML brought upon them. African Minerals Limited took the lives of 23 Sierra Leoneans at sea. I do not know what is meant by “isolated incidence.” But I know that the screams in my ears are piercing and 23 Sierra Leoneans including my beloved relative drowned. I see my relative in my dreams every night and they are not happy.

Someone said we should seek justice at the supreme court of Sierra Leone. This person has probably been away in the Whiteman land for some time and does not know how Sierra Leone operates under H.E. Did they miss where I said with the full machinery behind them, they are trying to deny us human rights and justice? Sir, the integrity of the justice system is seriously in question today. Cases are not decided by their good points; everything has to be in line with what “De Pa wants.” So you see, AML is shielded by the Pa and Chief Justice Umu Jalloh is not up to the task of upholding the justice enshrined in our emblem.  So you see our problem?

In the Whiteman world, when something goes terribly wrong, do people not call for the resignation of the boss who was suppose to be in charge? Logus Koroma lied about the name of the African Minerals Beltship tugboat vessel. He lied about lifejackets and rescue efforts. The minister of transport and aviation is trying to cover-up the facts; he has lied about everything. Leonard Balogun Koroma has clearly displayed that he is on the side of the desperado company AML & BML, not us the victims of their on purpose and obscure massacre. 23 Sierra Leoneans lost their lives under his watch as the minister charged with overseeing our air, land, and sea activities.  Since he is unfit to head the ministry, Leonard Balogun Koroma must resign or be terminated. Why should EBK keep another useless and unfit transport minister?

And finally, the APC should not even think about getting my vote during the next election. President Koroma keeps insolvent ministers and encourages those with power to take advantage of the poor. I wish international organizations could stop believing the tale that he is all for human rights and justice. No the president and the apc are not. Someone whispered to me the other day in Lungi that President Koroma government will collect over a billion dollars on behalf of the victims, survivors, and their next of kins. Would we see anything other than one cow, palm oil, rice bags, and Kasankay? No! So you see our catch-22?

Anyway thanks to you all again for your understanding and I appreciate your sympathy.  The APC should not count on getting our votes. Bo, advantage na Salone tiday e too much.  God help we as we VOTE the APC out of power before they KILL all of us for money and power.     

Foday Suma
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@ Rumor, Bockarie Stevens was not a bus driver. He was a taxi driver. His cabbie nickname was Dadi Buck.

Kondo so you are now thinking like the idiot EBK ehn? if someone drives a bus a bus you should be appointed Minister of Transport, Why did he not make Bockarie Stevens Deputy Minister of Transport then?

Mr Munda why are you "tiptoeing" around the issue when you wrote:
"This new phenomenon that has taken over Sierra Leone is difficult to fathom. Does everything have to do with politicians? When somebody gets stabbed, the victim is taken straight to State House for redress..."

There is no difficulty  in fathoming this. We just have a very useless State of Head as president. Even JS Momoh bigwase was better. They say when the head is rotten, it affects the whole body.

The fool is so idle that he is the one that invites  petty traders to come and hangout at State House. The daft EBK does not know what delegation is in management.  He has reduced State House to bomeh and all sorts of nastiness now happen there. Did you know that even the Martoma Devil has an office at State house now? Sokobanas are around the confines of State House almost weekly.

I am sure you do not want to know what the President himself gets up to in the evenings at State house. This is just pathetic. One donor was saying privately the other day that Koroma is well out of his depth and would bring Sierra Leone to its knees before his tenure ends.
Eddie Grant
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You guys should stop making mockery of the dead. The so-called Sheku Conteh who claimed to live in Lungi is actually in the UK. I noticed the way he construct his words that are only peculiar to people who live in the UK.

These people are casualties and not victims of any foul play as you claimed. It is an accident that wasn't planned by all parties involved, and am sure the families of the dead themselves are receiving condolence from AML and other well wishers. Whether you like it or not, AML is not in Sierra Leone to cause grief rather to do business and better the lives of Sierra Leoneans. It is very sad that the lives of many people were lost in this unfortunate accident. Mr Leonard Balogun Koroma has already said his ministry has identified areas that need improvement to avert this sorts of incidents in the future. It is not his own making but a complete tragedy. May the souls of these people rest in perfect peace.
How Concern
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Eddie Grant, welcome bro. Long time.
"You guys should stop making mockery of the dead. The so-called Sheku Conteh who claimed to live in Lungi is actually in the UK. I noticed the way he construct his words that are only peculiar to people who live in the UK." Eddie Grant.
Now Eddie, tell us how people living the UK construct their words.
I for one do not think Logus is directly responsible for the tragedy. I was actually at Lungi on the 28th Dec.2014. All I can say from my  little investigation is; some amount of negligence was exhibited by the Beltship operator.
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Originally Posted by Foday Suma
 Did you know that even the Martoma Devil has an office at State house now? Sokobanas are around the confines of State House almost weekly.

Bra nor mak ar laf tiday
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I was actually at Lungi on the 28th Dec.2014.
Mohamed Kutubu Koroma
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When in your considered judgment and candid opinion has anyone in this administration felt morally sound to resign over the most egregious violations of norms?
When you show me one,,I will be glad to also show you the participants in the Hastings diamond robbery that wrecked havoc on our economy up to this day.
Sheku Conteh
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Once again I thank you all for the understanding you have shown. You see, I was unable to reply because of the light situation. The electricity condition is very very bad in the country. This government is losing its reliability day by day. We cannot rely on Koroma for good leadership. We cannot rely on his ministers for good management. We cannot depend on the judges for fairness. We cannot depend on the police for protection. We cannot depend on businesses and traders for evenhandedness. Surely, we the aggrieved and grieving families cannot depend on African Minerals and Beltship for the actual compensation. What they will claim to their international insurers and what they will give to us would be two completely different amounts. Only when they know you and me, and thousands more are watching and paying close attention to what they do, would they do the right thing; help us keep the pressure on them.  So please, please I do not know you, and you do not know me, but please (once again) help us keep the PRESSURE on AML-BML-GoSL.

Now I am not saying the minister was responsible for the wreckage that killed my family member and 22 others. You see, I am not yet at that point where I can say, may their soul rest in peace. Because I know their souls are not resting in peace. What I am saying is that the minister Leonard Balogun Logus Koroma has shown irresponsibility since taking the office. In the ongoing matter, my people, he thinks his devotion is to African Minerals and Beltship. You should see him with all grins walking foot to foot with company executives. When it happened who did he first call? I was told that it was his friend in New Yoke or New Jersey one guy by the name Imam kabbah Kanu. They said he lied to him, and he wrote the counterfeit report all over the world. You see?

He should have tried to talk to us first but his interest was in the news and not the affected relatives.  Overall, Leonard Balogun Koroma has been the least effective minister of transport & aviation. Do you all know he was away from Sierra Leone for 5 weeks straight before African Minerals Beltship murdered 23 Sierra Leoneans? Do you all know he is acting as the unofficial Secretary General of the APC? Do you all know his reasoning for arresting David Monologue was to keep him quiet over this issue? Leonard Balogun Koroma is brainless, uncouth, and apathetic. He lacks the skills of an overseer of such a crucial department. So please join me in calling for either his resignation or his termination. No one the president has appointed and sent to parliament has been rejected. So, we the citizens must begin to reject them by calling for their removal in large numbers when they fail us the people. O today is Sunday morning so pray for me, and I am going to pray for you. I will be back soon if lights are on. Thank You. 

Eddie Grant
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Eddie Grant, welcome bro. Long time.

Long time my bro. Good to hear from and I hope all is well.
Now Eddie, tell us how people living the UK construct their words.

Hahahahaha!! you catch me on that. It has to be you who knows how to catch kekeke.

Once again am happy to hear back from you.

I for one do not think Logus is directly responsible for the tragedy. I was actually at Lungi on the 28th Dec.2014. All I can say from my  little investigation is; some amount of negligence was exhibited by the Beltship operator.

I agree with you bro. But this Sheku Conteh fellow is all about politics and he's mocking the families of those who perished.
Eddie Grant
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Laughman, you are laughable indeed. Do you know in more civilized countries your insinuations can be construed as racist? in Sierra Leonean setting you could be regarded as tribalist? I say these because you have picked on the Limbas and Temne as the only occupiers of this government. However, since your post is more comical than political, I just laugh my gut out about it.
Daddy Bock
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Is it true that Logus has been fired, as rumored?
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