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De Pa De Woke
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Maggie Barrie Won 400 Metres women Race At The Brazil IAAF world challenge

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Spectator 007
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Maggie’s time of 52.62 was close to what some of our men used to run in 440 yards back home . 449 yards is slightly more than 400 meters. With steroid use very prevalent these days, it’s not a powerful performance for a world class female 400 m runner.

The world record in this event was set by steroid fueled East German, Marita Koch in 1976. Marita’s time of 47.60 is 5 seconds faster than Maggie’s, translating to an almost 50 meters gap had they run together with the times shown above.

I do hope Maggie is not tempted to take steroids in order to compete at the highest levels.

Congratulations Maggie

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