After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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In our tribal politricks a diehard APCer, who is also Mende, seems to be testesting the waters in Limbaland and getting the blessings of their agbgbas. This is going to be veeeery interesting as the Temnes and Mendes are relentless in getting their kind into that office. Will the Mendes, Temnes and Limbas, generally speaking, throw the towel and vote APC for Foh? If elected is Foh the right candidate to bridge the tribal divide? 

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No amount of prayer can help that man. If he makes an attempt to stand he will not see election day. Word from God.
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Now that is be wickedly funny! Are you really speaking for God, yourself or you know something I don't?
APC Pikin
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Victor Foh is APC's only chance of winning in 2018.  He has support in all corners of the country.  Anybody else will be trounced like nobody's business.
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I fear Hajjgate has come at the wrong time for uncle Foh. People were prepared to overlook vouchergate. It was a long tome ago and we've seen others such as Kabba hold the highest office even after their own histories. However this Hajj business has happened on his watch, whoever much or little involvement he may have had. I believe it has cost him the nomination.
True talk.
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Victor Foh has no chance regardless of the so-called "Hajjgate". The man lacks charisma, not good looking, only popular amongst APC politicians, lacks Southeastern support, and above all, It is too dangerous for him to even attempt to run for the presidency.
Man on the Ground
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"The man lacks charisma, not good looking, only popular amongst APC politicians, lacks Southeastern support, ..."  True Talk

Was Siaka Stevens good looking?  Are you sure Victor Foh lacks support in the Southeast?  Foh can rumble with any politician in the Southeast.  He is well liked and respected there.  Foh running as the APC candidate with share the Southeastern vote, win the North and Western Area.  And guess what?  We have President Foh.
True talk.
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Yes big boss Siaka Stevens was a very handsome man. I suggest you search the web and you will come across many of his pictures when he was comparatively younger to his dying days. Moreover, Shaki, unlike Foh, was very charismatic. He was the communicator of his time, something Foh will never be. 

As far as Foh having support in the Southeast, that will be good for the APC and the country. Only that the APC and the SLPP sucks.
Loko Man
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"Only that the APC and the SLPP sucks."  True Talk


Be prepared to live your entire life with one or the other of these two parties.  I guess life will be extremely miserable, no?

Shaki, a handsome guy?  Hahaha.  Yes, handsome like a baboon.  

Did you hear that Shaki's dying days were characterized  by him poopooing and peeing on himself?  I guess that is usually how handsome guys say goodbye to the world.
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Loko Man you are known for making nonsensical statements. How do you know that True Talk will live his or her entire life with the two parties? What if he is not presently living in Sierra Leone or plans never to return home. As far as Siaka Stevens is concerned, you are probably too young not to have seen him during his younger age. Yes like every human being, old age takes its toll on your physical appearance especially with poor health. So do like True Talk said, go online and search and you will find out that Siaka Stevens was more handsome than Foh is today.
Referee Manga
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Who is the most handsome?

Pa sheki 10
foh          01

Image result for Victor fohImage result for siaka stevens


Umpire Luawa
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Who is handsome?

Victor Foh------15

Sheki Big Nose----2

Foh wins by a landslide
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Umpire Luawa, the cocroahes must have done a damn dirty job with your spectacles. Did they pooed or peed on them? Hehehe!
Umpire Luawa
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Umpire Luawa does not need spectacles.  He is 35 with a 20/20 vision.  Siaka Stevens ranks among the ugliest Africans that ever lived.  Take that to the bank.
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