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Starco Yanko
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Another day, another lie from the defunct opposition SLPP party. Obviously, it is the Paopa maniacs that’s creating a distraction to cover up their Jobless Bio’s wrongdoings.



And these Paopa thugs are doing all kinds of undemocratic things by helping covering the diabolical acts of this jobless man who calls  himself Maada Bio. Remember, Bio and his Paopa thugs have brought the SLPP party into the gutters. Please think about that for a moment; and folks are still following this fake brigadier to the path of destruction.

I believe an investigation into a politician of such nature is appropriate now, for his evil human rights abuses, and syphoning our Country’s resources abroad… Don’t you find it quite a  coincidence that SLPPiers who are funding this jobless man are blaming him also for his accountability and transparency for interfering with their campaign/party funds.

Don’t you find it quite coincidental that SLPPiers are complaining about this jobless man’s charity organization/foundation that has no bearing towards societal growth because they considered this foundation/charity organization to be a way for this jobless man to sourcing funds for his livelihood, they believe it is inappropriate for it him to continue like this. Don’t you find it quite coincidental also that Jobless Bio bets against SLPPiers to collapse the SLPP party to use it for his daily survival to make money. Don’t you find it quite coincidental  that jobless Bio and his Paopa thugs are betting against our economy to collapse? To score cheap political capital. Don’t you find it quite coincidental  that Fake brigadier Bio is trying to cause an upheaval in our country? That’s why since his coming to the SLPP party SLPP party has never been the same again, there’s no Peace and Tranquility within the SLPP.

It’s almost as if Jobless Bio wants us to go into civil unrest so that he can make Billions? (God forbid!!!) Maybe Fake brigadier Bio and his Paopa surrogates are afraid, because President Koroma has brought prosperity back to our country and it doesn’t come cheaply it cost a lots of hard work and commitments, with a sense of purpose from our President. What if I told you there is a group called All Aspirants Alliance(AAA) is funded by one Dr. Kandeh Yumkella who is also targeting President Koroma with the goal to have him fail? What if I told you some names of these individuals who met with KKY are political lightweights that helped him to formed such Alliance within his own political party for his own selfish purpose, but guess what some lightweights politicians are resigning from his misguided Alliance. What if I told you Jobless Bio see the SLPP flag bearer as his only surviving job. Coincidence or something darker? I think there needs to be an investigations.

Our President has a proven track record that has proof, but these desperate opposition operatives will do everything they can to push back against him because they are controlled by the Entrenched Power Structure (power hungry mongrels; dem kind du anything for power.) but they are at war with themselves. The APC party is the real deal and it threatens their power structure. Only low informed, easily manipulated people who get the majority of their news from WhatsApp or Facebook and late night talk shows (night gatherings) believe the lies coming from these desperate misguided opposition operatives.. The Elections of 2018 gonna be their final demise, it set up for them to go into total oblivion, the indomitable APC party gonna ruined their plans, with an embarrassing defeat to these desperate opposition power hungry mongrels. Because the Sierraleonean people will realise the magnitude of what President Koroma has accomplished as President of our Country and they would understand why there is such a disinformation campaign being waged against him, to failed.

Fake Brigadier Bio has exhibited tyrannical psychopathic behavior he is totally unfit to be President and should never be in charge of anything in life!!!. He is a liar, a kleptomaniac, a misogynist and he is a puppet..
KKY can now blackmail Jobless Bio with the tapes about his evil deeds, and have him do SLPP bidding..not the interests of Sierra Leone. They’re So dangerous… We are Indivisible… help Resist these evils.. they’re not presidential…[1f61d][1f61c]

Think about it:… Any respectable, credible, leadership traits of the SLPP that had built up our fragile democracy by meaningful citizens of this party that has turned to a social club, is going straight down the toilet with this foul lunatic & his Paopa instructors and surrogates, in charge of planting seeds of discord within the SLPP party with their tribalistic ideology.

The real desperation behind the throne(SLPP flag ship race) is jobless Bio… Dictatorship looms and with Bio in charge, it’s all going to go to s$#it, and fast again.. Sorry but no way the SLPP party is getting better… Ngor maada Bio is the ultimate sleaze-bag, he will take the SLPP down a path of moral depravity. His supporters, looks like some are ignorant of not seeing the reality — some are deceived because of fake promises given to them by this Fake brigadier Bio, they will be among the first to feel the pain of his deceptive deeds. God help us all, and save us from this jobless man to lead our Country…. This is a young man who has lived his entire life as the vile, dishonest, incurious creature who got elected to lead once a serious political party in our country. That election (2012) validated his impulses rather than served as a curb on them.” (But oh yh SLPP dem nor dae learned dem lessons well).At least there are a few that see ngor maada Bio for what he is summed up in one word “inept parasite”

These words should ring loud and clear: that Bio is UNFIT  to lead our Country, even to be a councilor he is unqualified… Bio will continue to debase and devalue the SLPP “Sunkoh Sunkoh”  social club with his lies. Bio will continue to follow failed Abass Bundu’s philosophy of internal deconstruction of their party, they lack principles and ethics. And Bio will continue to leech as much personal financial advantage as he can from the flesh of the SLPP party as he has seen the flag bearer position as a way he can source funds for his daily survival…(leh d man go fen job n forget about politics e nor gt career dae, lonta!!!) .

A Word for a wise is quite sufficient.

Alkay D’Prince


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Maada Bio is not a fake Brigadier. He risked his life to save Sierra Leone from total annihilations while majority of us where in the west, courtesy of our former political leanings that caused the war hew fought gallantly.

Read this from a former Lt Colonel in the SLA, who was a Secretary of Sate in the NPRC and who is not from Bio's tribe.


" SO Williams, RY Koroma, AK Sesay, SFY Koroma, JP Gbondo, among others were now Lieutenant Colonels when Captain Strasser decided that we must remain to serve as NPRC Ministers but all of the key players of the NPRC who removed the APC should go back into the army to prosecute the war. They only accepted with the condition that Brig Kelly Hassan Conteh should be replaced by Maada Bio, whom they said they could prefer to work with. Strasser therefore decided to promote Maada Bio to the rank of Brigadier General and appointed him the 1st Chief of Defence Staff in the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces.

So Bio became the Deputy Head of State, Chief Sec of State and Chief of Defence Staff. Captain

Strasser initially decided that we should handover, and those who want to study should go out, and

those who want to continue with the military should stay....."Lt Col Bashiru Conteh

As to whether one needs to be officially employed to make a living is something I will address in another follow-up. But know that many today make more money investing wisely just sitting behind their computers. Bio will tell you how he makes his living if you care to ask him respectfully.


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Read this from a former Lt Colonel in the SLA, who was a Secretary of State in the NPRC and who is not from Bio's tribe.

Spectator 007
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@Sinavah: Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Brigadier.

Do you know him personally?

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Specky, I do not know Bio personally. I am not from Bo where I think Bio comes from, and I was not in the army when Bio served the people of Sierra Leone. However, I was  at Newton near Freetown  in 1994 as a Teacher when the RUF took over that terrain. It was Bio the VP who led gallant men including the late Tom Carew to liberate us.

Some soldiers had gathered us for elimination on the accusations that we corroborated with the RUF when they occupied our Newton area. As God could have it,  this young short man dressed in military uniform with no epaulets materialized at the scene and he told the soldiers to hand us over to the police in Waterloo for vetting. He was well respected by the soldiers who had captured us. His instruction was what saved our lives. After he left all the soldiers were talking highly of him. That was how I came to know him and subsequently followed his actions and leadership in the army and NPRC government.
Me think he is someone who is greatly misconstrued. Unfortunately with our politics, if your party and tribe cannot sell you well it will be difficult for you and I think that is Bio's problem. But he is a very Honorable man from my encounter and what I have heard people from our camp say about him behind the scene.
Spectator 007
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Thank you Sinavah for such a powerful personal testimonial for the Brigadier. Now I understand why you passionately support the man. I knew there had to be a very strong reason.

Your man was born in Tihun, Bonthe District.
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