After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Alaki Ernest
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The problem with this initiative is why just not reimburse the institutions ? Why must the student pay first then the govt sends the money to the institution and the institution refunds the student, most of whom will not be accepted at the institutions. Makes no sense to me.
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Does it not make sense for the government to know how students have applied before making the reimbursements?  The 15,000 figure in the press release is just an estimate.
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It makes no sense because the institutions can be audited and they should be able to produce records of applicants except that with everything else the government does not trust the institutions it controls. So they have decided to pass the risk on to the poor people that they purport to want to help. Who says the same corrupt people whom the government is afraid will inflate the numbers will send refund checks to poor fellows living in my hometown of Mano Yorgbo?
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The release by the government on University application fees was done to distract attention from the free education plan. Why is the release on free university applications getting more attention than the free education plan. Have they rolled out the free education plan yet? Have they issued specifics? Has there been sensitization tours and needed meetings with school officials who may likely be on vacation? What about the concerns about the number and quality of teachers, how has that been addresses? The free university applications is purely fiscal. Is the free education program also simply fiscal considerations without regards for quality education? Why are we not hearing anything about this collosal program that is only one month away?  
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Sometimes I really wonder if you are not drunk at the time you post on this forum.  How many times did the APC government wave university application fees?

Why should the waving of university application fees in Salone be a distraction from the the president's flagship program - FREE PRIMARY and SECONDARY SCHOOL PROGRAM?  Why are you losing sleep over this program?  This is a done deal.  What's your problem, man. 

Ernest Koroma stole from the people of Sierra Leone.  Julius Bio is giving back to the people.  Big difference!!!!
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Bradford writes:

"Ernest Koroma stole from the people of Sierra Leone.  Julius Bio is giving back to the people.  Big difference!!!!"

My friend, I respectfully disagree with you on the above statement. If we are using innuendos to convict people, then the same can be used to convict all persons who have worked for the government of SL, and are rumored to have stolen from the country. Let's allow the rule of law to take its course...

You mentioned that JB is giving back to the people. Bradford, what Bio is giving back to the people, is that which is rightly theirs. These (fees) programs should have been in existence from time immemorial, and I laud him for taking the initiative. By the way, I would love to see Bio cough-up the millions of dollars he stole from the people of SL before he departed for the US. Restitution is warranted of such monies to help sustain our people's lives at the basic level. As for EBK, I can care less if he is held to account regarding the conversion of monies belonging to the state. All of these folks are wicked. 
Dama Yanni
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Mr. AF Kamara is anti-progress, anti-development, anti-education, anti-disease-free society, anti-food security. All he cares for and about is his political party and its destructive policies.         
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Yusif #08,

Why do you like to accuse people of the things that you are guilty of?  Why should it be okay for you to accuse Julius Bio of embezzlement but not okay for others to accuse Ernest Koroma of same?  Where has Bio ever been convicted of a crime?

You keep bringing up these nonsensical and bogus charges about Bio yet you have never provided an iota of evidence to back your silly claims.  Why blow hot air without providing proofs?
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First off, I never worked in SL. And the places that I have worked in the US, I have never stolen a penny from them, even when I managed hundreds of millions of dollars for them. The thought of stealing from them never crossed my mind. Here is what I am going to say to you, I have never participated in nefarious activities. And I have never committed a crime my whole life (yes, I said), otherwise prove me wrong. I say this with confidence. 

As for Bio, there are records to implicate him, yet both the SLPP and APC decided not to press charges against him in order to preserve the peace that we currently enjoy. As I said before, let sleeping dogs sleep. Don't wake them.
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100 days Evaluation report card


The cleaning exercise by Bio is somewhat successful except that Sierra Leoneans are subjected to health danger due to exposure to harmful substances and bacteria because they clean without adequate protection. Also, initially, Bio's go-it-alone attitude without letting the Freetown Municipality administration champion cleaning in Freetown was a clear display of malice unbecoming of a President and was bad governance. But Freetown and other areas are a lot more cleaner. So Bio gets a mere pass. 


Reasons for failure
1. Fail because of elections for Speaker of the House on first day of Parliament while APC parliamentarians were protesting the unconstitutional behavior of the Clerk of the House. It was wrong to conduct the elections when a protest was ongoing on matters related to the conduct of the Clerk.

2. Fail because the ACC Commissioner was approved using a new democratic rule crafted by the illegal Deputy Speaker of the House of Parliament that minority carries the vote. A roll call of voters needed to be carried out upon the request of a parliamentarian over the decision from a voice vote. But the illegal and corrupt Deputy Speaker who is SLPP refused to apply the rule of law. He was working in the interest of the SLPP government.


Prices of food stuff have gone up considerably, making it difficult for the average Sierra Leonean. Also, the government failed to deliver on the VP's promise to bring down the price of rice. 


Bio has not been heard addressing the human rights violations caused by vigilantism. Bio has been eerily silent for the most part giving the impression he condones them. 

The government's attempt to curtail freedoms and to make arrests following recommendations from the GTT team without letting the court do so is political and it threatens peace and stability. The temperature of the nation has risen to explosive levels. 


At the eleventh hour before the end of the 100 days in office, the Bio government made a release to provide for free University applications. This release is been looked at as progress and many are hailing it. The free university application is separate from the free education program which encompasses secondary education. There has not been issuance of specifics on the free education program and questions remain as to whether the government will be able to meet with officials of secondary schools throughout the country to plan for the program in time for implementation. There is only a little more than a month to go but sensitization tours have not been made and the program has not been aired to date. 


The GTT team should have been inclusive. In 2007 the GTT team comprised of both APC and SLPP members, Civil Society and others. But in 2018, the GTT team only has SLPP appointees thereby giving rise to allegations that it is witch hunting. 
Furthermore, APC members now working for the SLPP are shielded from corruption. This is selective corruption allegations.
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