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Morlai Torkpombu
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Jimmi Bagboh Wahala
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Inside APC sources have told the NEW AGE that Vice President Victor Foh and Minkailu Mansaray have been barred as flagbearer aspirants for breaking the party’s rules.

That they both knowingly and sadly attended the last NAC meeting, thereby contravening laid down imperatives with reference to persons aspiring as flagbearers in the party.

Victor Foh and Minkailu Manaray are members in the APC National Advisory Committee and are as well persons that have shown interest in the flagbearer of the party.

Claims are that the two have faced disqualification because they recently attended the NAC meeting even though persons expressing in interest as flagbearers have longed been limited from taking part in any of NAC’s functions; a strategy preventing them being referees as well as players at the same time.

They say that in the last NAC meeting, many who are members but are aspiring flagbearer candidates avoided attending the said meeting.

This, according to senior APC party officials, was because the party has agreed on completely disconnecting aspirants from the role of NAC, to avoid interference in the selection of who becomes the next APC presidential flagbearer.

It is revealed also that some NAC members the like of Kemoh Sesay, others manifestly did not attend the last NAC meeting because they don’t want to face disqualification from the party’s chain of command.

That Victor Foh’s and Minkailu’s woeful falling foul of the party’s rules vis-à-vis their presence in the recently held NAC meeting has seen their names removed from list of aspirants, thus debarring them competing for the party’s most enviable position- the flagbearer.

It is true Victor Foh recently enticed number of his colleagues in the NAC accompanying him to President Koroma at his state house office as he declares his intention of becoming the next Presidential bearer of the party in the 2018 elections.

On the other hand, Minkailu, who was part of number of flagbearer aspirants lately invited for a dinner by President Koroma at state lodge Hill Station, has had his name alongside Victor Foh as violators, because he was found in contravention of the party’s set rules for aspirants.

All two are political heavyweights and have had unreserved interests in the flagbearer position of the APC.

Their disqualification, many say, is likely to see serious division in the party, of course, possible dissentions.
Allusions are that Victor Foh and Minkailu intend to fight back if their candidacy isn’t accepted.

Even though our sources maintained that the two politicians have been barred from the contest, it is still not known who the next APC flagbearer will be.

But findings have it that President Koroma has resolved announcing the name of the selected APC flagbearer latest Wednesday 10th.

They say he has even singled out his Foreign Affairs Minister Samura Kamara as his next heir, but that he is somewhat nervous that such will result in a revolt from among the older folks of the party.

That persons mostly admired from among the 25 or so aspirants include Kaifallah Marah, Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara and John Bornor Sisay.

Ishmael Gbose Gbose
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Keep dreaming my friend, keep dreaming.  You will soon get the biggest surprise of your life, laimpay.
Jimmi Bagboh Wahala
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Lol. Too bad for you and your father figure V-gate Foh. Come next week you and many of your ilks will be weeping and wailing and gnashing your teeth with the words I NEVER KNOW EBK WILL DO THIS TO US as Alpha Kanu clinches the flagbearership to make history as the first Port Lokoian prezo. The farthest Jimmi Bagbo can go is the vice presidency which is a big achievement for a town as obscure as the amazon indians. You should be happy that you have at least produced a VP  though serendipitiously.
Ishmael Gbose Gbose
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Look at the Laimpay kakarass Ahmadiyya thug spewing rubbish.  You think I am a member of your gbose gbose thuggish party?  I only butted in to rebut your stupid lies.  May your APC burn in hell.  And before you accuse as Sengbe, that erudite man, that you are very obsessed and jealous of, let me state that I am not.  Sengbe is from Jimmi Bagbo.  I am from Pujehun, the citadel of SLPP.
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