After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Mango Man
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Friend of Eddie Grant
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Hehehe the guy on the right looks like my good friend Eddie Grant.
Holler back
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OK O! When KL and EG drop an atomic bomb on you, please don't cry.
Professor Gibrilla Conteh
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KL and Eddie Grant are functioning illiterates who have no idea how to produce  an atomic bomb let alone to drop one.  Only an equally functioning illiterate like Holler back would admire dummies like KL and Eddie Grant
Professor Swegbeh
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KL and EG transformed the art of greengory arse kicking little wonder they are the topic of discussion. 
Fullah Town
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KL and Eddie Grant are not the topic of discussion.  They are the topic of derision.  Big difference, my friend.
Ernest for Prime Minister
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I have looked at this political winter of distaste in the Great Republic of Sierra Leone. I have looked at all the political midgets attempting to become president Ha, what a laugh. I think the best leader in the world, Ernest Koroma should continue to lead our country, just like Vlad Putin is leading Russia. President Koroma has over-performed as president: improving the economy, fostering democracy, allowing SLPP and NGC to run buck wild, building roads and other infrastructural miracles, improving education and rebuilding FBC. After Samura and Chericoco are declared winners, we should make Ernest Koroma the executive Prime minister of our country so that he can continue to steer Sierra leone to greater and greater things. My 2 cents.  
I am going to Sierra Leone on Christmas to campaign for our beloved leader Ernest Koroma. After 5 years as Prime Minister, we will declare him the APC presidential FB and gallantly return him one more time to State House. 

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Ernest For Prime Minister your diabolical plan for Salone will never see the light of the day. Take it to Kailahun where Bra Enviable the undemocratic Mende boy will give you company.
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