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President-elect Rtd.  Brigadier-General Julius Maada Bio has to be very careful about who he appoints as Minister.  His Ministers must be men and women that share SLPP values.  SLPP has Sierra Leoneans of every ethnic group.  Therefore, the new president should have no problem  having a cabinet that reflects the ethnic diversity of Sierra Leone.  The only non-SLPP personnel that Bio should consider are folks from the Citizens Democratic Party (CDP) of Musa Tarawally.  Tarawally endorsed Bio.

APC folks are greedy and dangerous ba$tard$.  They would want to sabotage Bio.  That is what they did to Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, who thought that he would make all Sierra Leoneans get along with each other.   NGC folks should also not be in Bio’s government.  They cannot be trusted.

APC folks are calling for a government of national unity.  Nothing wrong with that.  We can still have unity within the context of an SLPP government of diverse ethnic groups that are proven members of the SLPP.  In our winner takes all system, there should be no accommodation for APC, not even those that decide to cross over to SLPP.

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Kamabai! I second that emotion.

Gbin ka kru!
Spectator 007
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@Kamabai, that will be a good idea if he can get the votes in parliament to make that happen. Question is, does he have the votes to approve his cabinet without cutting a deal?
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If you add the 14 paramount chief MPs to SLPP's number, Bio will have the votes in parliament.
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Will it not be a constitutional Crisis if the APC_dominated chamber reject most of your appointments, legislation, budget etc. You got to be careful. Bio starts his presidency definitely with a handicap.

It might even be a precedence in the country wherein the Government of the day has no parliamentary majority. Specky could you interject?
Spectator 007
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To make the conversation more meaningful, can someone please post the breakdown of parliamentary seats?

Sears were won by APC, SLPP, C4C, NGC, SLPP Independents...including 14 PCMPs (7 from north, 4 from south, and 3 from east)
Big cheque
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Fat cheques await C4C and NGC parliamentarians and the three independents. They could make or break Bio in parliament with ransom demands with the caveat that some of the APC MPs could be malleable or vote with their national consciences every now and then. Is it a tradition for all chiefs in parliament to side with the Government of the day?
News Agency
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APC Parliamentarians:  63

SLPP Parliamentarians:  59

NGC Parliamentarians:  4

C4C Parliamentarians:  6

                     PARAMOUNT CHIEFS

SLPP:  9

APC:  5
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I suggest we leave these personnel decisions to president Bio. He deserves the flexibility to put together a team that he can trust to help him accomplish his agenda for the country. The worst thing we can do now is to impose our respective biases upon him as he gears to confront the formidable task ahead.
Big Cheque
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News Agency,

Any references?

All reference sources tell me SLPP has 48 MPs, C4C 8, NGC 4, Independents 3, and the APC 68.

Those paramount figures are also dodgy.

President Bio will definitely has to horse-trade, haggle, wheeler-deal is way in that legislative chamber. No doubt about it. The perrenial cycle of APC /SLPP-APC corruption is not about to be broken. Trust me it will become full circle 5 years from now.
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The new president needs people to advise him on key policy issues.  Those of us who lived in Sierra Leone during the Tejan Kabbah presidency saw how APC folks that he appointed to key positions sabotaged him.  These guys became the key spies for the APC as the 2007 elections approached.  Bio should not make Kabbah's mistakes.
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The Bio's cabinet has already been leaked  out . It is more representative of Sierra Than an APC cabinet  would ever be. it reflects many of the minor groups that help SLPP win.
Supreme Authority
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What is this debate about? Did EBK and our supreme court not already give HE Bio the Supreme Authority to dismiss and appoint at will? Was Sumana's sacking reffered to parliament? Was Vice President Foh voted for or approved in Parliament?

Please do not compel the President to break the law.

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